A Creator is a vampire who turns a human into a vampire. A creator is only known to create one newborn immortal, but is capable of siring numerous of other newborn vampires. The newborn vampire (also known as a progeny) begins to learn and acknowledge severe predilections about their incoming abilities, as their creator informs them of the required vindications of accumulating the mutilated obligations within the celetial dominion.

Traits & AbilitiesEdit

The vampire creator has a very deep connection with his/her progeny, something that no human can fully understand. Throughout the series, some physical and emotional traits have been seen among creators and their progenies.

  • Calling a Progeny: a creator can notificate his/her progeny whenever he wants. It feels like a shiver all over the body and possibly revealing the progeny where his/her creator is.
  • Strength: creators are always stronger than their progenies, probably because of the age. There are extremely rare situations when the progeny directly eradicates his or her creator, without any external help.

List of Known "Creators"Edit