Season 3
Season Information
ChapterEclipse Upon Vengeance
AiredFebruary 8, 2013--April 26, 2013
PremiereBad Occurence Rising
FinaleKnow Thy Enemy
SloganThe Year of Vexation

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The Third Season of The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals begins airing in the United States on Friday, February 8, 2013. It is a TV adaption of Cameron Henderson's series of young adult novels of the same name.

Main Cast

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Omar Brown as Vincent
Tyrekas Lang as Michael
Brandon T. Jackson as André
Sydni Watson as Camille
KeKe Hunter as Ariana
Chelsi Glascoe as Isabella
BooBoo Stewart as Dominic
Kathy Valentina as Destiny
Jaden Smith as Gordon
Ashley Thornton as Kristina

Recurring Cast

Jessica Lucas as Ayana Bennett
Anivlis Fernandez as Kate
Melicia Johnson as Sariah
Heather Hemmens as Jamia Bennett
Jake Gyllenhaal as Nick
Cam Gigandet as Ethan
Julianne Hough as Faith
Tom Felton as Hayden
Jurnee Smollett as Nyla
Julian Morris as Ryan
Shay Mitchell as Selene
Daren Kagasoff as Wesley
Anton Yelchin as Matthew
Terrance J as Scott
Jada Pinkett Smith as Lauren Bennett
Enisha Brewster as Stella

Season Summary

Season Three opens the door to learn more about Kristina and her motives for wanting Eric on her side after one thousand years secrets are finally revealed. As Eric sinks deeper into the dark side, The Old Ones struggle with guilt as different plagues occur around New York City and as they work together to bring Eric back home. Expecting a child who will be considered the second hybrid in the family, along with André, Destiny and Vincent worry how it will be controlled due it's upcoming thirst for blood, which will challenge their relationship internally and externally. Michael continues to teach and observe the way Kate interacts with her life and teach her the ways of surviving the impartial life of a vampire, but Kate begins to struggle with not consuming human blood, which implicated difficult times for Michael as he take immediate actions as to making her better than he was during the beginning stages as a newborn.

Camille begins to benefit her life in a more extraordinary way by discovering her secret admire within the university but wonders will it impact their relationship once he learns of her and her family's secret of who they are & what they're capable of. Dominic and Ariana begin to form a best-friend relationship which have them questioning their former connection to each other but try to remain on the same scale of things as they continue to deal with they're unexplainable past life. Eric and Kristina travel along the Eastern Seaboard, which Kristina has Eric killing multiple innocent victims due to his astonishing acts as he craves for blood constantly and informs him that she wants to gather many vampire comrades to help exterminate the werewolf race. André begins to wonder if Sariah has been the same since her recent abduction as to almost being slaughtered to end the legendary burdensome of The Sun & The Moon Curse. She's been participating in less feeding but still shows that she loves and cares for André. Still away on their getaway trip, Ayana and Jamia discover and learn about their true heritage and ancestry lineage as they continue to reside in the town of Salem, Massachusetts.


  • Chapter 3: Eclipse Upon Vengeance: (Ep. 125 - 137) This chapter deals with Eric sinking deeper into the dark side as he craves heavy & lusts for blood extensively as he becomes the "true ripper" once again. It also tells the true intiative of what Kristina declares from Eric, as she begins to prepare him for her ultimate motives of why she needs him. Back in New York City, the lives of The Old Ones begins to fall apart due to uncontrollable cicumstances that is occuring between them and how they all try to save Eric from the dark & catastrophic nightmare he has falling into.
  • The main antagonists of this chapter are Kristina, Eric, Ethan, Faith, Hayden, Nyla, Nick, and Ryan.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Crest Bad Occurence Rising February 8, 2013
Along the eastern hemisphere, Kristina and Eric are busy trailing specific immortals (vampires) to join along with Kristina's indecisive plot, which is to annihilate the werewolf race towards extinction. Now deeply consumed into the lust of blood as a true ripper, Eric finds himself back in a dark & alone environment as he begins to decrease his emotional state of feeling agony or regret. Kristina & Eric arrive at a southern plantation looking for two specific vampires known as Ethan & Faith. Sensing that they're not at that location, Kristina begins to question two human individuals who's apparently isn't co-operating with Kristina. As one tries to escape, Eric appears and begins to drain her of blood instantly, within' seconds. As the other gives Kristina what they need to know to locate Ethan & Faith, Kristina asks Eric to decompose of the other quickly, as Kristina waits in the car, Eric becomes fond of slaughtering the last by also drinking her blood and begins to tear her limb from limb, which causes an immediate recognition. Not only searching for a certain individual, Isabella begins to track Eric, due to the fact that she wants to bring him home and help him cope with the fact that he's currently commiting terrible acts of sanity. With the help of an unknown source, Isabella discovers and arrives at the plantation that Kristina & Eric were recently seen. She walks in the abandoned home (unknowingly invited in due to the owner's death) and see's the outcome of devastating body parts that Eric leaves behind. Not to lead to any further circumstances, Isabella burns the house and continues on her path. Planning for the baby to arrive any certain day now, Vincent begins to feel anxiety of becoming a father but now is aware of what's going to occur within' the next couple of hours as it increasingly deducts by the minute. Destiny asks if there is any doubts that he has being with her, which he replies not in his lifetime and they soon begin to embrace with a passionate kiss. Knocking on the door, Vincent & Destiny gets an unexpected guess, which is Selene whom she came to give her blessings to her maker's new life as to settling down and loving someone unconditionally in return (a werewolf for that matter). While arriving at her induction ceremony as the CEO of the Tri-State Club, Camille is given the moment to announce her speech in front of the entire falculty & staff, including her fellow students. She speaks about how fulfilling your dreams can lead to outstanding outcome, even if it doesn't come along with an intimate relationship with finding that special someone. As Matthew and Wesley wonders confusely what she's mentioned, they begin to converse to see that Camille is eager to be loved and swep of her feet. While being congratulated constantly by Matthew and Wesley on her accomplishment that she worked extensively hard for, Camille remembers that she has to arrive at the hospital to check on her soon to be baby-nephew. While exiting the auditorium, she so happens to run into incoming freshman Scott, that she thinks is outrageously handsome beyond measure. While Camille continues to blush, Scott asks her where to find the football field (NYU's new quarterback), which she replies and gives him the directions. As Scott continues to gaze towards her beautiful eyes, he begins to blush as well, introduces himself (vice versa) and they depart ways by looking back. While texting Dominic to invite him to the premiere of her newly established fragrance, Ariana is approached by several companies to administer her product, which is a big hit (becoming a sold-out product after the first week). They offer her millions of dollars to purchase her product which she substancially accepts and feels proud of her success without the drama taking place in her life. Wanting to surprise her with as a former arrival, Dominic swiftly approaches Ariana, but Ariana informs him that he should do a little better showing up unexpected at a release party (as Ariana heard his footsteps while beginning to enter the building). Dominic admires her advance senses and congratulates her due to her dreams leading to a swell conclusion. Ariana informs him that Destiny should be concieving at midnight and that they should celebrate over dinner reservations, which Dominic accepts her invitation (and she quickly informs him as just friends, as he laughs with complete laughter). Training her how to properly hunt her pray, Michael informs Kate that she must become of aware of her surroundings, knowing that they are not the only supernatural creatures (werewolves) that roam the night, as she completely acknowledges. With Michael teaching her how to cleanse her mind and listen to the heartbeat of her pray, Kate begins to sense her target as she begins to hear it's movement, discover it's coordinates and it's location. With no signal given, Kate quickly tracks down her pray and succesfully apprehends her target (deer). With Michael feeling proud as he is training her well how to survive, Kate implies to him that he's a monumental maker and kisses him. Given the consent to, Kate begins to feed inhansively as she insists Michael to join along. Given a couple of weeks to clear her head of the recent incidents that occured that almost claimed her life, Sariah is picked up by André from the airport as she returned from the Carribean. He discusses with her how did the retreat help annihilate her past consciousness, she replies that the dreams sometime occurs but she's learning to take it a day at a time. André informs her that each day at time, he will be there for her and as long as it take until the issue has been resolved, she quickly admires his reponse as they drive to the hospital for Destiny's upcoming birthing process. While spending time in Salem, Massachusetts to uncover the background of their family, Ayana and Jamia uncover that their was once was a tribe of witches inhibited what is now Salem and that they were annihilated one by one by the incoming settlers who supposely founded the New World. Researching about their lineage, it is mentioned that while all of them was burned at the stake due to their unnatural culture, their powers were bound to the location of their death's which is the reason why Ayana & Jamia arrived there to channel the power of their dead ancestors to gain what they were born to possess. As Jamia mentions that it shouldn't be far away, Ayana begins to have an unusual feeling that the burial ground which contains an amount of significant power is among them, which they begin to continue the're search. Arriving at their destination, Eric and Camille discover the location of Ethan & Faith. While approaching them both, Kristina mentions that they weren't easy to come by and begins to explain their plot that they have in store for the both of them. Feeling easily confused, Faith tries to signal Ethan to run, until Eric ferociously approaches him and compels him to stay right where he is and listen to what Kristina has to inform them. Kristina explains that they're plot is to end the existence of the werewolf race, which Faith begins to blush while Kristina confess that mocking her judgement will only result in death, as it calms Faith of her expression. As they both co-operate, Eric begins to question where they can find their former companions by the name of Hayden & Nyla, that serves them with great attentions, Ethan replies that they currently are along the borders of London, UK and Detroit, MI. Appreciating their responses of joining them, Eric, Kristina, Ethan and Faith depart to locate their upcoming allies. Giving birth within' minutes, Vincent informs Destiny that everyone has arrived and awaits the baby's appearance and name. As she suffers through intoxicating pain, she explains that she wants to name the child after her grandfather, Gordon and with apparent joy, Vincent agrees. As a hour passes, Gordon was finally born and everyone greeted him with love and happiness to share. Vincent and Destiny were proud of how they come so far to love each other unconditionally. With no luck of discovering Eric's location and arriving back to welcome the birth of her godson, Isabella begins to believe that Eric isn't truly gone within', he's just consumed by the blood that is uncontrolling his thirst and changing who he is internally. She decides not to give up on finding him and imagines that there is a light at the end of all the darkness.
