Season 1
Season Information
ChapterChildren of the Night
AiredJanuary 6, 2012--March 22, 2012
FinaleNew Year's Eve
SloganThe Year of the Nomads

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The First Season of The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals began airing in the United States on Friday, January 6th, 2012. It is a TV adaption of Cameron Henderson's series of young adult novels of the same name.

Main Cast

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
Sydni Watson as Camille
KeKe Hunter as Ariana
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella
BooBoo Stewart as Dominic
Kathy Valentina as Destiny

Recurring Cast

Zac Efron as Connor
Jessica Lucas as Ayana Bennett
Diana Agron as Marissa
Alex Pettyfer as Tyler
Shawn Ashmore as Christian
Syrriah Elmore as Kayla
David Gallagher as Derren
Logan Lerman as Richard
Anivlis Fernandez as Kate
Melicia Johnson as Sariah
Rosario Dawson as Victoria Bennett
Jada Pinkett Smith as Lauren Bennett

Season Prologue

Envisioning and contemplating mentally while examining the apex of the moon upon a desolated night, Eric ruminates on the platform of his residence and consistently appraises complicated altercations that could have been foreseen if he would have acknowledge his instincts. Awakening from a depleted foundation of alleviation; Isabella observes her intimate beloved whom is disturbed with consideration. She rapidly initiates from her position and entreats upon Eric’s area of surrounding and inquires the unspecified reasons of why he is unable to remain suspended of consciousness. Eric begins to inform her of how he believed he could have prevented a certain situation from proceeding in a time of distress and contractions; he implicates to Isabella that due to numerous of distractions, he was incapable of culminating what should have occurred centuries ago. Apprehending his emanate affliction of regret and compunction, Isabella indicates that certain conveniences and probabilities are placed within are eternal lives in order to be determined the outcome or result of specific resolutions that are required to be distinguish with abhorrence or admiration. Highly aware of her conservation of exposition, Eric implicates that his consciousness of dissatisfaction is due to not acquiring the chance of eradicating his nomadic adversary Connor and his insubordinate companions; in which he presumes should have not deserved temporary leniency for neglecting the legislation of the celestial government, whom is ruled through himself and his siblings. Destituted from his announcement of estranged implementations, Isabella acknowledges that she conceives his regards of becoming distracted in which resulted in Connor and his companions dematerializing without sightings of apprehension; but implicates that his reason for conceptional aberration was due to the intricate need of emancipating innocent mortal individuals from becoming annihilated at the appendages of negligent newborns whom were in need of liberation. Acquiring her interpretation of meaning, Eric acknowledges that during the previous centuries, the atmosphere was confounded as a time of periodical misfortune and deprivation, due to the consistent exterminations and neglections of mortal individuals whom were being corrupted and transitioned into newborn vampires; in which Eric commences to introduce the horrendous account of the atrocious and specific chronicle. Occurring during the year of 1533, abstruse and consistent eradications of mortal individuals began to confound numerous of towns among the eastern seaboard. Aware of the concurrent implementations, The Old Ones were accurately pending on the account of a depreciated nomadic coven whom was governed in the accordance of Connor; in which has been neglecting the imperialistic legislation that was established millenniums before an abundance of vampires were colonized among the world. Residing upon preliminary domiciles in the town of Chance Harbor, Eric and André decided to ambulate among the esplanade in order to clear their consciousness of the atrocious confliction in which will soon attain its presence within their cordial settlement and to discuss the intensions of what has led to a horrendous affliction. Intrigued upon the conception of eradicating numerous of innocent individuals whom were obligated to transition into newborn vampires, André begins to implicate that this has been the originated uprising of a specific immortal that has taken into consideration of his initiative to annihilate an entire lineage of indestructible immortals whom are unable to be extirpated under all circumstances; as he congregates within the atrocious depths of discussing the assured predicaments that would be caused and inflicted upon the mortal residents that are currently residing in their specific domiciles, in which he concludes in the concern of mentioning that their primary assignment will be considered immense to contain if the harrowing amount of newborns are condensational. Acknowledging his brother’s sarcasm towards a certain extent and highly aware of his accurate description of their upcoming obligations; Eric extricates that his intentional center of attraction lies in his appendages, due to the numerous of reasons to eradicate the specific immortal responsible for creating such an environment of crucial pandemonium and disorganization in which has questioned their effectiveness and authority among other covens residing within various districts of the world each of them inhabit, which he conclusively implies that his current acceptation is to emancipate the mortal individuals remaining within their preliminary area in order to develop a strategic method for preserving the lives of humans instead of obtaining their decision of becoming immortal. Considering the guidelines to an extensive accordance, André explicates that their existence and their companions are the dominant disposition to be classified as a requirement to assure secure and prominent upon. Recognizing