Season 2
Season Information
ChapterBreaking of the Dawn
AiredJuly 20, 2012--October 5, 2012
PremiereMemory Lane
FinaleThe Point of No Return
SloganThe Year of The Old Ones

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The Second Season of The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals begins airing in the United States on Friday, July 20th, 2012. It is a TV adaption of Cameron Henderson's series of young adult novels of the same name.

Main Cast

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
Sydni Watson as Camille
KeKe Hunter as Ariana
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella
BooBoo Stewart as Dominic
Kathy Valentina as Destiny

Recurring Cast

Ashley Thornton as Kristina
Jessica Lucas as Ayana Bennett
Anivlis Fernandez as Kate
Melicia Johnson as Sariah
Anton Yelchin as Matthew
Tika Sumpter as Sage
Rosario Dawson as Victoria Bennett
Daren Kagasoff as Wesley
Shay Mitchell as Selene
Alex Maraz as Marcus
Shane West as Slater
Olivia Wilde as Paige
Heather Hemmens as Jamia Bennett

Season Summary

Coming into the new year, the upcoming wedding of Eric and Isabella rapidly approaches. Consequently, a one thousand year old former flame returns to claim back what was once hers, Eric. Being selected as the Honor's Program President and a Resident Assistant, Camille tries to readjust her life by being social with her friends Ayana and Matthew. As time progressed, André begins to put his faith in Sariah, believing in her reason for wanting to be in his life again, which he fully accepts. Although, due to her honesty of no longer feeding off innocent victims among the night, Sariah begins to feel emotional guilt if André would eventually leave her once again. Taking her professional modeling career overseas in the Dominican Republican for over a couple of months, Ariana begins to come across difficult and addictive pleasures with attracting associates that will soon affect her relationship with werewolf Dominic.

Beginning in a new and egotistical relationship, Vincent and Destiny manages to grow stronger and begin to possess passionate and intimate love which concludes as a tremendous wake-up call for everyone. As his thirst for Kate's blood reduces over time, Michael thinks about the difficult decision whether to transfigure her into a newborn, but hasn't come across asking her that he want's to spend the rest of his everlasting life with her. Ayana begins to dig deep within' the history of the "Bennett witches", in order to obtain greater power than she ever imagined by learning how to channel the power of her dead ancestors, but is warned by further occurrences. As her departure becomes threatening to their relationship, Dominic begins to question his involvement with Ariana. Isabella begins to receive tension from Eric's former flame and questions whether Eric truly loves her.


  • Chapter 2: Breaking of the Dawn: (Ep. 113 - 124) This chapter deals with the aftermath of Eric's former first love Kristina returning in his life. As The Old Ones tries to balance their newly occuring lives, chemistry and secrets begins to build, as tension and death constantly occurs in the "City That Never Sleeps". As a mythological and legendary curse is trying to be broken, The Old Ones begins to react about the incident that may occur.
  • The main antagonists of this chapter are Kristina, Slater, Paige and Jamia Bennett.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Crest Memory Lane July 20, 2012
As the pre-wedding rehearsal begins, Eric feels the summoning and the arrival of a familair face from his past but couldn't recognize where she would be. Isabella brings her bestfriend Sage to help prepare for her wedding, but Sage has doubts that questions Isabella's actions towards her future. As Vincent and Destiny wakes up on the patio of the Empire State Building, Vincent declares that he wants to make their affair official, which has Destiny thinking and she happily accepts. As he drops her off home, Vincent's bestfriend as well as his progeny Selene suprises him as she returns from the City of Brotherly Love" in order to spend time him (being 15 years that has past). As Michael heads to his first class, he overhears Kate with her friends discussing about whether or not she should take the relationship to the next step, but is afraid of Michael's "could be" response. Distracting him from his moment of curiosity, Michael's bestfriend Wesley suggests that they should converse about if they truly love each, which Michael is sure about. While leaving his job, André gets an unexpected call from Sariah, admitting that she's trying so hard to take the lives of humans but needs guidance from someone's who been there. André offers his services and takes her to dinner while together. While taking her professional modeling career to next level overseas, Ariana is currently on the carribean of the Bahamas and begins to get distracted to insist creving for the men that surrounds her environment. With the departure of his girlfriend irritating him, Dominic calls Ariana to check up on her until another man answers her phone, which brings Dominic to have suspect what doesn't want to believe. Camille seeks the guidance of both Ayana and Matthew, while trying to figure out whether she should step down as the president of the Honor's Program, seeing that it's putting too much stress upon her. Ayana begins to learn about the spells that can control the minds of the supernatural (vampires & werewolves), even triggering the control of the weather. As the wedding rehearsal concludes & still feeling that unexpected summoning of his dark past, Eric suggests he takes a walk through Central Park and gracefully comes across the vampire who was considered his first love and will soon be a distraction and tremendous problem towards his future........Kristina.