02 Crest Letting Go February 15, 2013
Among many minutes from Detroit, Eric thinks and implies to Kristina that she's only using him to create a specific army of slaves to help her exterminate the world of werewolves. Laughing at the matter, Kristina corrects of Eric by informing him that she's not bringing together a civil coven of slaves, but comrades in the making. She also explains that werewolves are known to have conscious of nothing they decompose or attack while in their wolf form. Kristina makes it clear that a world without untamed and powerful creatures would be less cataclysmic towards society, which Eric also implies that vampires are also considered untamed, and are known to feed extensively. Kristina replies with such laughter and accepts his opinion, while she whispers "I Love You" while Eric gazez at her impulsively. Ethan and Faith inform Kristina that Nyla is considered manipulative in sorts of ways and has quite an ego with authority that ranks over her. Eric replies that they believe they can handle that in a well-like manner if she behaves as necessary and accept the offer, which leaves Ethan and Faith in a blissful state of mind. Returning home with Gordon as they were dismissed, Destiny heals from her internal wounds of giving birth and begins to assist Gordon on what his diet should contain, which she begins to feed him human blood (which is required if a hybrid is born of pregancy reasons). Knowing he will have to teach him how to learn to live and consume the blood of animals, Vincent begins to reflect on how he could accomplish that, which he seeks advice from André who informs him that a true hybrid can still consume the human foods of some sort, but in order to survive, blood must be his manatorial intake forever. Vincent understands where his responsibility lies and he implies to Destiny that he will be a full grown adult within' a week due to his automatic advance maturity rate, due to the fact that he's also immortal. Preparing for what he has in store for Gordon, Vincent begins to plan out day-to-day events that his son will enjoy while learning to hunt the accurate way among humans. Having her life under control which took amounts of time to adjust to the life as a vampire, Kate suggests to Michael that she's ready to return to college and that they both can together. Michael informs her that it's a possibility that she's ready to return, but he doesn't want to over-exaggerate the fact that humans surround the whole campus and that she could lose who she is within and slaughter an innocent victim. Michael states to her that he can't take that risk as of now, which Kate agrees because she acknowledges that newborns aren't over the immediate thirst after two weeks. She replies to Michael that she should intake as much as she can while the craving is conscious within, which leads to them both leaving the residence and heading to the mountains to hunt while Kate remains temporarily a newborn. Arriving at the location of their ancestor's burial ground, Jamia informs Ayana that she could feel the prescense of their power all around them in each close perimeter. Discovering the location where the power of their former family is engraved , Ayana and Jamia become to perform a spell which is channeling all of the power within' the graves of their ancestors. Beginning to hear voices while chanting, they begin to perform the spell, which the voices gets louder, painful and exhausting by the minute. Beginning to hear screams of the past witches who were also burned at the stake, Jamia & Ayana both begin to bleed through they're noises constantly and as a result, they begin to scream loudly and painfully as well. Feeling that the spell is working and receiving many warning messages from their ancestors, (insisting that they use the power for the better means of life and greatness) the chanting comes to a conclusion and the voices begin to die down. Ayana and Jamia open their eyes to see that their job has been accomplish and completed, as both celebrate by accumulating the weather into thunder clouds. Questioning Camille about how she feels within' for the incoming student Scott, Matthew and Wesley convinces Camille that she should get to know him and go beyond her academic studies and enjoy getting to know someone's she's attracted to. Having the courage due to her bestfriends, Camille walk's out to the football field and notices Scott during several plays that occurs. Scott sees Camille out on the field and proposes his team to take a break, while they both converse. Camille informs him that she doesn't come off like this, which Scott also admired her honesty. She asks him if they wouldn't mind grabbing dinner and a movie one day, which Scott accepts and replies to her that he'll pay and informs her that she appreciates the time of day she's giving him, leaving Camille blushing that she had what it take to approach a man without being nervous. Just getting to the designated location that the unknown source informed Isabella to travel to get a lead on Eric and where he is heading to next. While asking different individuals if they had any knowledge of Eric and Kristina recently being at the specified location, Isabella used her instincts to discover that everyone around the perimeter has been compelled not to say a word towards the whereabouts of Eric. While she feels that no help can be given, Isabella departs and leaves the area wondering where he would be heading along the eastern seaboard. Viewing that Isabella stopped by to question the whereabouts of her ex-fiance, the waiter privately calls and informs Kristina that Isabella has been looking for them and figuring out several locations of their recent visits. Hearing that Isabella has still been on thier trail after discovering from several sources as well, Eric informs Kristina that he will handle it, which Kristina has a hard time believing due to his love for her and Eric quickly replies that he doesn't favor that life no more and Kristina has a hard time excepting that but gives Eric the chance to prove it after their negotiation with Nyla is complete. Discovering Nyla at a recognition event, Eric and Kristina approaches her and begins to tell her of what their plan is and that if she insists on helping the newly assembled coven, Nyla quickly denies and is pinned against the wall by Kristina and she states that she must rethink her answer before there will be total damage Kristina will cause ineffectively. Nyla soon agrees with Eric blushing of her acceptance while Ethan and Faith welcome her in within' the coven of nomads. Remebering what he stated to Kristina, Eric quickly departs to handle Isabella and inform her that her trail of finding him will soon end. Leaving his home to meet Ariana for dinner, Dominic is approached by two unknown men that goes by Ryan and Nick whom introduced themselves when they spotted Dominic. He begins to smell their scent and figures what they may want from him due to the fact that they are also lycanthropes. Nick informs Dominic that they would want him and Destiny to join their newly established pack since their not registered with any other. Dominic informs that he's not interested in getting involved with no pack of some sort neither is Destiny. While Nick demands him that he should reconsider, Dominic informs him that he'll kill the both of them if they don't leave his residence with unworthy behaivor. Nick implies to Dominic that he's made a huge mistake by declining his offer which leaves Dominic grinning with non-remorse. While at work, André get's the company of two major businessman that want to offer him a position of corportate manger to all known banks in the New York City area which leaves him astounded and happy with his final decision which he agrees and accepts on the behalf of his family. Wanting to celebrate with Sariah for his huge accomplishment and offering, he calls and informs her of his monumental promotion and signifies that they should go out to a luxurious restaraunt which Sariah agrees to and replies that she'll be ready as soon as she leaves from helping Ariana out with her make-up and hair. André accepts and notifies her to text back when she's ready. Sariah begins to discuss with Ariana that if she still haves mutual feelings for Dominic, which she denies at first but begins to question her feelings for him and if they are returning to give her a sign. Sariah states to Ariana that she'll never know how Dominic will feel in return unless she confesses and acknowledge it while they have dinner or on their way to the movies. Ariana implies that she doesn't want to ruin what they currently have an friends, so she decides to bury the feelings within and have in mind just to enjoy the everlasting night with Dominic. Getting a call from a blocked number that she receives while heading back to the city, the source informs Isabella that she has a visitor hear waiting for her, which Isabella quickly rushes back to the location and upon her arrival, she unexpectedly sees Eric for the first time in 9 months. Eric acknowledges her efforts to find him but replies that he doesn't want to be saved which Isabella doesn't believe. She states that she discovered his latest artwork on the southern plantation and notifying him that if he keeps it up, there will be no saving him. Unaware that Isabella is not understanding what he means when he demands stop following him, Eric quickly lashes out on her and tightly chokes her against the wall and quietly states to her "let me go". Reaching the result of her getting hostile, Eric quickly vanishes without any further appearances and Isabella is left in complete shock and devastated of how he became within' the months. Inevitably and quickly returning to Kristina, Eric holds his word which Kristina knew he would but still can tell that he cares for his old life, which Eric quickly denies. With a further approach, Kristina gives Eric a word of advice by stating everytime he consumes the blood of humans, it will be easier to let go of his past life and whomever came along in it. As Ethan, Faith and Nyla announce to Kristina where their last former companion Hayden is located, Kristina states that the path of which they are taking will not be a road to turn back and surrender themselves to fear. As they all agree to the statement, Eric is left in a mode of deep thought which leaves him speechless.
03 Crest History Repeating February 22, 2013
Beginning to leave the midnight pub, Hayden is approached by Kristina who begins to introduces herself in a implusive manner and begins to state that she knows what Hayden is and what he is capable of. Giving a strange expression as to what she's talking about, quickly and astonishingly, Eric appears and begins to mention that they rarely find vampires that are vegetarians along the county of the United Kingdom. As Hayden begins to figures that they know about him, he tries to quickly vanish until he is viciosuly stopped and held by his former companions Ethan, Nyla and Faith and insists on listening to Kristina proposal. Hayden states that he would be better off not knowing. Taking it as an offense, Eric fastly approaches Hayden and compels him that he will listen and co-operate with whatever Kristina instructs of him. Giving his consent to her, Kristina informs Hayden of their plot to annihilate all werewolves existence around the globe. Suprised of how they may complete this inevitable task. Kristina mentions that war is never inevitable if you are on the winning team and if you have unique comrades behind your command. Accepting her proposal, Kristina smiles with an accomplishment she now has. Arriving back to the residence of The Old Ones, Isabella begins to worry about what if Eric is truly gone within' and is approached by Camille with her concerns. Isabella informs Camille of her and Eric's devastating confrontation and that when she looked in his eyes, she saw nothing but emptiness and what has been haunting him for the past 2,000 years of his existence. Camille mentions that Eric was not like any other vampire that has been created since the origins of The Old Ones. She begins to inform Isabella of the kind of personality he possessed along with vicious abilities and how he killed his victims feeling no remorse as time progressed. Camille reflects to Isabella of a time when Eric wouldn't just slaughter adults but also children and he would rip them apart to also feed upon their internal organs. She mentions that he would blackout and begin to have conscious of what he's committing while his murderous instincts takes control. Feeling remorse after he would be completed of his multiples of deaths, he would put them back together to noitfy others that it's his signature. Astounded by what she's been informed for the last hour, Isabella begins to believe that Eric has once again lost his humanity of love and feelings towards everyone. Not giving up due to her inceperable love for him, Isabella informs Camille that they shouldn't give up on Eric and begin to find him and see where his state of mind is currently at. Agreeing with her plan, Camille and Isabella drive to London, UK in order find Eric once again in order to try to bring him home. As his matural growth is increasing by the minute, Vincent begins to have mutual conversations with his son Gordon, who currently has the age of a 17 year old due to unique capabilities of being a hybrid. Vincent makes it clear that he's going to teach Vincent the ways to survive as an immortal and how to intake the correct source. Gordon states to his father that he know's that feeding upon humans is an incorrect manner and he also mentions that he doesn't want to be a selfless and inhumane individual that slaughters the innocent each night. A surprised Vincent takes his answer into consideration and begins to inform that he has a choice to eat human food which will only temporarily substain his thirst but wouldn't keep him alive. Vincent suggests to Gordon that feeding off "blood bags" will give him a nutrious and monumental health which Gordon becomes very fond of the idea. Leaving her job and on her way to complete the college exam she missed due to her missed days during her pregnacy, Destiny hears massive footsteps approaching her and quickly turns around to see Ryan and Nick following her to give her the same proposition they offered Dominic. She replies that she was aware of what they proposed to Dominic and he's right to decline it, which Nick and Ryan become offended. She states to them that they don't need to be defined within' a pack to subdue and blaspheme what they truly are within' (werewolves). Nick begins to threatfully approach Destiny and fastly pins her up against a wall. Holding her tightly so Ryan can also teach her a lesson of respect of their code, Dominic quickly arrives and attacks Ryan and Nick violently to save Destiny from further threats. As they recover from their injuries, Dominic informs Nick and Ryan that they just initiated a war which will stand for as long as they are breathing, which Nick & Ryan reponds that it has already begun once he declined their offer. Dominic and Destiny stares viciously as their soon to be enemies leave the current premises. While sitting in the library, contemplating on how to handle the upcoming date with Camille, Scott begins to feel whether he should call it off or attend the date with her. Feeling nervous of what might occur, he