his influential announcement, Eric implicates how their time upon this reluctant system has provided assistance of being naturally drawn to persistent and perseverance in which will be necessitate throughout the upcoming contention. Informed about the erroneous plague that has endangered every mortal being upon the eastern seaboard, Ariana and Michael install themselves upon their common room, discussing the rational conduction that their adversaries has arranged for their benefit in order to gain formal ability and effectiveness. Ariana begins to implicate that throughout the centuries, critical times has been positioned with rebellious immortals who seek to accumulate the endowment and capability of personally administering the celestial domain with ignorance and simplicity; as their beliefs and the specific legislation that her sibling has established since the beginning of their creation has been mentally and physically disregarded with a decreasing account of caring or benefiting from the contribution of immortality and becoming immune to the spiritual entity of eradication, which Ariana concludes in detail that their reign will become consistent. Recognizing her endearing fortification, Michael explicates how his occasions and lustful intent becomes the primary condition of never ignoring, due towards the appearance and actuality of their existence and required to instill the vital fluid of mortal individuals within their immune system in order to persevere and endure the challenges each of them face upon daily intent; in which particularly demonstrates the abhorrence and animosity their adversary have against their coven and legislation, which informs with integrity that no immortal should be conducted through parturiency and salaciousness in order to abide their authority whom has the means to end their existence when necessitated. Acknowledging his awareness, Ariana implicates how her internal emotions will decline the inadequate benefit and advantage of administering forgiveness to a coven that has defiled their allegiance towards their criterion. Conditioned with puritism, Michael explicates that his honor lies upon the accurate amenities whom has shared absolute ascendancy and jurisdiction with purpose and generosity. Conceived upon the insolence and imprudence their creation has established, Camille and Vincent ambulate within their residence in order to discuss the dominant principles of avidity and insatiableness. Addressed with concern for their continuation upon the domain, Camille begins to explicate how her mental affections has consistent awareness of becoming desolated and eradicated from the appendages of a certain coven who despises the fact that her ancient coven has orchestrated the idea of preserving the existence of numerous immortals that ambulate and reside among the each commune and vicinity in which is installed with reconciliation and agreement that has been established among all immortals of distinctive species and incomparable attainments, as Camille concludes that intermediate entities will continue to admonish their existence without further exoneration for retribution. Acknowledging her convectional opinion, Vincent begins to implicate that his primary concept of conflictive immortals is that many will consistently become hostile in certain situations in order to create constructional newborns to complete their informative conditions that deal with exonerating the lives of innocent individuals who are commonly unaware of the existence of such destructive celestials that ponders upon the night in order to consume the internal vital fluid of the living, in which he begins to explicate how their origins have been highly astounded towards mere mortal individuals that have been produced to fulfill their inner desires of remaining pure and perfected with immune abilities that has kept their classifications under distinct precautions. Understanding his forum, Camille implicates that judicial and horrendous incidents will soon begin to unravel the misfortune that numerous of immortals dislike, due to the official and required legislation that one must abide towards eternity. Attaining her compensation, Vincent implicates that their indestructible lineage was established in order maintain balance between the mortal and celestial society, which can cause atrocious confirmations. Contained within a particular domicile of numerous grimoire’s which are consisted with questionable spells that could aid the original coven in their upcoming conflict of interest; Victoria Bennett and Isabella discuss the beneficial decisions of becoming involved in disturbing causes that results in the extermination of newborns whom are unable to be given the choice of compassion and indecisive allegiances. Ordained towards her acknowledgement, Victoria begins to explicate that she has been involved in catastrophic incidents based on the expulsions that vampires have caused consistently throughout her recommended interims as a disciplined necromancer in order to install balance between the forgiveness and moderate legions of nature, whom has provided the earth with the required materials needed in order for immortal celestials among the night to acquire specific imperfections that will be accustomed towards their internal and external conformity of general purposes, which Victoria concludes her informative inquiry concerning the tolerance she endures for celestials whom are vulgar and condensational. Acknowledging her informal purism, Isabella begins to implicate that during the specific interim when she was transitioned into a newborn immortal, she became distant in informing her internal anatomy that eradicating the lives of mortal individuals whom seemed to deserve the clarification of death was considered an unlikely alliance in which she was able to form throughout a periodical time of grieving the existence she once had upon a domain and the eternal life she was beginning to live along with the most ancient immortal she fell compassionately