Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Information
Air DateFebruary 16, 2012
Written ByCameron Henderson
Directed ByJulie Plec
Previous EpisodeAncient History
Next EpisodeTime Heals All Wounds


Eric believes the war that Connor will soon engage will be even inevitable than the last that occurred within 500 years ago. Ayana learns from Victoria Bennett that her powers will enhance as time progresses, seeing keys of the future as Connor is not just transfiguring humans or creating a newborn army, but also recruiting werewolves, and that the uprising of a future threat will soon hold Ayana responsible for ending it. While returning home with her mind wondering about her co-workers disappearances, Isabella is attacked by Marissa and Christian and begins to be questioned about The Old Ones motives on how to defeat Connor. Feeling the pain and torture of his progeny, Eric rushes back to his residence, slaughters Christian to his death with Marissa escaping. Michael begins to find peace within himself and his soul as he is introduced to Kate, a transfer student attending NYU. Dominic has a conversing run-in with Vincent that ends with words of brutal flaws. Ariana, Camille and Destiny questions whether vampires and werewolves will ever be able to co-exist within each other. André is astounded with the return of an old flame from his past. With the death of his long-time companion, Connor sets his expectations high that no one will see coming.

Main CastEdit

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
Sydni Watson as Camille
Keke Hunter as Ariana
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella
BooBoo Stewart as Dominic
Kathy Valentina as Destiny
Jessica Lucas as Ayana Bennett

Recurring CastEdit

Zac Efron as Connor
Diana Agron as Marissa
Shawn Ashmore as Christian
Anivlis Fernandez as Kate
Melicia Johnson as Sariah
Rosario Dawson as Victoria Bennett


1. Open Arms-Gary Go
2. Fading Light-Final Flash
3. To Lose My Faith-White Lies
4. Open Hearts-The Longcut
5. Fables-The Dodos