is approached by Matthew and Wesley to get certain details of what Camille enjoys in a gentlemen, which they clearly explain to Scott and also mentions that she isn't they type of woman you can play games on because she can literally hurt you in return and they didn't mean mentally. Accepting their advice to just be yourself when around Camille, Matthew and Wesley provides Scott with extrodinaire details that will help him have an outstanding night with Camille when she returns from London, UK. Returning home from their dinner as they celebrated his huge promotion at his banking firm, André mentions that he's pleased to see that Sariah enjoyed herself out as she responds that she's glad that she hasn't had any difficult complication for a week now. To enjoy an ordinary night with each other to soothen their relationship, André and Sariah begin to enjoy a movie while cuddled up in their bed with "blood packs" to feed upon while they watch their movie together. Getting distracted from the previews that are currently occuring, André and Sariah begin to kiss intimately and constantly while Sariah continues to inform André that she loves him and will never let him go. André fulfills her wishes and desires by making unforgettable love to her as they live within' the night of romance. Upon the moon where the city that never sleeps is placed, along the island that consists of the statue of liberty, Michael and Kate intake thier future together now that Kate has endured the life as an immortal. She informs Michael that she wants to travel around the world and offcially become aprat of his family. Michael mentions that they're time to get married will forever be among the relationship, he also informs her that they will love for each other will be everlasting and will never expire. Intrigued by his words of love and relaxation, Kate quickly smells the scent of a human 5 miles away is gets distracted which Michael quickly comes across. Retaining to her self-esteem and easily breathing with comfort, Kate ignores her inner instinct and embraces Michael with a passionate kiss as they gaze at the moon together over the city. Receving a call from Camille while her and Jamia are at the airport and returning to New York, Ayana is called and notified that is there a way to destroy an 1,000 year old vampire without killing her externally. Camille mentions to Ayana that she's trying to save Eric from heading down a complete path of darkness with Kristina which he was once in. Ayana informs Camille that a powerful witch such as herself can annihilate a vampire of that age, but also includes due to Kristina's advanced age, Ayana will be using unlimited power which is far beyond and can result in her death. Once heard of the outcome of what can occur, Camille asks Ayana if she could please forget about questioned mentioned which Ayana was concerned. Camille briefly states that she will never let her sacrifice herself to save anyone of that matter and tells Ayana to accept her judgement call as her bestfriend, which Ayana does. Taking a break from a photoshoot to launch due to her new line of fragances, Ariana receives a disturbing call from Dominic, which he tells her that he's had an incident with other werewolves that reside within' the boroughs of New York. Concerned to hear of what occured, Ariana panics and quickly arrives at the residence of Dominic and approaches him in deep concern as Dominic is astounded to see how much she cared about his recent incident. As the conclusion of Dominic's story is told, Ariana informs him that she can handle it with further occurences and Dominic suggests that she doesn't because it only involves him and Destiny. Ariana replies that if it involves him, then it involves her as she quickly informs Dominic of how she feels about him and their close friendship. Blown away of what he was expecting but didn't quite acutally receive it, Dominic accepts her proposal and will quickly summon her if another outbreak occurs between Nick and Ryan. Due to Ethan's tracking knowledge of where a specific werewolf pack was located, Kristina, Eric, Nyla, Hayden, Faith, and Ethan intuded thier premesis and began annihilating each and every werewolf they can into contact with. As the full moon was upon them, some of them shifted into they're wolf forms which began to quickly escape the prescence of Kristina. As Eric and Kristina were quickly slaughtering one by one, Ethan and Faith along with Nyla and Hayden had captured some for information on where to locate other packs along the United States, which they surrended and informed them of where. Arriving in London, Camille and Isabella begin to search around the perimeter for Eric and begin to discuss routes of how they should approach the upcoming situation of heading to the backwoods as Camille informs Isabella that werewolves are among the night and suggests that she be careful. While feeding upon a werewolf, Eric quickly hears the voices of his sister Camille and Isabella and becomes aware of their location. He quickly vanishes to locate their position as Kristina slaughters the rest of the pack without any awareness of where temporary disappearance. Camille states the route of where Isabella should go try to search for him and Isabella accepts and begins towards her path. Feeling the approach of Eric within' 200 meters away in the backwoods of London, Camille mistakenly comes head to head with a werewolf and is attacked. She quickly incapitates it's heart and the werewolf dies instantly. Applauding her extensive and vicious kill which he hasn't seen in a while, Eric acknowledges Camille's technique. Camille responds to Eric that he has a woman who is still deeply in love with him an will not give up looking for him, as Eric is fully aware. Eric implies that he's not returning any sooner and that Isabella should stop looking or his exhile from her to keep her safe would have been for nothing. Camille agrees with his opposition and they depart ways as Eric fastly rushes back to campsite of the pack. As Camille locates Isabella and informs her that they should go and that she's searched the whole perimeter for Eric and no appearances made. Isabella feels disappointed and begins to express a look of sadness. As he views Isabella in the car from a distance, Eric begins to feel regret within' but as Isabella looks to over to the location of Eric's view, he quickly dissapears, as she thought she came across something or someone. Driving back to New York, Camille confesses that she saw Eric in the backwoods and Isabella becomes astounded as she begins to ask many questions. The only response that Camille states is that Eric can still be saved due to the fact that even in his darker days, he still can't let the ones he love and cherishes gets severely injured or die, which Isabella becomes emotionally silent. Camille informs Isabella that in time, she'll help her deliever Eric back home to where he truly belongs. Returing from his unspecified location, Eric informs Kristina that he was busy killing the ones that quickly vanished and escape, which Kristina doesn't doubt him. While Ethan, Faith, Nyla, and Hayden are holding the only surviving victims of the pack, Kristina asks them where they can find each pack around the world, which one of the injured werewolf beings give Kristina the locations, which she appreciates their hospitality. Kristina quickly slaughters them all to their immediate deaths as Eric looks compelled of her actions after receiving the information but forgets Kristina doesn't feel remorse. Kristina informs Eric and the others that they're leaving and continuing on to their next destination.
04 Crest Difficult Measures March 1, 2013
Revealing to his parents Vincent and Destiny of his excitement of transitioning while escorting him to school, Gordon begins to asks explicit questions of what will his transition into a wolf will be like during tonight's full moon. Vincent explains to Gordon that since he is the youngest hybrid in today's society (other than his uncle André), he informs him that knowing he has no control over transitioning upon a full moon, Vincent indicates to Gordon that he can also transition into his wolf form by will as well. As Gordon couldn't understand what his father truly meant, Destiny implies that he can shift into his wolf by any means necessary and whenever he wants to. As he becomes astounded with curiousity, Destiny also informs Gordon that he can has to be particularly careful transitioning at will because his cause can affect the humans and he may harm someone without full control and awareness while in his wolf form. As Gordon procrasinates his intentions of shifting and notifying his mother and father that he wants to do it in order to enjoy his nature, he also agrees with protecting the lives and keeping safe the innocent. Preparing for her first date in 800 years, Camille returns from London in time to enjoy a monumental night with Scott. Giving her the help that she may need, Matthew and Wesley helps her to calm down with the fact that the result of the date will not be a catastrophe if only they both find interesting topics to discuss which Matthew insists Camille to find out his likes and dislikes which she agrees with. As a knock on the door occur several times, Wesley answers the door and is greeted by Scott to take Camille out. Wesley steps outside in order to converse with Scott and to state that he shouldn't be nervous going out to a movie and dinner with her but to be aware if you break her heart or hurt her by any means necessary. As Scott understands perfectly of what he means, Wesley also informs him that he should just be himself and act in a proper manner that will respect her in every way as possible. As the conclusion of they're discussion is over, Camille approaches the front door thanking Matthew and Wesley for thier appreciation and is escorted out by Scott and off to their date. As they are tracking down another werewolf pack within the southern facinity, while in a bar, Eric, Kristina, Ethan, Nyla, Hayden & Faith come across a rare werewolf being whom Eric and Kristina approach and feels that he has information on how to find major packs within' the country which they're last victim lied and informed to give them wrong information on where the location were. Kristina approaches him and implies that he shouldn't look for no help because her comrades, which consists of Eric, Nyla, Faith and Ethan have compelled the whole entire bar and that he shouldn't seek any help from current threats such as herself. He replies to Kristina that she can't compel him to have his consent to anything, which Eric substantially is impressed by his bravey and announces that they're going to play a game that consists of wolfsbane in order to loosen his ego up to co-operate. As Kristina smiles with urge and dignity, as she can sense the werewolf stranger's fear. While having a good time moving the furniture around his new apartment, Dominic is helped moving in with the assistance of Ariana helping him as well. As they are moving his bed upstairs, Ariana and Dominic disscusses whether they should take care of this Ryan's and Nick's hostile problem that resulted in a disrespectful confrontation last week. Not knowing that some werewolves travel together within different countries, Ariana explains to Dominic that typical werewolves along the centuries would try and desperatley create their own pack even if it consisted of females and children, but it has never been accomplished throughout many decades. Ariana also implied to him that forming a pack would be signals of either forming a family of friends & companions but could also be created to ignite a war between the two ancient species, known as between vampires and werewolves. As Dominic replies, he informs her that it is exactly what Nick and Ryan are trying to form by adding Destiny and him to the pack. As Ariana remorsefully reacts to the situation, she hears Nick & Ryan outside of the new apartment and fastly reacts to their prescense and quickly designates to where they are and informs them that they should leave and attend to their business somewhere else, Dominic quickly arrives and warns them that he's not going to be appreciative the second time around. As Ryan laughs at his approaching response, Nick acknowledges that he's warning Dominic that he should watch himself during the upcoming full moon in two days, which he also recommends that he should be prepared for what he is bargaining for. Dominic asks if he is entitled to his supposed threat because he'll take it as an invitation to accept it and initiate into a war between himself, Nick and Ryan. With no further words to say, Nick and Ryan walk about their ways with no further actions upon Dominic and Ariana. Waking up from a night that she considerd over the edge, espcially with the hangover they both had due to the blood bags they consumed, Sariah continues to lay on André and informs him that she would never want to replace him with anyone else within society and André acknowledges her comment estatically and kisses her out of his love for her. As he is still blown away from something bothering him, Sariah asks out of concern what it is and André responds by stating that he just wanted to see his older brother (Eric) return to the life that he is supposed to be living instead of taking orders from a former female companion that's trying to manipulate him into false-love and having him participate into a complicated plot designed by her vicious conscious. Sariah inplies to André that Eric just didn't leave upon his free will, he left to save the current woman he loves which is Isabella and she understands what he's trying to accomplish by returning to a life where it's required to slaughter many innocent individuals just to get by and return to your purpose in life, which in this case would be Isabella is her purpose for living. André begins to agree with her state of mind but within hopes that Eric see's it from his own perspective as well. Heading to their first night class together, due to them missing the term with him helping her during her newborn stages, Michael and Kate discuss how they should use time management wisely because they're now both on the edge of failing there classes and not moving on to the semester as a junior. As Kate agrees, they both arrive at the classroom and begins to get their assignments, which a test is administered for them to take in order to proceed to the next level of college. As the exam is given out, Kate recognizes that she didn't study the test as it implies to another topic and informs to Michael that she has to compel the professor into giving her the answers, which Michael contemplated that may be her best choice in order to progress to the next semester. Kate quickly approaches the professor and began compelling him into giving the answers to her, which he did in a immediate time and she announces to him to dismiss himself while they are taking the exam, which he did. Suprised at how she is instictively using her new abilities as a newborn vampire, Michael applauds Kate of her effort of compelling him towards the result of dismissing him from his own classroom, which Kate takes it as a complement and embraces Michael with a kiss as they begin to look at the courses answer form. Ayana and Jamia return to their residence and begins to search through their grimoire's to find any spells that