in love with, due to the reference of not treasuring the horrendous results she committed when her internal anatomy craved for human vital fluid in measures of benevolence. Astounded towards her profitable result, Victoria explicates that majority of her instincts have mentioned that most immortals among the night have been accustomed of acquiring emotions, which are imaginable. Accepting her priorities, Isabella implicates that the primary and condensational accordance is particularly the reason of deciding whether experiencing atrocious ideals can assure her protection of becoming annihilated from a higher source of formalities. As an additional contrivance is exterminated from the perennials of Connor and his fellow companions Tyler, Christian, and Marissa; their presence begin to exceed the lives of mortal individuals and administering each of them an existence of formidable pleasure. Classified with contentment and exhilaration, Connor implicates how his mental intentions has provided him with ultimate resolutions that are recommended in order to eradicate the lives of the original coven of immortals, in which he conveys their unlimited potential and disregards the contradictions of claiming their accurate limitations that will determine the upcoming credentials and opportunities each mortal individual will thrive upon, as he concludes that periodical inclinations will eventually assume the rigorous precedents due to the arrangement he has established, which will prosper to his advantage in time and result in monumental expectations. Acknowledging his concepts, Marissa begins to explicate that fabricated interpretations has been envisioned throughout her mental state of mind in which has informed her of how the original coven of immortals have arranged to defend their existence and issue an annihilation method to eradicate each newborn immortal whom may be considered a definite threat towards the innocent mortal begins that are deranged within that specific jurisdiction, as she concludes and mentions how numerous of convectional allegiances have formed along with their current adversaries in order to increase their outcome of exonerating their specific ultimatum. Entrusted upon her visionary abilities, Tyler begins to implicate that intermediate speculations have been rumored to be indestructible to exterminate the appendages of the original coven whom are classified as the first of the vampire species in which are acquired with unlimited strengths and limited weaknesses due to the matter that as millenniums progressed, as did their immunity to become dynamically enriched with superior meaning within the internal and external anatomies, which he concludes that taking the initiative to attain their predilections is worth gaining instead of implicating whether the chances of pursuing their current agenda is limited. Engaged upon the accreditation, Christian explicates that constant memories has plagued the consciousness of his own as he regains the informal curiosity of acknowledging the consistent process of how the original coven managed to annihilate an entire accumulation of newborns whom were responsible for defiling the legislation established to preserve the existence of themselves in which was expedited throughout a continuity of districts that held vampires whom was quite aware of the consequences, as he concludes that an enlistment of hindrance is considered treacherous against their ambition of perishing their current adversaries for less effective endowment. Illuminated based upon their perception, Connor informs each of his companions that ambulating among horrendous tribulations is considered their primary exclusion to fulfill their intentions in order to claim their perception of the celestial atmosphere. Abstained from the perennials of constipated inclusions, Eric is awaiting upon the insignificant moment in order to eradicate the newborn alliance Connor has gained over the calamitous of interims in which Eric is joined by his siblings Vincent, Michael, André, Camille, and Ariana whom suggested their alliance would be conformed through the witch companion Victoria Bennett and Isabella. As the town is evacuated with numerous of foundations, Eric instills himself upon the platform as silence descends throughout the area of surrounding, in which he intensively perceives movement from kilometers of distance and mentally informs his companions to abstain their position and precept when Connor’s newborn alliance are in distinctive range. Navigating along the inclined eminence, Connor and his companions Marissa, Tyler, and Christian dispatch their entire force of newborn immortals to intrude upon the domiciles the original coven. As the newborn alliance infiltrates rapidly, The Old Ones begin to excessively dominate their specific choice of discrepancies in which Eric and Vincent maliciously decapitates the internal spinal cords of several newborns as Michael, André, and Camille execute the boundary of newborn immortals aspiring to exceed their way into the domestic residencies of mortal individuals whom are adumbrating in terrifying contributions. Conjuring horrendous and atrocious endowments from nature within, Victoria acts upon righteous intervals and predominately ensures pain inflictions upon numerous incentives of newborns in which causes them to decrease their movement of precocity as Isabella thrives upon the advantage in order to decollate their appendages which exterminates their lives in immediate complexions. With an induction of his newborn army massacred, Connor informs his companions Tyler and Christian to intrude with excessive preservation in order to assume their prestigious inclination while he informs Marissa to remain close, due to the distinction of fewer exigencies to engage within. Entitled towards a cognitive accommodation, numerous amounts of unknown newborns begins to vivaciously intervene in the presence of Isabella as she fends for her existence in such a horrendous act of liabilities, until Eric rapidly