02 Crest Mistake Kindness for Weakness July 27, 2012
After ten centuries that has transpired & astounded at the fact that Kristina was able to locate him, Eric begins to question why she is in New York, which she replies that she's return for him. Notifying her that he's moved on and soon to be married, Kristina dignifies that she doesn't care and she'll place anything that will postpone their wedding indefinitely, as in killing Isabella if he doesn't co-operate. Eric quickly retaliates by strangling Kristina, stating to her that if she touches Isabella, she will never see the rise of dawn. Kristina manages to get out of his powerful hold and stabs Eric with a dagger, replying to him that she loves him and that it's only the beginning, suddenly she quickly vanishes. While his phone continues to vibrate, Eric answers his phone and Isabella is worried about him and states she wants to speak with him immediately. While not returning none of her phone calls, Ariana begins to ask herself why Dominic isn't replying to text messages nor calls. Trying to distract herself due to how mad she is, she ask one of her escorts to disrobe and Ariana haves intimate sex along the beach. As it concludes, she compels him to forget it ever happened and begins to question herself what just occurred. While ignoring Ariana but is constantly thinking about her, Dominic and Destiny begin to head to work until they meet their new nextdoor neighbor Marcus, who sensed what they were and vice versa. Destiny asks what is his plan now that he knows that they're werewolves. Marcus replies to Dominic and Destiny and states to them that he's found due to their telepathy communication that werewolves have within' but takes years to master. Marcus implies that he could teach them how to survive, adapt to their environment, and how to not murder innocent humans. As Dominic agrees with the oppurtunity, Destiny also agree's but thinks about what does he want in return. Vincent and Selene goes bridal shopping and looks for tuxedo's and dresses to wear during his brother's upcoming wedding. Selene begins to ask Vincent over the years of his existence, has he ever came under the idea that their may be "The Sun & The Moon" curse. Vincent explains to her that it's just a legendary myth to keep vampires and werewolves on the lookout and that only The Old Ones can walk completely bare in the sunlight without obtaining a Lapis Lazuli object, like others after their time. Leaving the restaurant from dinner, André mentions to Sariah that they're relationship together is moving beyond where it was in the past and that he believes it could work if she keeps intact with the promised she committed, even though it will be a challenge for them both. Camille and Matthew begin to worry whether Ayana is in a good condition, realizing she's been missing school alot often. Camille decides to visit her and Ayana informs her that she's obtaining so much power, that it was beyond her great-great grandmother Victoria's abilities. Camille warns her that a witch using too much of her power can kill themselves, and telling her that many witches have done that within' the centuries. Michael attends Kate's first dance recital and is happy with the news he will announce to her. As her recital closes, Kate & Michael embrace with a kiss and Michael states to her that he thinks he is falling in love with her and Kate replies with the same thought in mind. As Eric returns home to retrieve the information that Isabella needs to tell him, Isabella informs Eric that are they rushing with the wedding and etc. Eric replies that the wedding has been what they've been waiting for and it will proceed. Still worried about what Kristina initiated upon the request of having him in her life again, Eric begins to question whether to risk Isabella's life or to depart from her to save her life, knowing that what Kristina wants, she eventually gets. As the ending credits occur, Kristina is shown compelling Sage to kill Isabella during the wedding dinner rehearsal.
03 Crest The End of The Affair August 3, 2012
Awakening to undetermined morning, Eric must face the difficult decision yet, and must make it fast before the dinner rehearsal tonight. He kisses Isabella and announces that he loves her, as she stated she loves him in return. While arriving at NYU, Kristina suddenly appears in his passenger seat, estatic and uninvited. While she returns to see if Eric made up his mind, he comes up with a proposal to keep Isabella safe. Knowing that Eric can destroy Kristina in an instant, he just couldn't outweigh his unoccured love for her over hate. Eric begins to elaborate if he could be given a certain amount of days to spend with Isabella before telling her he couldn't marry her and must depart from her. In return, Kristina states to Eric that once they depart with each other, he must once again begin to feed upon humans and become the "true ripper" which he once was. Eric fastly declined, and Kristina swared she could take back her offer. Eric agreed and Kristina concluded the offer stands. With a full moon approaching, Marcus mentors Dominic how he can better manipulate himself and create himself a trail which he will continue to travel along, instead of wandering aroung the city slaughtering innocent blood. To insist Dominic while in wolf form, he manuevers blood spreads along the trees which will gain his intrest on the night of his full moon. Feeling terribly upset about what occured along the shore, Ariana is eagered to call Dominic but reaches Destiny and tells her what occured the night before last. Destiny was shocked to hear such treachery, she insisted Ariana explains to Dominic herself. While coming from the underground mall, Vincent asks Selene where did she get such information, which she replied that she overheard two unknown beings discussing it while visiting for a check-up. Astounded he was, Vincent informs Selene that vampires or werewolves cannot get their hands on the moonstone (which The Old Ones keeps in their possession), but doubt that a witch, an vampire, and a werewolf wouldn't be hard to discover. If so, he explains that werewolves will be able to shift at any time and that vampires can roam freely without being harmed by the sun, which they will begin to harm the innocent. Camille gets a word of advice from Matthew, asking that she must keep an eye on Ayana, in order to make sure that her power doesn't go beyond the fullest which will annihilate her instantly. Getting a better understanding of her unlimited power, Ayana is quickly seanced by Victoria, informing her that using too much of her power for the sake of her destiny will destroy her. Having a clear understanding of who she is and what she is capable of, Ayana quickly contacts Camille and apologizes for not accepting her help. Wesley convinces Michael that he should tell transfigure Kate into a newborn, which Michael denied of doing. He informed Wesley of not committing such an act without her consent to do so. While preparing for the dinner rehearsal, André informs Sariah that he would love to dance, which she accepted. They begin to discuss their future and Sariah asked how will they survive, which André concluded about the "blood packages" and Sariah suggested it's not such a bad idea. Hearing constipated noises, André checks up on Eric on the balcony and see what is going on. Eric informs André that Kristina has returned and she has a vigorous plan up her sleeve. André states that he deal with it but Eric refuses and replies that he will only do so. During the dinner rehearsal, Sage needed to inform Isabella of a corporate problem but instead Sage attacks Isabella which resulted in Isabella being staked through her stomach. Eric quickly snaps Sage neck, while Isabella quickly heals from her wounds. While checking the now decomposing body, Camille informs Eric that she's been compelled and Eric couldn't have guessed furthermore that it was Kristina's idea of a devastating scheme, as he begins to fear what Kristina has in store next.