can withhold and defeat an ancient vampire. With two hours of searching and no results have been discovered, Jamia informs Ayana that she should insist summoning her grandmother Lauren to see if their is another answer that she was given by Camille. As Ayana agrees with her advice, she begins to ignite in a seance in order to connect into to spirit world and contact her grandmother Lauren. As lights begin to flicker on and off constantly, Lauren appears before Ayana and Jamia as she awaits the question they needed to be ask. Filled with joy of seeing her grandmother, Ayana asks Lauren if there is a way of destroying an ancient vampire without the result of also killing a witch in the process. Lauren replies back that their is a balance tom everything and that every action has a consequence that one must pay in order for that task to be completed successfully. As Jamia sadly looks down in deep thought, Ayana begins to look as astounded but also thanks and appreciate the help from her grandmother. As Lauren's spirit isenergrates, Ayana questions Jamia on what she should do to help her friends, but for the moment, no responses are given. Enjoying that first date she had within' 800 years, Camille is dropped off at her residence and appreciates the night her and Scott had together. Scott informs her that he truly likes her and wants to get to know her more and possibly, fate can lead them both to the right direction as time progress. Liking his suggestion, she agress and Scott receives a kiss goodnight on the cheek, in which he leave tremendously excited. Not listening to Camille's advice on when they should begin searching for his location once again, Isabella arrives in Atlanta, GA, due to her unknown informers help and begin to impusively track down Eric's whereabouts to retrieve answers that she must know in order to save him from going down the darkest path that may occur. As she reaches the nearby gas station, she is unawarely stopped by Camille who've noticed where she had to be once she recognize that she wasn't at the residence home. Dissapointed about the fact that she was traced, Camille notifies her of it's not safe going alone looking for Eric, especially if his temporary coven consists of four unique vampires including a vindictive one known as Kristina. As Isabella tries to explain, Camille informs her that she can be killed without having no reinforcements. Isabella replies that as much time they're wasting, Eric is sinking deeper into the dark without no intention of what he is doing. Camille informs her that he has a clear conscious of what's occuring around him. Camille asks Isabella for time that they will discover his trail of bloodshed and save him from the abyss, which he is currently trapped in. Agreeing with her completely, Isabella states that Eric is her life and that life will not be everlasting for her without him to complete it. As an oath is brought upon the both, they both head back to New York City as the night falls. Meanwhile, Eric is seen is agressively torturing the werewolf stranger by stabbing him with daggers dipped in wolfsbane as he who fails to co-operate of giving Kristina the location. As Eric convinces him that he could stop as soon as he informs her of the location, he quickly confesses that's he is ready to talk and that he'll co-operate. As Kristina quickly approaches him, she begins to choke him and demands for him to tell her where all the different pack are located. He states that they reside within' mountain area all throught the north, south, east and western regions. As Kristina appreciates the information he's finally and dreadfully given, she incapitates his heart and begins to feed upon it with the feeling of happiness. As Eric looks ferociously at Kristina, she states that all I looking well from a distance and tries to embrace Eric with a kiss until he rejects it and walk away, as he, Ethan, Faith, Hayden and Faith are ready to attend their next destination. Kristina appreciates Eric's honesty of hating her with a passion as they all depart from the bar.
05 Crest Let The Right One In March 8, 2013

While sleeping peacefully, Eric begins to dream about Isabella while they're walking along the shore on an island. Eric states to her that he loves her and will never leave her under any circumstances, while Isabella implies that her heart will be his for they're everlasting lives upon the earth. Unexpectedly, Kristina appears and informs Eric that she's the one that was meant to be with him and begins to embrace with a kiss as Eric mistakenly accepts. Viciously waking up from what he now considered a nightmare, Eric sees Kristina lying on the couch and demands her to stop infiltrating his dreams, which Kristina replies that he has to admit, she's getting better at it. Eric fastly approaches her and informs her that it don't matter what you try to do to hurt me physically within' but it will never change how I feel about you, which Eric implied that's it hate that has transitioned his love for Kristina. She states that love and hate is such a fine line to go by after 1,000 years of exhile for the both of them and also mentions when the time has come upon them, he'll come back to her, which leaves Eric physically speechless. As Kristina walks away, she informs Ethan, Nyla, Faith and Hayden that it is time to move into position to annihilate the next pack which is located in the cold mountains of Tennessee. Still contemplating on how she wants to locate Eric's whereabouts, Isabella receives a call from her unknown informer stating to her that he has discovered what Kristina and her coven, along with Eric, has been doing across the eastern seaboard. Not just trying to get Eric to return to his life as a "ripper", but she is also annihilating every werewolf pack there is in order to have them towards extinction. Astounded at the fact that Eric would agree with the plot, as well as risking the extinction of a race that are considered uncontrollable & igneous beings. Isabella immediately contacts Camille which she doesn't answer and leaves a message that states that Eric is on the path of destroying all werewolves due to the manipulation of Kristina. While her phone is off and with all her classes ending, Camille and Scott begin to walk around the campus and converse about how they enjoyed they're first date together, in which Scott recommends that they should try it again sometime whenver she's available. Camille immediately replies that she would be delighted but remembers that her schedule is full with things to do (saving Eric) and issues a rain-check on his behalf. Departing from Scott, Camille receives the voicemail that Isabella had sent and quickly returns to the residence without hesitating. With tonight of the full moon and the help of his father, uncle and mother; Gordon begins to get nervous as he is in transition into shifting into his wolf form which has never took it's process while he's been born. In the woods, Destiny and Dominic shows Gordon technique on how to stay in range and not to harm anyone (as in humans) by any means necessary. Vincent also explains to his son that while he begins to phase as the moon reaches it's apex, he will be looking out for him and will guide him as a chase in order for Gordon to be distracted and less tempered to harm anyone. Gordon replies to his father that if it comes to a violent confrontation between them both, can't a werewolf bite kills a vampire. As Vincent agrees with his response, Vincent replies that it could but he is an Old One and all of them including himself is immune to the bite (meaning it can't kill him due to he is apart of the first-generation of vampires). Destiny begins to state her input, which she would be following him to make sure he follows where he is directed to go (following his father Vincent). Dominic warns Vincent, Destiny, and Gordon that they may be expecting company tonight as Dominic uses his wolf telepathy to inform Destiny of Nick and Ryan's plot to invade their territory and try to ignite a war between the both. Hearing what his uncle mentioned to his mother and telling his father as he looks confused, Vincent informs the three that they better be prepared when their arrival is upon them. Outrageously tired due to the both of them being up all night while trying to find other ways to destroy an ancient vampire, better known as Kristina. Ayana and Jamia begins to discuss how one is not going to let the other sacrificed themselves in order to save their fellow vampire comrade, even if he is a friend of their family's lineage. Ayana begins to inform Jamia that she's tried to stay out of vampire's problems but is always drugged back in for some apparent reason. And Jamia replies that she is drugged back in for a reason, it is all witches duty to keep an balance towards nature and to protect all other non-supernatural civilians such as humans. Agreeing with the right responses she always say in return, Ayana contacts heads over to the residence of The Old Ones to inform Camille and Isabella what must happen to end Kristina's reign of deception. Walking home from the university, Scott is approached by Matthew and Wesley to inform him that they are proud that he didn't screw up his date with Camille and begin to suggest to him that apparently she has her won secrets within' but it's up to her to confess them to you. As Scott isn't worried, he just replies that he only cares about her current life, nothing before him matters. Meeting Michael at his last class during the afternoon, Kate is approached by her professor that informs her that both her and Michael eccentrically passed their exams and are invited to the inauguration ball for the NYU's Honor's Society and are delighted to escort each other due to their significant test scores. As Kate is astounded as well as excited, her professor reminds her to inform Michael of his achievement as well. Dismissed from class, Michael is quickly approached and embraces a hug from Kate which informs him that they aced their exams and has been invited to the inauguration ball to be inducted into the honor's society. Hearing such great news, Michael also can't believe what the outcome was and accepted Kate's reason for compelling the professor while she didn't possess her notes or study for the exam and embraces her with a kiss as they return home. André meets Sariah at her job and surprises her to just check on her and see if he can escort her to lunhc as they both are on their break. Walking through Central Park, Sariah asks André is he still thinking about how he could help Eric return to his natural state and if he could be saved. Agreeing that Eric can be saved but under the right intentions, André only implies to her that it must be the love of Sariah that can return Eric to the light, which he also states that he will do by any means necessary to save his brother (whom accepted him in the family, despite what he was). Sariah states to André that there is no other way and that it must occur or he will be lost in infamy forever. While premiering for a photoshoot, Ariana receives a call from Dominic, implying that he's not going to be able to make it and Ariana informs him that the last time she checked, it was a full moon and that she know's he's going to automatically not be attending. Understanding of his situation like she always has been, Ariana wishes Dominic be safe and informs him that she gives her love to her nephew as he begins his first transition tonight. Before he hangs up the phone, Dominic mentions that he thanks Ariana for the other day and for being there for him, which she replies anytime and will always be summoned when he is in danger. The both hang up the phone with smiles arising as they blush continuosly. Arriving at their destination on top of the mountains in Tennessee; Eric, Kristina, Ethan, Nyla, Faith and Hayden track down the initial werewolf pack that they seeked out for and unexpectedly begin to ravage upon their whole campsite and begin to slaughter each and everyone of them. Ethan and Faith quickly track the ones down by the nearest river and annihilate them as well within' seconds, under the command of Kristina. Slaughtering twenty by the number within' no seconds, Eric begins to kill the wolf members hiding in the tents until he comes across a mother and a child hiding due to their fear. Fastly approaching them in silence, the mother of the infant begins to scream and Eric compels her to quiet down and to run away and don't turn back to try to save her family or friends. While Hayden and Nyla begin to kill and feed upon the wolf members they slaughtered, Kristina finishes the elite battle by annihilating the pack's member of authority by decapitating his head down to his spinal inrected cord. Viewing how she made her infamous kill, Eric informs Kristina that it's done what she asked. As the rest of the coven returns, Kristina unrapidly overhears a baby crying and another individual out of breath, Kristina tracks them down, captures them and returns them to the campsite. Kristina demands out of Eric and the others who ordered them to leave and Eric confesses that he did. He states that they're innocent for the actions and demands Kristina to let them go. Kristina disagrees and slaughters them ferociously without a second thought. Eric quickly approaches Kristina and and pins her against a tree and chokes her to the point of him wanting to kill her of her cruel actions. Kristina implies to him that if he stops her from completing her plot, she would make sure to have her revenge upon his love, Isabella. Eric passively releases Kristina from his stongly hold and she states that they're leaving, while Eric ubsequentley closes his eyes in the state of mind of anger and bloodlust. As Camille arrives at the residence of The Old Ones, Isabella quickly announces that Kristina wanted Eric from the beginning to help her annihilate the werewolf race and to add companions to her coven. Camille is suprised at what she has discovered about her brother and his former love and decides to retrieve more information if this analysis is accurate. Camille announces that they both will travel to the mountains of Tennessee to see the futher outcome of things. In the nick of time, Ayana and Jamia arrives and begin to explain to Camille and Isabella that a witch is able to stop an ancient vampire such as Kristina but in order to succeed, a witch must channel enough power to destroy Kristina which the result would be in killing Ayana as well. As Isabella is astounded on how they will stop Kristina along with her devious ideas, Camille replies that she informed Ayana of what the result would be if she channeled that much power that she's not capable of, but decided that she wont let her best friend sacrifice herself for them. As Ayana and Jamia wonders what Camille will decide, she comes to the conclusion that only Eric can end Kristina's reign of deception and that he must. Isabella begins to get stuck with the fact if Eric will do what he has to do. Camille also suggests that they all go along to the mountains of Tennessee to see for themselves how Kristina has began her murderous rampage over the race of werewolves. During the ending credits, as Vincent watches over Dominic, Destiny, and Gordon transition into their wolf form, they are unexpectedly approached by Nick and Ryan who are also in their wolf forms to ignite a deadly fued that will end catastrophically.