incapitates each of the unknown newborn’s capitulums within an essential minute. Unable to realize their incoming strategic method, Tyler and Christian excessively insinuates upon the vicinity of the original coven in which each of them are constrained in the appendages of Vincent and Michael in which leaves Connor and Marissa outnumbered in abhorrent vexations. As Vincent and Michael wait upon the initial obligation from Eric in order to eradicate the existence of Tyler and Christian; Isabella, Victoria, Ariana, André, and Camille position themselves according to their adversary’s standpoint of view. Eric remains punctual as Connor and Marissa excessively intervene upon his presence; while Connor begins to inform him that his inconsistency of remaining alive within the celestial domain has previously expired with proportionate circumstances in which will soon become cognitive towards his understanding and his fate will become obliged if compassion would demonstrated in order to release his companions from the appendages of his indestructible siblings. Intrigued upon his understanding, Eric begins to implicate how his inconsiderate behavior has eliminated his entire alliance of newborns whom were unable to mentally defend their purpose for existing within a celestial atmosphere of specific immortals whom are inquired to compensate what each of them has consistently acquired in there eternal existence, instead of compounding for a cause and leader who claims to become the inevitable savior of the vampire species, due to becoming a distinctive essential that only wants to be estimated above his superiors. Although accepting his indecisive proposal, Eric implicates to Vincent and Michael to abdicate Tyler and Christian for the forgiveness and consideration he has sworn towards the celestial legislation until Connor becomes promptly enraged and rapidly tries to withdraw a wooden stake into the central nucleus of his adversary’s cardiac organ, in which Eric configures his solution and intensively restrain Connor and punctures his anatomy to the nearest impediment. Before Eric could eliminate the existence of Connor, Marissa becomes frantic upon her condition to view the death of her mate in which she is apprised from the encounter of a mortal being trying to departure from the premises. Marissa refuses to hesitate and rapidly confines the human from the cervix and instructs Eric to release his appendages from Connor or she’ll recommend in exonerating the existence of an innocent woman. As Eric becomes in contempt of his emotions for the holiness and sanctity of human individuals, he gradually releases Connor from his restrainment and obliges Marissa to appease what she bargained. Refusing his resignation of fulfilling the required duties he sworn upon, Eric begins to interpret Marissa’s consciousness and is astounded to hear how her bargain was considered an abrupt aspersion, which leads Marissa to vivaciously extract the innocent woman’s cervix with no contempt as she rapidly dematerializes along with Connor, Tyler and Christian. Misleaded towards his previous vitalities and proceedings, Eric rapidy advances towards the woman’s position in order to oblige her existence with compunction and penance; highly aware that it was considered his internal affection for human life that inacted instead of abiding within his legislation and fulfilling the appropriate objective of eradicating the specific immortal responsible for lives consumed among an atmosphere of vexation and adversity. Commencing within the concurrent duration , Eric concludes the horrendous and atrocious reminiscence that continues to plague his consciousness with such guilt and remorse, as he implicates that numerous of exigencies and adversities have occurred due to the effectiveness that has been declined to be provided for the dominion of vampires whom has decided to live amongst mortal beings in order to establish a primary resolution that will give them recognition for cognitive comprehension, due to the predicament of residing in an atmosphere that has their paramounted commencment of never enquiring whether human vital fluid will be distributed to each financial institution that retains influential meaning among their existence in which he concludes that intermediate objections will soon occur. Acknowledging his inquisition, Isabella implicates that on the specific interim when their previous adversaries dissipated with no absolute indication was considered a communication announcment in which Connor and his primary companions will eventually recompense in order to culminate what each of them commenced during a horrendous period of regret and synical contributions as she conclusively explicates how she has never considered his internal affections an abberation of fulfilling his allegiance towards the mortal society and the entire dominion of vampires, as she will consistently abide within his reasons for existing in such a tormented atmosphere with despair and tribulation. Exceedingly amused upon her admonition, Eric begins to explicate that her existence and verbal announcements has provided his internal humanity with a ratiocination of accordance and retribution in which will provide each of them with eternal optimism. Admiring his consultation, Isabella begins to implicate that her transition into an immortal has administered her with emotional intellect in which is considered an ability to inform others how she truly encounters and appreciate the love given; as Eric recommends that her existence was established in order to convey his conduction of adulation and devotion, which provided Isabella with intentive jubilation as she embraces Eric with consistent and endearing salutations upon the midnight extension. During the ending credits, Connor is exhibited within a unknown destination in which he begins informing Marissa, Tyler, and Christian that their eternal juncture of avengement and retribution has presented itself with aligning contradiction that will be sanctioned within time.