04 Crest The Reckoning August 10, 2012

Surviving through a tragic night in which Isabella's loses her best friend, Eric receives a text message from Kristina, contemplating upon what it says. It states that "last night was a taste of what i'm capable of doing, remember what u proposed". As she still heals due to her wounds, Isabella worries that last night's attack was ordered by some enemy that she has no conscious of. Based on suspicion, she confirms to herself that Eric is hiding something and begins to question him. Calling her to settle a score due to the news that Destiny implied to him, Dominic hears Ariana's breath, but no words exhanged. Dominic regretfully ends the realtionship with Ariana based on her dishonesty and fornicating while in a committed relationship. A broken hearted Ariana quickly destroy everything in her penthouse suite and begins to painfully release tears from her eyes. As Marcus begins to open up the restaurant, Destiny approaches him and asks for his honesty and trust which they need if they're going to protect one another, exemplifying that they live under a code of honor and loyalty. Marcus accepts her request and notifies her of unfortunate news that is threatning to both species (werewolves & vampires). Marcus explains that while he planning to leave his recent town and move to the Bronx neighborhood, he overheard two werewolves ( while the third was unknown) discussing about a curse that can free werewolves from being slaves upon the moon and give them will to shift whenever is necessary and have vampires walking throughout the day and feed on whomever they want. Hearing such disturbing news, Destiny informs Marcus that he should also notify The Old Ones, Eric to be exact. Michael heads over to Kate's residence to spend time with her, as the day passes by with each other, Michael confronts Kate about how she feels about him. Kate informs Michael that she feels they are destined to be with each other and thought that she'd never be with a 2,000 century year old vampire. Feeling excited as he was, Michael suggested that he transfigures Kate into a newborn, which her response justified that she must think about when shall it occur. Vincent sends off Selene on a request to dig up on information surrounding the legendary myth of "The Sun & The Moon Curse". With that being handled, Vincent and Destiny meets for discussion of what occured between Dominic & Ariana, in which Vincent himself was also astounded. Camille and Ayana is quickly found by Matthew who has catastrophic & irrelevant news surrounding "The Sun & The Moon Curse" as well. With Camille describing it as a myth, (knowing The Old Ones have the moonstone in their possession) Matthew seems to prove her wrong by informing her how three unknown individuals are putting the word out, which will have every vampire or werewolf craving to get their hands on it. Sariah finds herself incompatible between feeding upon a human or feeding from a blood bag. As she reminisce on the past memories of her and André, she goes along feeding from a blood-bag, which she begins to show intrest in and defeating her worst enemy.....herself. Hurrying to give him the information, as Marcus entered the residence of The Old Ones, he successfully meets with Eric. Marcus informs Eric about the possibility of "The Sun & The Moon Curse" may be in affect and that unknown individuals may be after it. As soon he was unintentionally informed, Eric calls for a meeting between his brothers and sisters (Ariana communicating through "Facetime"). He states that the secret has been uncovered and that they must all protect the "moonstone" by any means necessary. André begins to alert each official within' a 50 mile radius to be on the lookout for suspicious anti-nomads (vampire & werewolf) and a witch, whom is willing to bring about a legendary conflict occuring. Demanding what Eric may be keeping from her, Isabella becomes frustrated and decides to question Eric about what was Sage compelled for. Eric explains the evidence behind the tragic loss of her friend. He explains that his former first love Kristina has returned and will wreak havoc if Eric doesn't come along with her, becoming the "true ripper" he once was and falling in love with her. Making Isabella heated by the minute, Eric confesses that he's only completing each and everything she asks for him because Kristina can destroy Isabella (Kristina has the astonishing ability to quickly vanish, without a further occurence) without the slightest feeling of remorse. Isabella underterminally agrees upon what he is doing, but worries if Eric may come back to her, and if so, will he be the same man she knew 500 years ago.