06 Crest Despite The Outcome March 15, 2013
Walking into a deadly confrontation; Dominic, Destiny, Vincent, and Gordon stand off as they await of what action is going to aspire as Nick and Ryan arrive to prepare for the threat they recently announced. As Gordon viciously runs off, Vincent trails behind him to make sure he's one the accurate path his parents instructed him to follow. Meanwhile, Destiny and Dominic begin to square off against Nick and Ryan, which Destiny fastly runs towards Ryan and begins to inevitably bite him through his rib-cage and Nick quickly prowls into Destiny in order to get her off of Ryan. Dominic jumps at an accelerated height and prowls into Nick and begins to bite all over his body as Nick returns the same favor and begins to severely weaken Dominic. Hearing his pain which summons her, Ariana quickly vanishes from her current location and discovers the confrontation between Destiny, Dominic, Nick & Ryan and she vastly approaches Nick and Ryan with an incompetant glare into their eyes to warn them that death will soon be upon them both. Nick and Ryan quickly vanishes into the moonlight with no further appearances. As Gordon proceeds to leave his trail throughout the park , Vincent continues to follow until he views that Gordon has stopped due to him coming into contact with a lonely human victim. As Gordon tries to fastly approach and attack, Vincent quickly interferes and begins to look within' Gordon's huge sterling gold eyes and demands him to unshift (knowing that he has the will to). As Gordon begins to calm down in his wolf form, he quickly unshifts back to his human form and states to his father that he's sorry, but his animal instinct took over, which Vincent points out he understood. As Kristina, Ethan, Faith, Nyla, and Hayden go to obtain tickets to depart to their next destination which is Forks, Washington; Eric stays for a moment due to him feeling guilt of how Kristina slaughtered the innocent woman and her infant child due to the unsincerity she feels for humans. As a result to cope with the past situation, Eric fastly directs himself to baggage claim which is located on the lower level, and begins to kill every human within' seconds by draining them of every ounce of their personified blood. With one trying to escape, Eric dismembers her legs and began to bite under her thyroid cartilage which he drains her constantly of numerous amounts of blood, which Eric intakes. Sensing him and his pain within, Kristina begins to grin and quickly locates Eric to inform him that there plane is about to depart which a blood-thristy Eric glares at her abruptly and joins her lead. Back in the city that never sleeps; Camille, Isabella, Ayana and Jamia plan to initiate a brief road trip to head to the mountains of Tennessee to see if the local werewolf pack are currently still inhabiting it, which Camille doubts, knowing what Kristina and Eric are capable of if together. To get a further premonition of the current image there, Isabella asks Ayana and Jamia if they can use their clairvoyance ability to see if Eric is still there and what does the mountain-top currently looks like. As they channel enough power through each other, Ayana and Jamia begin to feel catastrophic energy of the location that was given and begin to see images of death that was presented at the hands of Kristina, Eric, Ethan, Nyla, Hayden and Faith. Considering it tragic losses upon a indeverant species, Jamia begins to weap as her and Ayana continue to see what incidents occured at the specific location. Especially when Eric tried to release the innocent human woman and her child to safety until Kristina offered and showed no mercy to either of them, which resulted in their deaths. Completing the clairvoyance connection, Ayana informs Isabella and Camille that the mountains of Tennessee is now considered deserted due to sudden losses, as Isabella feared and Camille states that they must still arrive at the location to have a clear understanding of what they are up against with Kristina and her coven. Arriving back to Dominic's apartment, Ariana helps Destiny and Dominic into their rooms and begins to provide aid to heal, which Ariana offers her blood in order to cure the severe injuries given to them by Nick and Ryan. Quickly healing during the process, Dominic asks why did she intervene within' the confrontation, which Ariana states that it was either letting the man she once loved die or saving lives that can result in better future occurences, which became understood by Dominic. Destiny asks Ariana if she has heard anything from Vincent on the location of Gordon and if he made it through his night while in transition. Noticing upon unexpectancy, Vincent and Gordon arrives at the residence and begins to inform Destiny that Gordon made it through the full moon and was close to attacking an innocent victim but was later retracted by his father Vincent, which Destiny was calmed to hear. Gordon suggests that he now has the will to shift whenever he feels, he believes that it would be better if he didn't for a while because he doesn't want to risk the safety of others if harms finds them in any sudden appearance. Vincent and Destiny are pleased to hear that he would reconsider as Ariana continues to discuss with Dominic that he shore knows how initate enemies to newcomers in New York. Dominic replies that it's just apart of nature, which Ariana results into laughing. Awaiting for they're Honor's Program induction, Michael and Kate prepare as they get dress for the best day of their lives. While leaning on his shoulder, Kate asks Michael a random question which consisted of being a 2,000 year immortal, which leaves Michael with a unexpected expression. Looking at Kate in a wonderous trance, Michael replies that it's nothing to celebrate intentionally, it's just that years become unimaginable to you as you believe for quite a while that you change over different periods, but it's actually time moving at a fast pace. Taking his answer as a sarcastic remark, Kate inflicts that knowing forever is in indefinite time measure, she would rather make it worth living instead of existing which Michael implies and agree. Hanging out at the pizza shack, Matthew and Wesley convinces Scott that he's becoming infatuated with Camille and that he shouldn't automatically show it until he knows Camille feels the exact same about him. Wondering if she ever will, Scott tends to ask Matthew if she ever showed an affectionate personality within that involved how she feels about him, which Matthew responds that he won't truly know unless he's willing to take the next step with Camille. Wesley begins to further conduct how the both should consider getting to know each other more and describing that the intimate portions will soon come in time. Returning to their jobs after enjoying the break that they had together, André and Sariah discovers Nick and Ryan severely injured and quickly follows them while discovering where they trail off to. As Nick and Ryan enter their residence, André and Sariah deeply listens to their conversation among one another, which Nick and Ryan begin to speak about how they will once again bring a war upon Destiny and Dominic but first will need to create a diversion which they plan to inaccurately pose that they have their newly transitioned hybrid son Gordon and will try to lure them in they're territory to annihilate them once for all. As André and Sariah become completely aware of what is about to transpire, Nick apparently smells the scent of vampires and quickly opens the front door to seek out any, but none are discovered as André and Sariah vanishes in the process. While on the plane and awating their next destination; Ethan and Hayden is kept relax by drinking upon their coffee bottles which contains animal blood, as Faith and Nyla feeds upon two human victims whom they compelled in the process. Currently in the sector restroom as he clears his head, he is surprised by Kristina who enters the bathroom without his consent and questions what is on his mind. Eric states that it's far from her needing to know and store within her conscious. Knowing he's in a abrupted state, Kristina informs Eric that he should relax and take every oppurtunity they aquire as a step forward of wiping out the entire race of werewolves, in which Eric doesn't take will internally. As she tries to get his mind off the matter, Kristina passionately kisses Eric and he begins not accepting her pleasures until Kristina disrobes and Eric is drawn to her seclusion of seduction and the two embrace of committing in sexual desires as the plane still continues on it's route to Forks, Washington.