Season Summary

As numerous of centuries progressed upon fulminated interims, The Old Ones have established pacification among the immortal dominion and among human individuals. As New York City endeavors conciliation within imminent preliminaries and conceptions, incomprehensible and catastrophic disapperances & killings have been occuring around the proximities of Manhattan, along the horrendous vicinities of Brooklyn and manifesting within illumninated passages. Vigorously unaware of who could be eradicating mortal begins within the osculation of abhorrence and repugnation, this specific predicament would decline to be considered the first interval the original congregation of immortals have encountered among their existence.

Obliged with gregarious intentions, afflicted contention was previously initiated upon The Old Ones five centuries earlier. A three-century year old rebellious and nomadic vampire known as Connor effectuated the intention of creating a newborn division of vampires to terminate The Old Ones as the celestial authority. He eradicated the entire municipal of various communities and innocent civilians, which had all become transfigured into newborns. As Connor prevailed throughout the aggression; joined by fellow vampire companions Isabella, Derren, Richard, Kayla and Vincent's closest companion Victoria Bennett whom is a powerful witch; the original aggregation of immortals abolished each newborn in their terrace without hesitation. During the conclusion of the enmities, Connor along with his coven had relinquish their presence without impending notice or adjustments. Eric internally preliminates that Connor exiled within partial restoration, discerning of his conception to eradicate a lineage of original immortal celestials.

As the original congregation of immortals are astounded by their current apparation in which might become recognized as the recrudescence of their previous adversary; Eric, Vincent, Michael, André, Camille and Ariana informed their companionated species to initiate a secured recommendation upon their residential dominions until their predicament is resolved. Declared as a monumental interim for Eric whom is receiving his doctoral degree and announcing his upcoming marriage to Isabella, horrendous and atrocious seculations will become vindictive among their justificated arrangements in order to acknowledge their segregational compensation. Vincent is currently attending New York University along with his brothers and sisters Eric, Michael, Camille & Ariana. Michael is inevitably acknowledging the specific recommendations on how to obtain inner peace due to consuming the almagamation of contributing vital fluid in order to contract pacification and cessational limitations towards conflictive fulminations. André is currently the proficient endemic of each financial institution within the New York City jurisdictions. As two millenniums have progressed, Camille is consistently restraining the adulation of her siblings while adjusting towards her post-secondary educational existence. Ariana begins to consider the alteration of modeling among devianted and clinical purposes or to remain obtaining an education at her current collegiate institution as well as justificating her relationship with Dominic.

As they're indestructible existence preliminates among the entire celestial dominion that is congregated within the atmosphere and acknowledging the origins of the previous and impending dematerialization and recession of mortal individuals that are becoming eradicated; Eric compression the abhorrent benediction and tribulation that afflictive contention will initiate among the residential vicinities of the original immortal aggregation, justificating that mortal individuals will become annihilated within their benevolent communities if the reoccurence of Connor is precisely accurate.


  • Chapter I: The Children of the Night: (Ep. 101 - 112) This chapter deals with the return of Connor and his abhorrent influence over the events in the city of New York and most particularly on creating another newborn army.