05 Crest The Descent August 17, 2012
As The Old Ones are on the lookout for the supposed group that is trying to confiscate the moonstone, the supernatural world of vampires and werwolves comes to suspicion, but no one interferes. Eric wonders what Kristina has in store for them both once he departs from his family, especially Isabella. Unexpected each time, Kristina viciously arrives with a silent kiss, as Eric began accept, he then reacts and pins her against the his bathroom door. Stating to her that it's over between them and nothing will ever change what he currently feels for Isabella. Disregarding the feelings he poured, Kristina skips to the point where she offers Eric & The Old Ones her help for ending this reign of madness between the supposed ones that are trying to steal the moonstone. Not knowing what she's up to, Eric agrees upon her unintended request to engage in this low-standard conflict. While laying down in the park, Kate informs Michael that she wants to be turned while it is during an unexpected moment, which gave Michael's plenty of hints but he didn't react to her proposal estactically but respects her decision or any of that matter. Returning to New York in an unstable mood, Ariana quickly arrives at the residence of Dominic, in order to talk about their break-up. Dominic opens the door and he informs her that they should remain friends and forget whatever occured between them in the past. Ariana explains that it wasn't her fault but blames her ferocious act upon her nature. Dominic agrees but still he can't help the fact of being with someone who lied and cheated. As Vincent & Destiny make uncontrollable love in his bedroom, he explains to her that whatever is going to happen during this situation which involves the "moonstone", he wants her to stay out of it. Not knowing what it may result in, Destiny denies his command, and replies that she wants to help, not just due to Vincent and his family, but to help New York before constant murders occur around the world, which he couldn't argue with. As getting done with her day at work, Isabella is expected by an uninvited guest, whom is Kristina. Kristina explains that she has no business quarrel with Isabella, but personal-wise, she does. She explains that her & Eric never belong and that he isn't what you think he is. As Isabella abruptly & fastly approaches her, Kristina slams her against her desk and threatens her, that if she doesn't release Eric of his obsession over her, then she would end Isabella's obsession over him. Leaving her in a terrified state of mind, Isabella begins to break down in tears. Selene calls Vincent and informs him that the word along the avenues is that they are in town. Camille is stressed about taking her Calculus II exam during her last class. As she had to be on duty to watch the her residence, Camille compels her professor into giving her an A and ignites her prescense that she was on time. Ayana begins to feel a similar arrival of a specific individual that she only feels when around family but is confused when she doesn't know who. Marcus shows Dominic how to control his attacking instincts, which is based on sensing who to attack (humans or other animals) while in his wolf form. André informs Sariah to stay nuetral and rarely visible during the night, as they are on the lookout for who's trying to invade their residence. Sariah implies that she could take care of herself but appreciates André concern, but considers his advice which may be needed in the longrun. Matthew and Wesley is concerned whether to participate in the action or not, but is convinced by Camille & Ayana to stay out of it due to their safety. As a relevant guest arrives the door, she introduces herself as Paige and asks if she could use a phone to contact "Triple-A", as Destiny sniffs out that she's a wolf, Destiny alerts Vincent and the others and begins to fight off Paige while another uninvited guest enters the residence. Vincent, Ariana, Eric, Michael, Camille and André quickly search for other intruders. While not guarding the moonstone, the other uninvited guest known as Slater enters the vault and takes the legendary gem and quickly vanishes while summoning Paige to retreat. As Sariah spots them heading northeast, she begins to track them until she began to get pain inflicted by an unknown witch. Ayana breaks the unknown witch's concentration and they begin to dual within' the area. Causing pain inflictions among each other, they both begin to tire eachself and their incantations break instantly. The unknown witch vanishes, but while battling her, Ayana was able to retrieve her purse and other personal items. Looking through her belongings, Ayana notices that her name is Jamia Bennett and begins to see why she had the strange feeling earlier. As André checks to see if Sariah is stable, Eric infoms that now that the "moonstone" has been stolen, it must be retrieved from the intruders or the world will result in chaos. Finally arriving home, Isabella explains to Eric what occured, which she met Kristina and that a series of threats had came along with what she had to say. Concerned about what they were, Isabella announced that it didn't matter what could be said or done, Isabella explained to Eric that it wasn't their time to get married in an unstable world with non-told secrets (Eric forgot to mention once he met Isabella). Not taking it well, Isabella states that she still loves him, while Eric hold words of grief within' himself. During the ending credits, Paige, Slater and Jamia are seen planning the last step of the ritual, which they mention will be the sacrifice of the three ingredients they need to obtain upon the next full moon, but won't be easy to accomplish.
06 Crest Moment of Truth August 24, 2012
Feeling a connection with Jamia still has Ayana curious of who she is. Due to them linking each other while dualing in the streets during the previous night, Ayana begins to channel Jamia in which she locates her. Through a temporary seance, Ayana asks her can they meet and Paige responds that she will meet, but suggests no companions, which Ayana agrees upon her request. With the moonstone still in the possession of Slater & Paige, Eric decides to bring war upon them and to retrieve the legendary gem before a mistake is made upon the environment of humans. Ariana and Camille uncovers reasearch on how they will break the curse and if there is any specific location, where it must occur. The prophecy states that it must occur on sacred land, which it will happen at any graveyard in New York City. Knowing where & when it will occur, which is during the next full moon, André sends out vampire officials to stay on duty at each & every graveyard among the northeastern seaboard. Sitting along the Brooklyn Bridge, Isabella contemplates and tries to find reasons how she will cope once Eric departs from her, feeling her pain, Eric appears and they begin to discuss that nothing will change in which Isabella disagrees. Isabella explains that the agony and addiction to the human blood that he will soon begin to consume once again will change his whole persona, which Eric truly knew. He informs her that it wouldn't change that she will always be his heart and nothing more. They embrace in a gentle kiss that consisted of passion, love and regret. While walking through Times Square, Kate asks Michael what should she expect when she transfigures into a newborn. Michael replies to her that she will crave for human blood continuously and that her