07 Crest The Turning Point March 22, 2013
As the dawn rises on the heading of the Tennessee mountains; Camille, Isabella, Ayana, and Jamia arrive at the previous location of the werewolf pack who was severely slaughtered by Kristina's coven. Getting out the car, they encounter puddles of blood throughout the entire campsite, which leads to them also seeing body parts of the ones burning in the fire that was torched by Kristina, as Camille wonders. Ayana informs Isabella and Camille that she doubts there are any survivors, and Camille replies that with the damage that has transpired, she wouldn't be the first to recognize that there isn't. While Jamia and Isabella are walking along the river below the mountains, they soon discover a victim who is extremely and severely injured due to the intaction of his lungs. As Isabella fastly rushes to his aid, Jamia summons Camille and Ayana to arrive as well. Asking him what previously occured, the woman only responds that there were so many of them and that they killed her baby. As Camille and Ayana get to the location, the woman continues to explain to Isabella and Jamia that there were six vampires together and that one of them sparred her life, which leaves Isabella and Camille wondering if it was Eric of some sort. Trying to speak her last breath, the woman begins to cough constantly and suddenly falls to her painful death. Camille gives off an expression to Isabella, which notifies her that Eric and Kristina were the ones responsible, which doesn't fascinate them. Not knowing where they're next location may be, the four continue with their journey along the northern seaboard, in hopes of getting closer of ending Kristina's devious plot. Landing in Forks, Washington; Eric proceeds to exit the airport premesis and comes across a taxi to escort him and Kristina, Ethan, Nyla, Hayden, and Faith to their destination. While Kristina and the others are claiming their luggage, Eric quickly compels the driver to take them where ever they need to be taken to, as the anonymous driver agrees to his command. While Kristina and the others walk out, Eric informs her that an unknown informer contacted him that the werewolf pack they intended on discovering have temporarily left the residence and is not expected to return till' the dawn sets for the night. Disliking the idea that they have to wait within hours until the pack returns from their private festivities, Kristina sends Ethan and Faith off to track them, while her, Eric, Hayden and Nyla plan their "welcome home" annihilation to slaughter them all. Not knowing where to start first, Ethan and Faith questions where to begin tracking the current pack their in search for. Due to his advanced age, Eric begins to sense and smell out the scent of any werewolves within a 800 mile radius and distance, which he uncovers their current location and demands Ethan and Faith to begin searching northeast to discover where they are. Loving how Eric is such a spectacular use when it comes to difficult situations arising, Kristina issues the demand of notifying her when the pack is returning towards the mountains of Forks. Heading over to the residence of Dominic and Destiny, André and Sariah arrive at their destination, but no one appears at the door, which gives André the sign that no one is currently home. Instead of breaking in to prevent future damages due to the fact it's an important and disturbing message, André tries to contact Vincent and Gordon, but niether answers they're mobile devices. As Sariah tries to contact and call Destiny for the exact emergency call, Sariah continues to get the voicemail but considers talking to her personally about what's going to occur. André and Sariah decides to take matters into their own hands by standing their ground and awaiting for Nick and Ryan to make they're move upon Dominic and Destiny (which may involve supposedly kidnapping Gordon, which André and Sariah will try to prevent from occuring). Reviewing their study guide which they soon will take on the upcoming exam in their "Sociology" class, Matthew and Scott are busy stumbling over techniques that will guide them through the entire exam. As a missing note can't be found, Scott notifies Matthew that the current page is no longer in it's accurate location, which Matthew informs Scott to look in his bookbag to see if it's currently there. As Scott begins to search for the missing item, he uncovers a novel about folktale of vampires, which Scott becomes eccentric about. Scott questions Matthew about how did ever come to obtain a book about a topic like that, which Matthew begins to lie and explain that it was an assignment his fictionalist professor assigned to him. Wanting to tell Scott the truth about vampires and how Camille fits into one of the categories, he couldn't risk loosing the friendship of Camille and also risking the lives of her family and other supernatural begins (such as werewolves & witches) due to infatuation purposes which Matthew thought twice about before lying to Scott. As Scott accepts his repsonse, the two return back to studying once again. Being introduced into the Honor's Society of New York University, Michael and Kate give their introduction speeches and discuss how their academic accomplishments have got them to that point in their lives. As Michael approaches the podium, he reflects back on how he was a freshman upon the university and how he was nervous to join different organizations due to him always keeping to himself and not speaking out to what plans and ideas he had within himself. He also informs the audience that he never expected to find his first love that will change his life forever and make a great impac to be experiene to so many extrodinary things in life, instead of the opposite. Concluding with his speech, Kate initiates her speech and begins to speak about the fears she had as a newcomer on the university, but gives complete recognition to Michael and his sister Camille for showing her around and getting her familiar with the former alumni, other classmates and the faculty of NYU. Kate also refects upon how she met Michael and how their compatibility took a turn and they began to fall for each other passionately which has got them to where they currently are love. Towards the end of her discussion, Kate and Michael embraces in a long and memorable kiss that the audience begin to applause for. Working on her latest fragrance at the local library and trying to figure out her personal life, Ariana begins to have flashbacks of her and Dominic together and the treacherous conflict she brought upon their relationship. Painfully trying to forget about the past, Ariana is contacted by Sariah and given information about the devious plot that Nick and Ryan are planning against Dominic and Destiny, which Ariana fastly reacts to the latest news and departs from the library. Vincent and Gordon are currently getting a break from the life of constant murders and begin to take walks around the borough of Manhattan to discuss what life has to offer Gordon and how one decision can affect him for the rest of this immortal life while on Earth. Vincent informs his son that while back in the origins of The Old Ones, him and his siblings murdered so many humans due to their bloodlust, that it affected them for the rest of their lives and currently still do. Gordon replies that he doesn't want to have it on his conscious but if he know he takes the life of someone for a good cause (as in saving his family) then he wouldn't have no regret to feel. As Vincent agrees, he concludes by stating that no matter who he kills within the process, even if it's a accident, he will always be there for him; the two embrace in a hug. Summoning Kristina to inform her and Eric that the pack are about to arrive at the mountain skirts of Forks, WA; Eric, Kristian, Ethan, Faith, Hayden, and Nyla stand in position to greet their enemies with a further approach. Feeling the prescense of his progeny, Eric is quickly summoned by Isabella and is informed that she is currently in the mountains with Camille, Ayana and Jamia. Unaware of their arrival, Kristina is about to declare the attack until Camille interupts her demand and throws her towards the vehicle which triggers the werewolves into alerting each other to defend themselves against the attempted vampire coven. As Kristina alerts Ethan, Faith, Nyla, and Hayden to begin to annihilate the pack, Ayana and Jamia begin to cause pain afflictions among her coven and even the pack to stand their ground as Camille and Isabella try to end Kristina's reign of terror. Camille begins to confront her brother Eric and the two initiate in a fight which Eric pins Camille up to a tree, while Isabella fends off Kristina from hurting anyone else. Experiencing unfortunate pain within their blood vessels, Jamia and Ayana quickly iniates the power to put the pack and Kristina's coven in a current deep mode of resting, which they fall in an unconscious mode. Having Camille against the tree's lever, he question on what part didn't she get to leave him alone in the process and Camille responds that he should thank his mate as it was Isabella's plan to have him return home without any severe confrontatios occuring. Throwing Kristina along the campsite barrels of rocks, Isabella quickly grabs a stake from her accessory purse and tries to annhilate Kristina. As Kristina views her threatning approach, Kristina fastly gets her way around Isabella's stance and places her hands around het throat, informing Eric that this shall now end or Eric will suffer losing his progeny and the love of his life. As Eric releases Camille, Isabella states to Eric that she loves him and he should make the decision he believes is necessary. Eric quickly approaches Kristina to release Isabella of her grip and informs her that he will continue to serve his purpose. As she coincides with his reponse, Kristina releases Isabella and Eric informs Isabella that he loves her and always will and states to her that it is for her safety and that they soon shall be together once again. As Isabella understands, Ayana and Jamia returns and implies to Kristina that her coven of slaves will soon awaken and that they should temporarily resume what they had in store for the pack. Camille secretly summons Eric and informs him that how long should this service go on, and Eric replies that when the time is right; he will give the order on when and where it shall end. As Camille, Isabella, Ayana, and Jamia begin to depart, Isabella continues to glare at Eric and he does the same in return; notifying her of his inifinite love for her. When Ethan, Faith, Nyla and Hayden awakes, Kristina demands to annihilate at last and don't leave any evidence and the four begins a bloodly confrontation. Kristina informs Eric that she soon has something deeply in store for him, which leaves Eric blushing in an avengeful expression. While Dominic and Destiny walk home, they begin to discuss that they haven't had a personal family time with each other in a while and how they should plan more activities to do and etc, as Dominic mentions that she now has a young hybrid that she must consort, which leaves Destiny upon laughs. Dominic also mentions that nothing is more important than family and that they are all they have in today's society. Destiny responds indeed that they do, and reflects that if it wasn't for Marcus, then they wouldn't be as close and connected like they currently are. Leaving Dominic in an acceptable state of mind, Nick approaches from ahead and states how so endearing are their time together. As Ryan quickly approaches from behind and reply how sad it's going to be how it's their last, which leaves Dominic and Destiny in their second unexpected confrontation.
08 Crest Split Advantages March 29, 2013
Astonished that Nick and Ryan will try to pull off another unexpected confrontation to easily defeat them, Dominic and Destiny warn them that they're not alone and that their fear can easily be sensed by their companions. As Nick replies that vampires won't always be able to defend your battles, Dominic informs him that they don't have to, which leads to Dominic quickly approaching Nick and viviously strikes him in his face. Leading to a deadly night of injuries, Destiny tries to fastly confuse Ryan by infiltrating his position and suddenly Ryan stuns Destiny with a wolfsbane dart which petrifies Destiny. As Dominic continues to struggle with Nick's confused advantages and while viewing his sister subsiding down, Destiny quickly and quietly summons Vincent, which Vincent hears Destiny's cries and pain and decides to alert to her current location, which he brings along Gordon. With wolfsbane darts being implanted into the spine of Dominic and Destiny, Nick and Ryan begin to hover over their nuetralized bodies and begin to laugh at their current position of being weak to defend themselves. Taking Nick's order of carrying their bodies back to their residence, Ryan and Nick soon begin to witness blurry trespasses from unknown vampires that are circulating around them with inevitable speed to view. As they continue to around their surroundings, they soon realize that Destiny's body has been retreated and began to implant more wolfsbane darts in Dominic's back. Screaming out pains of torture, Ryan threatens that he will instantly kill him if no one approaches themselves. Reavealing from a dark alley, Gordon reluctantly states to Ryan and Nick that they're making a bad decision upon the actions. Initiating sarcastic responses, Nick notices that Dominic has been retreated as well and they both look back to Gordon's position, but he appears to have vanished unknowingly. Looking around for further more approaches as they hear the movements of vampires, Nick informs Ryan does he see anything, but no reponse comes from Ryan. As Nick looks to his direction, he notices that Ryan is standing in a nuetralized mode with his heart decapitated of some sort, and apparently Ryan falls down. With cries of heartache, Nick begins to moarn with threats of finding Destiny and Dominic and making them pay by any means necessary. Driving nine hours through the outraegous line of the interstate; Eric, Kristina, Ethan, Nyla, Faith and Hayden arrive in Chicago, which leaves Eric questioning his past about where he and Kristina use to slaughter dozens of humans a night, due to their lust for blood during the 1920's. Upon their rigorous entrance into a bar that is owned by a charming witch and an old friend to both Eric and Kristina, known as Stella. Eric informs Kristina what are they doing here and what does this have to do with their plan of annihilating the race of all werewolves. Kristina replies in a self-tamed mood of stating that she's taking him a stepback down memory lane into the good old ripper days, which leaves Eric in a sense of questioning. Kristina temporarily dismisses Ethan, Nyla, Faith and Hayden to attend to their own duties until she calls upon them so they may depart for their next destination. Taking their conversation to another nearby venue, Kristina asks Stella are there any known spells that can annihilate an entire species, which grabs Eric's attention quickly. Stella replies and states that she can check through her grimoire, but she doubts that there is a spell that can cause that sort of destruction upon one species, especially werewolves. Stella also mentions to Kristina that even a witch her age and witches back in the earlier centuries has never uncovered a spell such as that. If so, the outcome would be horrindous and there will be only one kind of supernaturals existing today, witches. Eric informs Kristina that nature would not stand for an unbalanced cause such as that and he believes they should be annihilated by instant cause instead of magic getting involved. Stella implies to the both that their own problems are within them only and that she can no longer help them. As Kristina gracefully thanks Stella for her time and recognition, Kristina summons Ethan, Nyla, Hayden, and Faith to inform them that they're departing to Colorado. As Eric follows, he secretly thanks Stella for her scheme of lies to inform Kristina the inaccurate information and gives her his farewell. As Kristina forgets that she hasn't completed the reason why she returned to Chicago, she takes Eric and her coven to a nearby party, where she compels two elegant teenagers and offers them to Eric, which he exotically accepts and drains them both quickly and vividly. Arriving back home, Camille helps Isabella with her luggage to return back into the condo and they begin to discuss what previosly occured out in the mountains of Forks. Isabella states to Camille that when she witness Eric's murderous personality, she almost couldn't recognize whom and what he is for many circumstances. Camille replies that it was the personality endured while he first began to consider human blood as his addiction and how he became the manipulaive and craziest ripper within this world. But Camille begins to bring light to Isabella eyes, as she informs her that the Eric she once knew hasn't completely abandoned her just yet. Camille informed Isabella that Eric has originated a plan to end Kristina's decisive and devious plan once for all. As Isabella begins to listen carefully, Camille explains that not even her will know when Eric will initiate the time when each Old One is to be present at the location he will informed them about. Loving the great news that has been bestowed upon her consciousness, Isabella realizes that she soon will have Eric back. Leaving the residence of The Old Ones, Jamia and Ayana discuss about how they can connect to the spirit world to try to figure out motives on how to annihilate Kristina without physically destroying her, since Eric didn't initiate that in the upcoming plan he established. Jamia implies that even spiritual forces wouldn't know how to deal with her, she also informs Ayana that only an Old One can destroy her and since Eric didn't initiate that proposal, then their's nothing that they can do on that end but deal with her coven when the time is right. As Ayana agrees with her cousin's remarks, she contacts Camille and inform her about their updated plan when the war begins. Knocking on the door constantly, Vincent answers the door which he didn't expect André and Sariah. They both informed Vincent and Destiny (whom is healing from her severe wounds) news that Nick and Ryan are going to kidnap Gordon and execute Dominic and Destiny during an unexpected trap that they were plotting. Interuppting him before any further announcements, Vincent informs André that he already has killed Ryan by extracting his heart, which leaves Nick as their last target to dismiss. André and Sariah becomes astounded at what they already accomplish & asks if they can check up on Gordon to see how he is handling the recent attack upon Nick and Ryan's unattended plot. Upset that she wasn't summoned when Dominic was in need for assistance during the second confrontation between him and Nick, Ariana explains to Dominic that he is the only human/werewolf she deeply cares about and that he can't take matters into his own hands all the time. Which Dominic replies that she can't always rescue him when problems arise and that he must accept what approaches and don't decline a fight when necessary. Ariana explains to him that untriguing actions will get him killed if not performed properly which she also informs Dominic that she knows due to her 2,000 year experience upon the earth. Taking her advice as a current wake-up call, Dominic thanks Ariana, while she continues to aid his wounds and comfort him during the times of heartaching. As newly appointed Honor's Society members, Kate and Michael head to their first assinged meeting where they will deliver their first benediction speech to NYU, which they both have studied constanly for. While driving to the meeting, Michael asks Kate did she really mean what she stated during last nights inaugurational event, which was considered touching to him. Kate replies that when she's around him, her body ignites with so much joy, substanence and peace that she feels like they're inceperable and that nothing or no one can stand against them. Leaving Michael in a speechless occurence, he implies that he currently wouldn't be who he is today, if it wasn't for her showing up into his life and changing his entire personality and ego. Toasting to their accomplishments, they both salute a glass of blood and celebrate as the future comes upon them. Notifying Scott that Camille has returned to town, Matthew and Wesley indicates that Scott and Camille can work if all secrets within' are revealed, so it wouldn't hurt their relationship future wise. They both contact Scott and inform him that if he really likes her, then he would tell her how she feel. Walking up the steps of The Old Ones brownstone condominium, Camille quickly feels the prescense of Scott and quickly opens the door to invite him in to see how he's been since her temporary departure from the city. Scott replies back that he couldn't stop thinking about her and that being around her makes him completely nervous on what to do, think, or say. Before releasing another word, Camille embraces Scott with a kiss and quietly informs him that she knows. As the ending credits approach, the two continue to discuss how they feel about one another.