  • The main antagonists of this chapter are Connor, Marissa, Tyler and Christian.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Crest Pilot January 6, 2012
As New York City is being crippled by multiples of dissapearances and murders, The Old Ones begin to question their effectiveness. Eric and Isabella travel around the different boroughs to find information from a reliable source, to discover that Connor and his coven have returned from they're five century exhile. Camille is having problems adjusting to her new major, while trying to protect the family. Vincent takes Michael out of his college-mode cubicle and let him experience getting to know different types of women. Ariana begins to focus more on her modeling career than completing her school assignments and trying to help her boyfriend Dominic after he spills innocent blood the night of his third full moon. André helps Eric with trying to find where Connor is currently located. Now that war has presented itself again, Isabella worries that the day of her marriage is now in jeopardy.
02 Crest The Return January 12, 2012
Still trying to figure out the whereabouts of Connor, Eric fears that this may be the beginning of New York City's downfall. While trying not to ruin they're big day, Isabella confronts Eric to tell him that she fears this "deja vu" event will occur soon, which Eric agrees and they both postponed their wedding. As Ariana helps Dominic cope with his innocent killing spree, he begins to open up secrets and tells the truth of what happened the night he triggered his curse. With a wonderful night to remember, André mysteriously searches for Michael. Vincent visits Destiny for some information about the murders in the neighborhood and if it concerns Dominic. Eric, Camille and Ayana continue on the search for Connor and his coven, with the help of Ayana's clairvoyance spell, it leads them to the location of they're legendary rival!
03 Crest The Beginning of The End January 19, 2012
Discovering the location of where Connor is, Eric, Camille & Ayana begin a ruthless confrontation which leads to a internal & global catastrophe within' the city. Dominic and Destiny spend a personal day with each other to ease the tension they both have felt within the years. As Vincent, André, Ariana, Michael & Isabella are summoned by the danger of Eric & Camille, Connor and his fellow companions Tyler, Marissa, & Christian begin to prepare for battle. As each of The Old Ones arrive in the alley of 56th street, a devastating battle begins. Ayana casts pain inflictions among Connor's companions including Connor himself. Before Eric can destroy Connor once and for all, Ayana gets distracted and Connor and the others escape. In the ending credits, Connor continues to assemble his newborn army for the epic war to come.
04 Crest With One Comes All January 26, 2012
With the escape of Connor, The Old Ones begin to keep in mind that no human being can know of their kind or that they exist within society itself. Temporarily trying to keep peace, Eric contacts his former companions Kayla, Derren, and Richard for reinforcements due to how expanded Connor's newborn army may be in the upcoming days. While settling down with less anxiety, Dominic returns to school and begins to prepare for his upcoming transition during the next full moon. Destiny and Vincent spend lunch together as they begin to grow closer intimately. As a tutorial guide, Camille aids Ayana to help her relax while releasing full amounts of energy during difficult spells. On the southside of Brooklyn, Connor creates and recruits new members of his intriguing army, knowing that The Old Ones may not withstand his impact. André closes an important stock brokement deal that enlarges his federal banking company and later questions Michael where did he vanished after the night of the party, which Michael replies that he murdered innocent humans and to keep it from Eric. Ariana lands an endorsement deal with her professional photography company, which makes her thinks if she still wants to be enrolled in college.
05 Crest A Night to Remember February 2, 2012
With all the supernatural chaos that's been occurring over the Northeast Region, Eric surprises Isabella with a monumental evening out to dinner and and a walk through Central Park. Michael struggles to contain his thirst for human blood, while André finds different ways to keep Michael under control from himself and others. Ariana confronts Camille about her decision to work full-time in modeling rather than attend school during the moment, which Camille over-exaggerate and tries to steer her mind back into why education is important. Derren, Kayla, and Richard arrive in New York City, with Vincent as their escort. Destiny manages to see Connor in the subway tunnel as she snifted him out while she boarded. Dominic attends his first therapy session which he discussed how he wants to be free of what (werewolf) he currently is.
06 Crest Ancient History February 9, 2012
As Kayla, Richard, and Derren arrive at the international airport, Connor ignites a plan to get rid of Eric's former companions. Ariana plans to announce to Eric the truth about not attending college no longer, while a capitvated Michael reminisces on how he craved for human blood during the younger years of The Old Ones. Vincent is summoned by Kayla, announcing that they are under attack due to the order of Connor. Isabella begins to suspect most of her co-workers has dissapeared from her firm. Dominic and Destiny train during the night to work on Dominic's trail to follow while they both transition during the next full moon. (Hoping that he won't murder any innocent victim) Camille notifies Eric of what is currently occuring at the airport, which Eric arrives and take matters into his own hands by decapitating most of newborns associated with Connor. In the midst of the destuctible outcome with the loss of many, Connor makes Eric an offer, which Eric denies. Ayana brings about a seance to contact her ancestor Victoria for help in the difficult times that lies ahead.