body will soon begin to adjust to it's extreme abilities and it's way of immortality. Loving the immortality section, Kate worries that her addiction to blood would change her, which Michael believes but guiding her into the right path will only make her even stronger and stable. While off duty during work, Dominic receives a visit from Ariana, which she justs wants to sit and converse on how life is going. Dominic seems not to have a problem with it, so he agrees. While talking on how the training from Marcus is really improving his methods on how to survive throughout the night, Ariana asks him if he wouldn't mind if they were friends, knowing that Dominic issued the decree on that, she just wanted a confirmation. He agrees and recommends that they shouldn't be all uptight and converse with each other like no other. While delivering boxes into the storage room, Marcus uncovers that Paige & Marcus are apparently eating at his diner. From 40 kilometers away, Marcus begins to ease-drop and listen to what they are planning, which nothing was stated much. As they begin to leave, Slater looks directly at Marcus and gives him a nod, implying that he knew Marcus noticed them both and was listening to their conversation. While trying to disregard the business for a slight moment, Vincent takes Destiny out to a club in which they begin to dance and enjoy the night. Taking a break from dancing, Destiny informs Vincent that she received a text Marcus, stating that he discovered Paige & Slater in the diner. Not knowing of why they were there, Vincent wonders what there intentions are of obtaining a werewolf and a vampire during the next full moon. Arriving on central avenue, Ayana meets with Jamia and they discuss of how are continuously linked. Ayana begins to wonder about her last name and lineage of witches. Jamia explains that her family background is associated with some of the witches that hailed from Salem, Massachusetts, which Ayana agreed on her part as well. Feeling that theyre prescence is strong when close to each other, Jamia & Ayana discover that they are biologial cousins due to both of their mother's lineage. Astounded as it is, Ayana begins to question why is she helping Slater & Paige, which she replies that she was forced to act upon their treacherous scheme of breaking the curse between what binds them from apart. To have them believe that their plans are still in postion, Ayana informs Jamia that she should continue to act upon their wishes until the night of the full moon occurs and they both can cancel their celebration of non-victory. During a day of business, André treats Sariah out to a movie and they discuss their future of adopting kids and where would they live after The Old Ones get tired of residing in New York. Questions that André didn't have the answer to, but he replied what will occur is that will spend eternity together and nothing will ever change their future with one another. Selene soon informs Eric of what cemetary it will be located which gives them the whole operation of Paige, Slater & Jamia. Informing Kristina about what will occur once the night is upon them, Kristina also informs Eric what he what he must go through with his challenging task in order to save his beloved which Eric accepts and agrees what must occur.
07 Crest Bloodlines August 31, 2012
Thinking of the fact that he will have to feed upon humans once again. Eric begins to have revisions of his past, back to the genesis of The Old Ones and when he was a "true ripper". He remembers how many innocent blood he would spill during one night, which it wouldn't just consist of just men and women, but children as well. Disgusting him of his ancient actions, Eric decides to turn the switch off of his emotions and not to feel any remorse before he begins to feed off humans during once The Old Ones end Slater's and Paige's reign of humanity. Camille visits Ayana and learns that the witch helping Paige & Slater (Jamia) is her estranged cousin that she never had information about. Ayana begins to discusses with Camille that her & Jamia created a proposal to not break The Sun & Moon Curse, but instead pretend and as the result of the outcome, cause pain afflictions upon them both (Slater & Paige). Vincent & André visits the cementary that the supposed curse will br broken to place surveillence around the area, if anything was to occur so that they'll have access to see and to stop whatever is being placed upon the city. Vincent begins to explain to André that he would need to keep an eye on Sariah, which he abruptly asked why. Vincent explained that even though the human blood may be out of her system, the craving for the blood will still consume her internally and her vicious instincts will take over. André believes of the theory but absolutely doubts that Sariah is secretly craving for human blood. To get a brief confirmation, he calls Sariah and asks her if she still wants to consume the blood of the innocent, which she replies that she wouldn't do nothing to jeopardize their relationship together, which André thinks but believes eventually believes her. While working on an important case, Isabella discovers that Slater & Paige was behind one of the incidents involved with her case. As she informs Eric, she begins to see that this isn't the first time that they tried to uncover the location of the "moonstone" which they currently have in they're possession. While at a photoshoot, Ariana has a unexpected run in with Paige, who's was there to meet with her. Notifying Ariana that she has a protection spell protecting her, Ariana couldn't touch nor kill her around the area. Paige explains that they will soon have all the ingredients to end the nightmare of their lives (bound to the sun & the moon) and chaos will begin all over, she threatens Ariana and contemplating that she will hurt her ex-boyfriend Dominic is she tries to interfere with their plans. Knowing that she rip her into pieces, Ariana keeps her composure while Paige leaves the premesis. Ariana call to warn Dominic but he didn't respond to his phone call. Dominic was busy helping Marcus with trying to find the location of Slater & Paige, but couldn't get their scent due to Jamia helping them be unlocationable. While telling her what to expect during her immortal life, Michael is stopped by Kate and begins to ask him the most important yet, which she stated how did it feel to live and remain on earth forever without letting go of the past. Michael explains that as time progress, the pain will be demonished from their memory and no longer will they reminise about the past, it will come up during most times. but as their lives progress, she will no longer linger off the events of past. Of course, Michael blushes by telling her that she will never forget the first time they met each other. Thinking about her love for Vincent, Destiny remembers what that she has a dozen of class assignments due and ask Matthew if he would study with her for her upcoming exams. As she departs to return to Philadelphia, Vincent gives Selene advice to be careful and be aware of what will occur during the next full moon, asking her that he may summon her if they need reinforcements during the confrontation with Paige & Slater. During the ending credits, Slater begins to sort out and begins to choose the supernatural individuals (werewolf & vampire) that will be needed to break the curse, as Jamia locates all werewolves and vampires around the city, but Slater chooses the ones that matches the profile.