09 Crest Unfinished Business April 5, 2013
Contemplating on whether he should end this aggravating and unexpected confrontations with Nick, Dominic decides to not leave the situation alone, but instead embarks on his own mission to end Nick's life. Dominic figures that he would rather draw the first approach of killing him than getting an unexpected surprise from Nick, knowing that his comrade Ryan died at the hands of Dominic's fellow companions. Leaving the apartment early in the morning, Dominic's departure disturbs Destiny from her sleep and is questioned about where he is going, Dominic responds that he doesn't want her to worry because he not going to let no one hurt her no longer. Afraid that she knows what he's up to, Destiny still isn't informed about where he going and tries to approach Dominic, but he fastly leaves the residence. As Destiny arrives at the door, Dominic vanishes without any further appearances. Awakened early in the morning with the thought that Isabella is on his mind, Eric heads down to the caféto consume coffee due to his irregular mood. On his way down, he sees the whole lobby is being slaughtered by the hands of Nyla and Faith, while Ethan and Hayden are looking at their distraughting activity with also irregular expressions. Eric demands where is Kristina and Ethan informs him that she's left to get whereabouts from an unknown source on where to find another pack but to also return to Stella to see if she can bind all werewolves together. At first not understanding what he meant by the "binding" term, Eric suddenly fears that Kristina has found a way to annihilate the species of werewolves by binding their life forces together; which he soon discovers that all she needs to complete is to destroy one more societal pack of werewolves and they'll all be disintergrated into extinction, leaving Eric astounded at who else she will destroy in the process. As she begins her day with full excitement due to the night she had with Scott, Camille wonders if her could be the one whom she's been waiting for over 800 years, luckily she claims that she hasn't had any problems in that department. As she heads to the university for class, Scott meets Camille along the avenue and the two begin to discuss how last night changed the both of they're lives in so many ways. Scott presents to Camille that he doesn't want to be loose that feeling which ignites his body everytime he is around Camille. As she is shocked about his honesty and his bold approach, Camille replies that him telling her how he feels deeply within couldn't have been told during the right moment, which Scott agrees on. The two embrace with holding hands while they are on their way to class. Wondering whether she should kiss him or not, Scott states that it's not a rush and when that times comes, it will be during the right time and he'll be ready, which Camille accepts as his request. Upon entering her first period classroom, Camille receives an astonishing phone call from Eric, which Eric informs her that they're may be a slight change of plans and what Kristina is planning to do that may affect the world of Destiny and Dominic. Training her how to handle herself in combat against other rival vampires, Michael and Kate spend a day sparring in the gym which Michael teaches her how to quickly elude vampires that are beyond her age. While training, Kate begins to question will they're relationship ever move forward, which Michael asks her to elaborate on her thoughts. She explains to him that have he ever considered marrying her as the upcoming years progress. From what Michael stated was the truth, he acclaimed that she's the only woman for him and the only one he needs for eternity. But he also stressed that a vampire can easily turn off their emotions when they get enough of the personal and intimate lives. Beginning to get frustrated and heated, Michael explains to Kate that he's never going nowhere but wants to make sure that once she has dedicated herself to him, then there's no turning back, which arranged Kate to swear towards Michael's oath. Summoning Vincent to come over quickly, Destiny panics that Dominic may be planning to return the favor to Nick which has her stressing out. as Vincent and Gordon arrive from their residence, Destiny quickly explains the plot that Dominic may have formed and that he may be out trying to locate Nick to kill him once and for all. Explaining to Destiny that may'be Nick deserves it, especially the way he tortured her and Dominic by just declining their offer. Destiny still implies that it's not the way to end someone's life. Not agreeing with what's she implying, Vincent agrees to go searching for Dominic. Gordon informs his father that he wants to come along, while Destiny demands that it's a bad idea. Vincent informs her that it can be a tutorial lesson for him, which changes her point of view, while Vincent and Gordon leaves. Discussing about the long two days they had trying to uncover the plan of two psychotic werewolves, André and Sariah relax on the beach in Atlantic City to try to get away from all their problems until facing reality the next day. André begins to point out Sariah that in the upcoming days, he feels that something catastrophic is about to occur and that they all must be ready for it when the time does present itself. Sariah question whether it concerns Kristina and would Eric choose between his family or his former love. As André continues to ask himself of the difficult analogy, he explains that knowing that all the hell that Eric has been through and once again has to experience within his immortal life, he will never let destruction occur upon his family, even if he had to sacrifice himself in the process. Having Sariah remain nuetral about the situation, she corresponds with André of what true family will go through to protect their own in the process. As the implicating time passes by, Kristina remains in Chicago to learn from Stella of what's needed to annihilate the entire species of werewolves. Becoming very fond of what she will have to perform next upon the upcoming pack, Kristina gets disturbing information of what will have to transpire for her to have her greatest achievement accomplished. Stella informs Kristina that now that she has binded the life forces of each pure werewolf to each other around the entire world, she has to come across another pack that she soon will destroy and while initially killing the members of the pack, she must also kill the pack's leader which must be implicated by her own hands. As Kristina grins with intentions on enjoying her main and final task, Stella warns her that innocent lives will be in danger and that the blood of them will reign upon her consciousness which Kristina implies that she can care less. Not expected as it seems, Isabella takes a stroll through Central Park and begins to recover flashbacks of her and Eric during the 1400's of them romantically and intensily defining how they both truly felt for one another. During the flashback, Eric announces to Kristina that he'll never leave her side until she orders him away by any means necessary, which Isabella responds that the only thing that can seperate them is the unexistence of love itself. Leaving them glaring at each other as the minutes passed, they passionately embrace a kiss towards each other. Reviving back into reality, Isabella begins to remorsefully cries and lightly blushes during the same acknowledgement as she reminisced. Receving the news from Camille that Eric informed her, Ayana and Jamia are trying to channel Stella's incantation on what she placed among all werewolves which was binding their life forces together. In order to complete the process, Ayana notified Jamia that she would have to use all of her energy to access a way of breaking the spell Stella has places. Jamia reminds Ayana that it's considered a bad idea for only one witch to break a powerful spell that was performed by another known powerful witch, which the result could be death as Jamia acclaimed. As Ayana dignifies that she's a know it all most of the time in difficult situations, Jamia request that she helps her while trying to break the spell binding all werewolves life forces together, which Ayana accepts her assistance. Not being able to get through the protection spell that Stella has also placed around the binding curse, Ayana notifies Camille and Eric that it may take a while to break, but they'll continue. Arriving at his soon to be abandoned residence, Dominic sees that Nick's door is apparently open and enters the home. He calls out Nick's name but no response is replied back. Dominic begins to dicuss how killing his companion was so intriguing to him, which is what fascinated him. As Nick specifically hears what Dominic is stating, he begins to exort his rage and makes a fastly appearance towards Dominic's position. Dominic implies that now that he has his attention, it's time for them to settle this once and for all. Agreeing that he'll be the last man standing, Nick prepares for the final confrontation between two aligned Alpha's. Reaching into the climax of the end, Vincent and Gordon unexpectedly appears and warns Dominic that it's not worth taking another life. Dominic informs Vincent and Gordon that him and Ryan would of took him and Destiny's life without even feeling some sort of regret. As Vincent begins to agrees with his consolidated reasoning, Vincent suggests furthermore that they should end this at this very moment. Gordon sarcastically picks a position and begins to relax to enjoy the finale. Preparing for the final confrontation, Dominic fastly approaches Nick and pins him up against the wall which he initally slams him to the ground. Nick ferociously rises up and obtains both arms of Dominic and throws him to the ceiling. Reflecting in a temporary concussion, Nick quickly approaches Dominic with his hands around his throat (trying to result in snapping his neck), Nick whispers in his ear and states that he's been waiting for this moment, Dominic views a nearby dagger. As his nails fastly tries to penetrate Dominic's neck, Dominic is able to reach for the dagger and stabs Nick point range within' his heart, which leads to Nick falling to his death. Acknowledging on his most deserving kill, Vincent and Gordon inform Dominic that it was all he could do, which he agrees. Needed both of their help to prepare for her second upcoming launch for her new and current fragrance, Matthew and Wesley attends Ariana's pre-ball and assist Ariana with her difficult task of setting up propoganda for the guests. While setting the decorations up, Matthew and Wesley inform Ariana of what do she think about Camille and Scott forming more than a civil friendship among each other. Ariana confesses that knowing her sister hasn't been on a date for nearly 800 years, she implies that she needs to be loved once again, especially by someone who's loyal, respectful towards her temple of treasure (her external body) and how to treat a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fondaned about her response, Matthew implies that he just doesn't want to see her hurt what so ever, as Wesley thinks it's about time Camille has found her could-be soulmate, he also makes a sarcastic comment of how he can't wait for that many years of being lonely, which leads to Ariana jokingly smacking him in his head while Matthew ignites in laughing to his core due to his response. Returning from Chicago, Kristina walks into the hotel lobby where all is empty, except for Eric standing right beneath the steps and in the darkness. Kristina asks of the locations of Ethan, Nyla, Hayden and Faith, which Eric replies that he's sent them off to enjoy themselves until you returned, which he sees now that she has. Kristina informs Eric of her plan to eradicate the entire species of just annihilating one last pack under the spell Stella has placed by combining the life forces of all werewolves within' the facinity, which she begins to set her eyes on several mountains along the northern and eastern seaboard. Eric implies to her that how does she knows for certain that her entire concept will succeed, which Kristina initiates that one always does their homework before announcing the answer of a difficult equation, which leaves Eric in an insufficient manner, that worries him that he'll have to make the inevitable approach yet to further along with his own plan.