07 Crest A New Breed February 16, 2012
Eric believes the war that Connor will soon engage will be even inevitable than the last that occurred within 500 years ago. Ayana learns from Victoria that her powers will enhance as time progresses, seeing keys of the future as Connor is not just transfiguring humans or creating a newborn army, but also recruiting werewolves, and that the uprising of a future threat will soon hold Ayana responsible for ending it. While returing home with her mind wondering about her co-workers disappearances, Isabella is attacked by Marissa & Christian and begins to be questioned about The Old Ones motives on how to defeat Connor. Feeling the pain and torture of his progeny, Eric rushes back to his residence, slaughters Christian to his death with Marissa escaping. Michael begins to find peace within himself and his soul as he is introduced to Kate, a transfer student attending NYU. Dominic has a conversing run-in with Vincent that ends with words of brutal flaws. Ariana, Camille, and Destiny questions whether vampires and werewolves will ever be able to co-exist within each other. André is astounded with the return of an old flame from his past. With the death of his long-time companion, Connor sets his expectations high that no one will see coming.
08 Crest Time Heals All Wounds February 23, 2012
A an unexpected guest in his prescence, André catches up with the vampire who brung out the light within' his dark years, Sariah. Trying to get over the horrific memory of being tortured with vervain to death, Isabella suggests to Eric that the war should be brought upon Connor, which Eric begins to considers. Michael begins to draw close and worry (bloodlust) that he will hurt Kate, knowing that she is a human. Having a meeting with Kayla, Richard, and Derren, Ayana momentarily interrupts to notify Eric of what's expected to come, who else Connor has recruited (werewolves), and what's may be the outcome on the night everyone creates a resolution. Dominic visits Ariana and discusses how Vincent should reconsider being behind enemy lines with an "Alpha Male". Camille informs one of her professors that she wants to join the Honor's Program which will boosts her chance of becoming an Resident Assistant during her sophomore year. Connor and Marissa begin to discipline the newborns, and describing who, what and when to attack the original family, The Old Ones. As the conlusion, Ariana informs Eric that she's thinking of dropping out of college, which Eric replies "follow your heart, i'm here for you till' the end". Ariana leaves fortunate but also confused.
09 Crest Another Moon March 1, 2012
As the full moon falls upon New York City, death may fall upon the innocent as Dominic is nervous of what may be the outcome of his transition. While Vincent begins to think whether or not he should settle down and take what him and Destiny have seriously, Ariana ferociously confronts him to demand him to leave Dominic alone, which Vincent considers an invitation to kill her pet on the night of his transition. Camille tries to convice Eric that there are other ways of dealing with Connor but Eric makes her understand that he can't be bargained with nor trusted by any means necessary. Feeling that he has his bloodlust under control, Michael asks Kate on a date, which she accepts. Destiny begins to feel that she is falling for Vincent, but it concerned if he feels the same about her. Kayla & Derren begin to track the companionated werewolves who are planning to attack the night Connor insists is the right time. As Richard is planning to go within the depths of discovering the truth of what Connor has planned, he surrenders himself over and claims that he wants to end The Old Ones as well. André spends a tremendous night out with Sariah, feeling that he never wants it to end. While tracking down Dominic, Vincent is stopped by Ariana and notifies him that it's the night of his transition and that he's not in the best condition, Vincent wants the obvious but reconsiders for Ariana's sake. As Ariana finds a transitioned Dominic, she guides him into chasing her rather than spill innocent blood throughout the night.