08 Crest Disturbing Behaivor September 7, 2012
Informing Eric of what just occured between her and Paige, Ariana suggests that they be careful of how they may tempt them. Also informing Eric that they have already began to look for the vampire/werewolf victims of who they may sacrifice. As a response, Eric replies that he's going rip them limb by limd as Ayana in causing pain inflictions among Paige & Slater. Knowing the catastrophic and devastating damage that he's capable of, Ariana tries to calm down Eric. Instead Eric pins her between the kitchen door and demands her to lem him go and let him be. Not knowing what may have caused Eric's pain and his anger to expand, Ariana begins to worry about him. As the full moon approaches two days from now, Marcus encourages both Dominic & Destiny if they try to focus during their wolf transition, they will be able to master the concept of not harming anyone during the outbreak of the night. Destiny ask Marcus if they have discovered the location of Paige and Slater, which he denies and suggests that they continue looking and be aware that they'll probably looking for their victims of whom is going to be sacrificed, so he tells Dominic and Destiny to keep their eyes open and trust their animal instincts. Dropping Kate off at her residence, Michael begins to wonder when will that unexpected moment come when he will have to make the difficult decision into creating Kate into a newborn. He stumbles over the fact that since he will become a "maker" as to making Kate into his "progeny", he thinks about how he will be able to force in the right direction, which he calls Vincent tell him about his concern. Vincent discuss with Michael if that you really love and care about her actions as he once was with Selene, then he wouldn't have a problem of guiding and informing her what's the right & wrongs living in this humane society among human beings and other supernatural enemies. Picking up Destiny from Marcus's restaurant, Vincent quickly assumes that something is wrong, until Destiny tells him that since the full moon is under their approach within' the next couple of days, they should be careful since Slater is looking for a vampire/werwolf victims to sacrifice. Vincent proclaims that he forbids to let something happen to her, leaving Destiny in excitement. Meeting in an unvironmental location, Jamia explains to Ayana to inform The Old Ones that they should arrive by this specific time, since the ritual occurs in segments. Ayana explains that if change of plans occur then what shall happen in the meantime. As Jamia states that she must channel the power of the full moon, which she don't know how much ammount of time it takes, she informs Ayana that Eric and the others must arrive by then if they want to save the vampire and werewolf victims from being slaughtered. Isabella meets with Eric while on break and could tell that he isn't the same due to his composure, he notifies her about him turning the switch of his emotions off because it will make it less difficult to him once he begins to feed upon the humans of society once again. isabella begins to comforts him as she feels what he soon must suffer just to protect her. As Eric regretfully accepts her remorse, Kristina quickly and intentionally arrives and powerfully throws Isabella across the her desk, not accepting the fact that Eric & her embraced. Kristina explains that she shouldn't get too close, it might be the last time she speak the words "I Love You". Not taking it well, Eric & Isabella begin to listen to Kristina's news, which she informs them of Ayana and Jamia forming their connection and friendship to work together to end Slater's and Paige's ritual event and reminds Eric as the conclusion of war is upon them, they will depart from the tragic city once and for all. As Isabella secretly breaks down within, she states to Eric that she loves him and he should hold on to that where ever he may be. With no words exchanged, Eric agrees with a nodding gesture. Calling her to tell her that she's has been awarded the Presidential Merit Scholarship based on her academics, Matthew gets in touch with Camille and tells her the important news and Camille brings out an excitement that is bright among her brothers & sisters, which they are also proud, as Eric was missing from the scene of his family's joy. André begins to spend a well-resistant night with Sariah and tells her whatever happens during their years with each other, even if she get besides herself and feeds upon a human unexpectedly, that he will always love her and help her with any unintended problem that she may suffer from. As the credits appear, Slater mysteriously arrives across the street from Destiny and Dominic's residency and specifically keeps an eye on Dominic throughout the night, thinking he may be the werewolf he has chosen to be apart of the ritual's sacrifice.
09 Crest The Sun Also Rises September 14, 2012
As he regains conciousness and not aware of where he is, Dominic begins to question himself as to what he did last night to make him result in a blackout, knowing that the full moon ins't until tomorrow night. Unexpectedly, Slater approaches Dominic and states to him that he and anothe is the key to this whole operation and concludes his saying with a grin. As Dominic begins to think, he was penetrated by wolfsbane and kidnapped by Slater & Paige to be used as one of the sacrifices during the ritual. With no cell phone service due to where he's been stationed for hours, he can't get in contact with anyone. Worried and irritated of where he might be, Destiny contacts Marcus and asks did Dominic ever return last night, in which Marcus replies he hasn't seen him since he explained to him & Destiny to be aware of what occuring around the environent. She then contacts Vincent to inform him that Dominic has been kidnapped by Slater to be used as one the sacrificed victims of the ritual. As Vincent rushes over to her residence, he calms her down and states to her that everthing will be alright and that Dominic would not come to no harm. As a frustrated Eric returns home, he walks into his room and Isabella lies in the bed, having been waiting for him. Suggesting that it's a last-touch basis, Eric quickly arrives to the bed and begins to disrobe her clothes and begins to kiss her, while Isabella embraces his love and also disrobe Eric's clothing. Making love through different places of the room, Eric begins to speed up the pace of his sexual movements and Isabella continues to crave for more. Isabella begins to confess of how much she doesn't want him to depart and how she truly and deeply loves and Eric replies in vice versa but doesn't want to risk her life. As the result of their love is completed, Eric and Isabella lie in bed discussing their "what if's" and "what could of beens", and Isabella mentions that Kristina may have him but it wouldn't change what Eric and Isabella share within' each other. Knocking at his door and disturbed, Camille informs Eric that the process of the ritual has begun and that Slater's has already claimed his first victim which she implies that it's Dominic. As Eric reaches André and informs him that Slater & Paige has already kidnapped their werewolf, André begins to issue an immediate search for Dominic. André begins to head over to Sariah residence to notify her to stay within' her home and don't come out by any means necessary. To help her maintain her soon to be controllable thirst, he equipes her with extra blood bags to help her stay true to her diet. With a message of importance, Jamia channels Ayana to tell her that Slater has already made an action against kidnapping his sacrificial werewolf which is Dominic. An astounded Ayana doesn't know how to handle it but wouldn't become more anxious and eager to destroy Slater & Paige than Ariana. Not knowing what is happening, Ariana leaves the production studio and is told by Ayana that Dominic has been kidnapped and is supposed to be used during the sacrifice. Ariana begins to wreak havoc and quickly rushes to her residence and begins to await what Eric might place upon their actions due to the event that has recently occured. Eric suggests that they will begin to search all around the cementaries and the metro areas of New York to see if they could discover Dominic. Hearing that his sister has been awarded a full-time scholarship, Michael plans to reignite into his academics while searching for Dominic throughout the boroughs of Queens and Harlem. As Kate is calling to check on him, Michael only pronounce is that he loves her and would give up his immortality if something life threatning ever happend to her. As Paige is awating for the night of the ritual, Slater informs her who to track down and pursue while the night is upon the city that never sleeps. Wesley meets Michael in the subway tunnel to help him as well as to inform him that he'll be there to aid if he needs him, which he has in knowledge of what's going to occur. Eric calls Kristina (while she is feeding upon two human beings) to inform her that the process has already began to the stages to break the curse, which she implies that it is only the beginning to their plot, and soon they will be annihilated. During the ending credits, while laying in the bed and thinking about when André returns, Sariah is suddenly burned by vervain & suffocated by Paige to the extent she faints.
