By definition, a Progeny is an offspring or child. When a vampire creator transfigurates a companion newborn immortal, they are known as progeny. The newborn vampire's creator may have or not the will to teach his or her progeny about how to survive as a vampire. This includes mind compulsion, how to consume vital fluid as a non-vegetatian or vegetarian,; the internal compacities of vindicating their vital fluid cravings, etc. But as showing in the show, this is not an obligation or a rule.

Furthermore, the chance of a progeny living out their first year as a vampire without the assistance of their creator is around 33%, with two out of every three abandoned progeny not making it. A progeny's feelings towards their creator vary depending on the circumstances of the turning and personal outlook. A progeny may turn a vampire and become a creator themselves while still under the influence of their own creator.

Notable Creator and Progeny RelationshipsEdit