10 Crest Killed or Be Killed March 8, 2012
As the dawn approaches, Ariana helps recovers Dominic and tells him that he did no harm to an individual, as he accomplished what he setted out to do. Arriving on time daily at school, Vincent meets Destiny and informs her how he feels and that she is the first that has his heart, as she blushes, Vincent places a kiss and she accepts. While practicing into making her spells abnormous within' the first try, Ayana begins to channel the power from the spirit world who consists of Victoria and her grandmother Lauren. Seeking revenge for what occured, a low-tempered Isabella finds comfort with Eric and states that he is the only true person that can end the horror of Connor once and for all, he states that he loves her and he will not let no harm come to her when the time of war arrives. The two make passionate love and console each other throughout the day. Michael treats Kate to a luxurious restaurant where she explain she knows what he is and what he is capable of, but instead she informs his that she has grown to be very fond of him since their first day they spent with each other. Michael becomes astounded but accepts her honesty. While taking the taxi, Camille comes face to face with Connor, she quickly impales him to the door and compels him to state what his plans are. As he doesn't respond, Camille's instincts tell her that he is on vervain. As the driver stops, Connor quickly replinishes from the vehicle. As the werewolves unintentionally guide Derren & Kayla towards they're entire operation, they discover that Richard has taken position and informs Eric where Connor is currently stationed.
11 Crest Armageddon March 15, 2012
Coming to the conclusion of a critical standoff between The Old Ones and Connor's newbon army of vampires and werewolves, Eric begins to assemble his brothers and sisters and his former fellow companions to the epic battle of they're lives. Discovering that Connor is stationed in an abandoned warehouse which is south of Yonkers; Camille, Ariana, and Isabella guard the back entrance, while Ayana uses her clairvoyance to feel what is going on within' the warehouse. As Eric, Vincent, Michael, André and Derren signals Richard that the attack is upon the newborns, Kayla summons Dominic & Destiny to prepare to transition until Connor realizes what they're plan of attack was due to his security system (camera's and etc.). As a full-blown war breaks out into chaotic stages, an angered Eric and Connor finally face off with multiple & deadly configurations of hits. Vincent, Camille, Ariana, André, Derren, Richard, & Kayla begin to annihilate each newborn and werewolf with the help of Ayana causing pain inflictions within' the enemy and easily sending them to their deaths. Isabella tends to seeks out Marissa, but as Marissa sneaked and impaled Isabella to a bio-hazard machine, Isabella superiously staked her heart which was contained with vervain and Marissa fall upon the machine to her death. As Connor feels his mate's agony, a distraught Connor becomes angered and with guilt heads for Isabella, until Eric arrives before Isabella first and tries to find Connor. Vincent easily decapitates Tyler while trying to intact Destiny's heart. Due to ensuing death upon Connor's pack of werewolves, Dominic saves Kayla from being attacked. Sariah comes to the unassigned aid of André and helps him defeat the now low-population of the newborns. Still trying to uncover where Connor is, Isabella uncovers his tracks and quickly impales him and Connor dies at the hands of Eric by having his heart enacted from his body. With the victorious outcome of once again destroying Connor's newborn/werewolf army, including Connor, Eric began to find peace within' his coven of family and the saftey of his species's existence.
12 Crest New Year's Eve March 22, 2012
As the end of the year celebration invades downtown Times Square, New York, Eric and the family go out to celebrate not just due to their destruction upon Connor's imperfected actions and ideals, but how they're still together after they're 2,000 year reign as the vampire authority. Vincent and Destiny begins to rinse all of their flaws and decide to get to know each other more before anything serious occurs. Richard, Kayla, & Derren say they're goodbye's before they depart back to Chicago, as Eric thank them for their support with the newborns. After the terror and the amounts of death last night, Ayana begins to question whether she should be involved with Camille and The Old One's problems, knowing that they protected her since birth. Ariana and Dominic walk along the strip and discuss how no more secrets should come between them but if should make them stronger to express each one they have. As beautiful as the night is becoming, Eric feels he doesn't want to continue to postpone his wedding. With the consent of Isabella, they decided to get married the first week of the new year. Michael, Camille and Andréconversed about how change came within' their immortal lives and how it can be better improved without hesitation. As the celebration ball begins to drop, love & laughter surrounds the city of New York as a new year comes into the hearts of many. In the ending credits, Eric presents a toast towards the future of they're species, as Vincent & Destiny are on the top of the Empire State Building, they share a wonderful kiss which leads to them making unconditional love under the moonlight.


  • This season have so far 10 series regular since started. The Old Ones are the only main characters to appear in several episode of the series to date.
  • Shawn Ashmore is the first major character to be killed on the show. He departs the cast in Episode 7.