Amaranthine Pack
Coven Information
Founding TimeBetween 2011-2012
ResidenceQueens, New York
Founded ByDominic
AliasPredominant Pack
Membership Information
MembersDominic (Alpha)
Destiny (Beta)
Brian (Beta) (Deceased)
OccupationProtecting Their Dominion

The Amaranthine Pack is formed by alpha werewolf Dominic, who is joined by his lineage companions Destiny and Brian. The pack formed during the beginning of Season 5, which the pack discovered that the mystical enegry converted from the original witch's obliberation had infiltrated their immune system and granting them the ability of immortality. Since their astonishing truth, Dominic felt that it was necessary to become the sentinels of the night upon the city and manage the cravings of other local lycanthropes who prey on their weaknesses of mortal beings.


The pack was formed in the year of 2012 when Dominic and his siblings discovered that due to Lorena's mystical energy that was consumed within the immune system of all lycanthropes, it gave the the ability of immortality and Dominic implicates to Brian and Dominic that they are able to protect the innocence during the nights of the full moon, which he declared that other werewolves would currently form packs to keep themselves bounded to each other, which gave Dominic the impliment of creating his own. To protect other people from harm, they are all forced to keep themselves at a distance to protect their mutual secret.


In addition to Dominic, Destiny and Brian; the pack was comprised of Marcus, which consisted of his death during the seasons. Destiny eventually became the second-in-command of the pack, which Vincent called the "Beta". According to series, Brian is the third-in-command.

Member Image Extra Capability
Dominic BS Alpha Voice
Destiny Janel0 Fastest Runner
Brian (Deceased) Bronsonp Improved Hearing

Trivial Information

In the series, the members of the Amaranthine Pack are connected within their lineage which vindicates their mutual aggregation and internal abilities.

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