10 Crest The End Approaches September 21, 2012
Trying to awaken her to notify her where they currenty are, Sariah viciously pins Dominic against the wall and demands to know where she is being held. Dominic implies that they both have been kidnapped by Slater and Paige to be sacrificed in the upcoming ritual which takes place tonight. Horrified of what will occur less than 24 hours, Sariah summons tries to summon André but is apprehended due to the unlocational spell that Jamia placed among the area that they are being held. Although, feeling a tense signal from Sariah, André quickly rushes and arrives at ther residence to see that it has been broken into and that Sariah isn't home. Smelling the scent of vervain around the apartment and sensing that Sariah has also been kidnapped by Slater, he tries to keep his composure but destroys and devastates the whole apartment due to what he promised her but feels as though he failed her. André contacts Eric to inform him that Slater has made his second attempt into fulfilling this process of breaking the curse by kidnapping Sariah. He also metions that the full moon will be upon the city tonight and that it wil occur as the moon is in it's final axis stage. Eric and Vincent begins to discuss that while this event occurs tonight, that safety among the humans is required and their mission is to stop Slater and Paige from breaking the curse and kill them slowly with the initiative of them experiencing pain, which Vincent agrees. As she continues to worry for Dominic's safety, Ariana makes a bold decision to call Ayana and asks her to use her clairvoyant spell to see if the safety of Dominic is stable rather than uncontrollable. Ayana states that all is well, but mentions that Slater is preparing for the ritual, which he is tying up Dominic as well as Sariah which they will be placed around two imperial circles that represents the stages of the curse. Camille meets Jamia to inform her that she and the others will be arriving during the pre-axis tilt of the moon and confirming to Jamia that she must do what she promised, if not, Camille stated that she'll die along with Slater & Paige. As Michael prepares to leave Kate's residence to prepare for the event that will soon affect their environment if not dealt with, Kate grabs him and begs him to make love to her. Kissing and seducing Kate to the fullest extend of him proving that he loves her, Michael thinks about whether this is the unexpected time that Kate was referring to when she wanted to be transfiugured. As she confirms that she's ready, Michael slowy bites Kate on her cervical as he transfers his venom into her veins. Screaming due to the pain that she's feels within' her body, Michael states it will last for a couple of minutes and as minutes deduct, Kate reawakens into an official newborn. Isabella begins to prepare for the moment the Eric will soon leave her by also turning off her emotions which she hasn't done since she was a newborn 400 years ago. Placed upon many reasons that she still and currently is in love with Eric, she just doesn't want to inherit the pain once he departs from his family, especially her. Marcus and Destiny prepare to transition during the full moon which is laid upon them hours from now. He informs Destiny that Dominic will be fine and that she should just continue to focus on not to harm anyone and the path she must take while in transition. As the sun begins to reach it's peak, Sariah is tied up across from Dominic, whom is apparently reacting to his transitioning stage with horrifying screams and intensing pain. Jamia responds to his pain by stating that while he is supposed to be transitioning into his wolf form, she is holding his transtioning stage from manifesting, due to the fact that both vampire and werewolf victims must be in their natural human form for the curse to be broken. Jamia secretly whispers in Dominic's ear and states that she's sorry for his indiscresant pain and that it will all be over soon. Matthew & Wesley arrive at the cementary on the behalf of Camille which they came equipped along with vervain, stakes and a couple of wolfsbane grenades (if Paige needs to be contained of her indiscretioning actions). Kristina arrives at the residence of The Old Ones and informs them that it is time. As the ending credits occur & arriving at the scene of the crime, Paige begins to stand guard as everything is in preperation, while Slater quickly approaches Jamia, Dominic, & Sariah and becomes very fond of stating "Are we ready"!
