Bennet house
Ayana's House
Residence Information
ResidentsAyana Bennett
Jamia Bennett
Lauren Bennett
CityHarlem, New York
Address2136 Oak Street

Ayana's House is a the current residence of Ayana Bennett and Jamia Bennett. When Ayana's grandmother Lauren Bennett passed away due to her inclined heart attack, one of her cherishing statements in her will was for Ayana to inherit her household once she died. Since Ayana discovered she has an estranged cousin whom is Jamia Bennett, Ayana asked for her to move in with her; knowing that Jamia had no other place to reside. They currently are close friends and companions to The Old Ones and are at their service during any calamitic situation due to them knowing Ayana's ancestor who was also a powerful witch during the 15th century whom is known as Victoria Bennett.