11 Crest Inevitable Circumstances September 28, 2012
As the ritual to break the legendary curse is upon the city of New York, The Old Ones plan to end the reign of Slater as well as his comrade Paige. Still tied up and in excruciating pain, Dominic hears Ariana's voice telling him that she loves him and don't give up in such a short time. Ariana and Camille shows up to distract Slater & Paige from performing the ritual, in which Jamia has already began to bind the moonstone with the power of the moon, which is completely on it's axis. Vincent has began to order off the vampire officials and orders them to stay out of the process of eliminating the ones involved, which were his brothers, sisters and including his friends. Eric and André arrive at the cementary only to be ambushed by werewolves which are transfigured into their wolf form and they begin to battle each other in which Eric & André slaughter them all within' a minute or less. Considering the fact they don't get along, Isabella and Kristina hold off the arrival of other vampires and werewolves as they approve of breaking the curse, which leads to a deadly confrontation as Isabella and Kristina begins to annihilate them all, one by one. As they roam through the woods of Central Park, Destiny begins to have full conscious and control during her wolf form and begins to hear the screams of Dominic from a distance. Marcus follows her trail and uses his telepathy to inform Destiny that they should stay under the radar so Slater or Paige wouldn't risk seeing them during the process. Having to defeat a number of werewolves along with more, Eric and André are joined by Matthew and Wesley as they trigger off a wolfsbane grenade which disenergrates the entire pack of werewolves within' the entrance of the cementary. Astounded as she completed the process of becoming a newborn, Michael indicates that nothing will change between them and that he will show Kate the ways of surviving the accurate way without harming anyone. As Kate begins to feel extrodinaire within' her own body, she gets well aquainted with her newborn power that she has obtained. Smelling the blood of a human from 20 miles away, Kate reacts and instantly tracks the human down. As Michael chases after her, he stops her from attacking the innocent and demands her that is there is another way. Michael takes Kate back to the residence of The Old Ones and begins to feed her numerous packs of blood bags, which Kate quickly consumes within' miuntes. As Sariah begins to summon André, he hears her calls and resumes to her destination, where Camille and Ariana are holding off Slater & Paige in the fight of their lives. As Jamia completes the binding of the moonstone to the moon, she quickly conjures a spell to release Dominic from his pain and he transfigures into his wolf form and tries to escape the prescense of the battle until Slater stops his actions and nearly kills Dominic until Marcus arrives and quickly runs into Dominic's place. Slater incapitates Marcus's heart which he quickly dies. As Dominic escapes the prescense of the battle, he is reunited with his sister Destiny as they retreat together. As Jamia conjures a spell and releases Sariah from her vervain inprisonment, Paige sees that they have been betrayed and she quickly tries to execute her until Ayana unknowingly arrives and together, they begin to cause pain inflictions among Slater & Paige which Eric & Vincent begin to take their positions and quickly decapaitates the heads of Slater & Paige. Finally, as the war concludes, Vincent retreats the body of Marcus and prepares to bury him within' the cementary grounds. Sariah is reunited with André and they embrace with the love they share for each other. Feeling that it is the last day they will share together, Eric and Isabella prepare to spend the last dawn they will encounter together within' the city.
12 Crest The Point of No Return October 5, 2012
As the end of Eric's permanent residency ends in New York, he spends his last moments with Isabella. Knowing that she turned her emotion switch off, she still in trying endure the pain without letting it out, so she begins to conceal how she truly feels about his departure. Eric states to Isabella that no matter how far he may be or what type of situation he may be currently attending, he will come rushing back for her by any means necessary. She quotes that he can't return because if so, he is putting her life at stake which he agress and mentions that we will not return until Kristina's had had enough of his prescense. Michael begins to comfort Kate in the hard times she is having, due to her new life as an immortal. Kate begins to question will her thirst for blood will continue to last throughout her everlasting life. Michael replies that it is up to her whether she wants to live her life knowing that she's consuming the accurate intake to survive rather to be feeding upon innocent human beings upon the city. As Kate begins to think in a deep processing mode, she begins to feel that it will be a challenge but knows the Michael will be there to guide her in the right path without making terrible mistakes that she may regret within' her lifetime. Vincent arrives over Dominic & Destiny residence to inform them that Marcus sacrificed himself to save Dominic, which he wasn't aware of since he was still in transfiguration as a wolf. Destiny begins to break down in tears and Vincent begins to comfort her in the times of such tragedies. Dominic feels that he lost his mentor and calls Ariana to thank her for saving his life and tries to get on a narrow path of being her friend, which Ariana accepts. Thanks to her bestfriend Matthew and Michael's friend Wesley, Camille engages in a celebration, due to her being awarded her full-time scholarship and stopping the outbreak of The Sun & The Moon curse from being ignited. As Sariah lays beside him, André admits that he thought he would never be able to see her again due to how she was being tortured by Slater & Paige. As Sariah confesses how she felt, she began to pour out to André and inform him that while she tied down during the ritual, she figured if it was her time to go, she didn't want to leave without informing André that she loves him dearly and she always will. Ayana and Jamia begins to schedule their getaway trip together since Jamia is no longer under the control of her former companions. They both begin to express how they will bind their magic together and become one (a family) within' each other. Undecided of what to tell Vincent, Destiny approaches and notifies him that she is expecting and astounded for many minutes, Vincent smiles with joy and begins to intimately kiss Destiny as they both are proud to be future parents. Along with two beautiful escorts (women), Kristina arrives on the doorstep of The Old Ones, and Eric announces to come in and Kristina declares that before they leave, she want's Eric to kill both of the escorts quickly. Not caring of his decisions no longer, Eric quickly kills and drains the blood the blood from both innocent victims, while Kristina smiles of salvation. As Isabella stares in horror and surprised, once again Eric is created into what he once was during the beginning of his genesis............a true ripper.