10 Crest Controverse of Comfort April 12, 2013
Depicting on what could be an outlashing occurence, Jamia and Ayana continue to try to uncalculate Stella's binding spell that she's placed among the entire werewolf inhibitance, which soon leads to dangerous unexpectances. As Ayana continues to conjure the unbinding spell repitively, she unfortunately begins to bleed impusively which soon becomes constant. Informing her that she's interfering due to her not accessing it, Jamia grabs Ayana hands and they soon began to suffer the same fate of trying to break the binding curse placed upon all werewolves which leads to all the electricity going off in the city and within a 1,500 mile radius. Ayana begins to scream with intense pain while Jamia continues to repeat the spell continuously. Going into a coma-like state of mind, Ayana begins to see her grandmother Lauren who aids her and Jamia on breaking the spell, which they finally complete by believing in their power as one (family). With the life force binding incantation inactivated, Ayana and Jamia begin to shed tears of happiness and begin to comfort each other on how they successfully completed their assigned task. Dropping him off at his morning football practice, Vincent and Destiny asks Gordon if he can briefly close the car door and let them discuss with him important information. Gordon asks if he is in trouble, which Destiny replies that he isn't but can be without listening. Vincent informs Gordon that he must keep his internal personality secretive, meaning none of his teammates or friends can know of what he is and what he is currently capable of. Knowing of his limitations of what he can discuss with humans, Vincent also informs him that society will never be ready to co-exist with their kind, especially if they apprehend knowledge that werewolves exist as well. As Destiny glares at him with a disturbed expression, Vincent informs her that he meant no disrespect but agrees with his statement. Applying that he'll never make any irregular individuals aware of his unique qualities, Gordon kisses his mother and father off to his two-hour festivities. Near a local vehicle dealership on the eastern highway of New Jersey, Kristina signs for a rented car for Nyla, Faith, Ethan and Hayden to assist them on their vacant trip, as she demands them to head to their destination which is Albany, New York to keep an eye on their final target which is the northern werewolf pack that hasn't been in any conflict in decades. As the four depart on their irrelevated trip, Eric fastly apprears in the front of Kristina and implies to her that her devious plan isn't going to work, which he willingly informs her that the northern werewolf pack of Albany can sniff out any vampire hundreds of miles away, due to the fact that their the oldest pack since the existence of their race. Kristina replies to Eric that their indeviant pack leader will soon be dead before he can even contemplate on what his werewolf comrades should do next. Informing him that she has everything in control, Eric implies to Kristina that what is she willing to prove of her exterminating the race of an uncontrollable bloodline and what would be her next plot after the conclusion of fortifying millions of innocent human victims due to concept of her upsetting state of mind. Kristina begins to grin with a constant reminder in mind, that she will have Eric all to herself, as they can begin their eternal life together and informs him that he should be in luck not to bear the heart of Isabella in the palm of his hand, which leaves Eric with an indestructible conscious. Needing to feed upon his regret, he informs Kristina that he'll return in a few, which she replies to give the innocence her love. Inviting Dominic to her new established office, Ariana discusses how it felt to take matters into his own hands and live with the thought of killing another one of his kind. Dominic temporarily holds his temper and replies that he couldn't no longer see the individuals he loves get hurt, especially his sister. Agreeing upon where he's coming from, Ariana quickly approaches the couch he's laying on and responds to his response that when she felt his pain upon him being tortured, it hurted her to her core, which she began to felt she had no humanity left. She initially informs Dominic that she needs him, she loves him to the bottom of her heart and that her life has never been the same without Dominic in it to complete it. Dominic states to her will she still love him in the morning, which Ariana replies forever her heart will remains within his reach to claim. The two embrace in a long and passionate kiss that leads them into a moment of happiness. Heading to Times Square to show Camille what he loves to do on his spare time while away from the academic life, Scott takes Camille to the Museum of Natural Arts which consisted of ancient portraits that Camille has been interested in since she began her freshman year at NYU. Walking through some of the halls that considered of paintings from Leonardo DaVinci, Camille began to question Scott and asked him how did he know she favored art by notably famous artisians. Figuring she might of caught the hint of recognition, Scott informed her that Matthew suggested that since he favored art by a variety of artists as well, it wouldn't of been a bad idea to broaden her intrests and to escort her to museum filled with many monumental paintings. Loving every moment that she spends with him, Camille begins to find comfort with Scott as she cuddles within his arms but begins to worry how she can inform him of what she is and how she can approach him in the accurate and given time. As he figures spring is around the corner, Michael takes Kate on the top of the Empire State Building and they both enhance the heat of the sun, which Kate implies that she misses having the scent of the sun everytime she interacted with it. Michael states that humanity is not what each individual that inhabits the world wants it be, which Kate glares into his eyes as she embraces his opinion. She replies that life is what anyone makes it and that it often gives everyone the opposite of what they sometimes ask for. Informing her that he's never been human and how can't relate to her experience, Kate begins to blush outraegously while she lies on Michael's chest. Informing her that he loves her and he will never let death come upon her during any circumstance, Kate replies where did his random statement originate, which Michael replies that he just want her to know that he will be in her life no matter what occurs within the future. Kate responds that she's not going no where and that she's not expecting him to, which leads to the two comforting each other and enjoying the sunshine from afar. On the balcony of the condominium, André continues to think in deep thought about different particular things that runs within his mind. As she awakens to get ready for her late afternoon shift for work, Sariah imposes in on André and asks him what could possibly be on his mind that he couldn't tell her, which André bears the thought of not talking about it and how she could make derive from his uparallel consciousness for one minute. Not leaving it alone, Sariah once again intervenes on why is he constantly in a deep of thought of mystery, which André informs her that he continues to have repetitive dreams of loosing her to a tragic occurence which couldn't of been explained at the moment. As he continues to contemplate, Sariah informs him that he worries to much and that dreams are mental interactions that could make it's way into the world of reality, which André replies that it's what he's worried about and how it can be resolved. As the time is dwelling, Sariah fastly departs and returns with two blood bags for him to feed upon on and to clear his head. André accepts and embraces her with a kiss and informs her to go to work before she be late, which leaves her blushing. Arriving back to her office to complete a table filled with cases, Isabella receives an unexpected surprise visit from Eric, which she quickly approaches him face to face and Eric begins to touch the skin of her elegant face gently and he embraces Isabella with a kiss of endearment. Due to their long absense of not seeing each other, their romantic acitivity leads to a rough occurence, as Eric makes long-lasting, tremendous and heart-felt love to Isabella which leaves her intimately shedding tears as their intimate activity comes to a conclusion. As Isabella lies on Eric's chest, she states on why he came back and he replies that he wanted to re-inform her that his heart still belongs to her and that will never change. Eric implies to Isabella that he must return to Kristina, as she is not aware of his plan on ending her devious plan of annihilating the northern pack of Albany. Questioning on why does he have to return to her temporarily, he replies that all of his recent actions of returning to his past life as a "true ripper" was to protect her from being destroyed at the hands of Kristina. Eric also informs her that she must inform each of his brothers and sisters that when they are summoned by his calling, they must meet him upon the mountains of Albany, New York and prepare for battle against the coven of Kristina and how they may have to defend themselves against the local werewolf pack. Accepting his behalf and replying to him that she'll notify them, Eric fastly re-dresses and places a kiss on the lips of Isabella. As she opens her eyes, Eric quickly and vivaciously departs from her office to return to Kristina's location. On the phone with Faith about their current location and how the pack is still within' their premisis and didn't catch their scent of suspicion, Kristina informs Faith that they've did an excellent job of staying under surveillance without further appearances. Notifying her to keep her updated, Kristina returns to the local hotel to find that Eric has returned from his brief exhile of contemplating. She states to Eric how did he enjoy the latest victims he's slaughtered over the past hour, which Eric replies that he senses jealousy and Kristina fastly approaches him and reveals to him that jealous is never in her category of inhumanity. She informs Eric that they're heading along the mountains of Albany to complete their final task tomorrow, which Eric replies back with a glare of satisfaction. Keeping her company for the moment, Camille invites Matthew and Wesley over to inform them that she doesn't want them no longer throwing any hints to Scott to please her unsatisfied pleasures, which Matthew responds that they thought it was helping her. Camille responds that she knows when an idea is original and that they don't need to worry, which Wesley and Matthew begins to look confused at each other. Quickly returning to the residence, Isabella summons Vincent, Michael, André, Ariana and Camille of what Eric wanted her to inform them. Asking upon questioning, André makes his input on does he know what Eric wants to occur upon their arrival tomorrow. With a fair enough expression, Isabella replies that he knows what he has to do when the time arrives.
11 Crest The Last Day April 19, 2013
Unable to sleep throughout the past entire night, knowing what will lie ahead for his former love Kristina, Eric remains in a serene state until he is ferociously and fastly approached by Kristina which she begins to ask is he considered nervous for theyr're final and incompetitive battle, which Eric quietly glares into her eyes and announces that indeed he is, but also states is she prepared for her outcome when it concludes. Kristina becomes suspicious of what he means, as Eric slightly blushes, he informs her that she would just have to find out. Quickly re-approaching in his prescence, Kristina begins to imply that he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their upcoming lives together or hurting her, which she questions. Not able to speak the words of the truth, Eric lies and informs her that she has nothing to worry about when the time arrives and begins to proceed ahead to await their departure. Checking to see if they're sighting has still been under surveillance, Kristian contacts Nyla and is informed that they are currently still waiting for their arrival and that her and Faith are in an unstable predicament of not consuming any human blood while there due to not trying to be discovered. Nyla states that Ethan and Hayden aren't having a problem due to them being fond of consuming animal blood. Kristina assures that she'll bring along extra company to satisfy the needs of both her and Faith with a sarcastical expression. Spending a short period of time with Kate before he and his siblings depart for the battle upstate, Michael explains to her that knowing she's experienced enough due to her numerous weeks spent training on how to defend herself against muture immortals, he could not live with himself if he found out that something catastrophically happened to her. Implying that he may not have any subjective confidence in her, Kate replies to Michael that what would she do if Michael was in contact with a life or death approach that can annihilate him. Laughing at her suggested example, Michael explain to her that he's one of the oldest vampires in the entire world, he is immune to dying by any occurence. Not taking his response well, Kate initially agrees to his point and agrees to stay behind to take shelter for her survival. Before he meets with the others, Michael and Kate embrace each other with a heartfelt hug that leaves them both in deep thought. Arriving at Ayana's residence to inform both Ayana and Jamia of their departure, Camille is unexpectedly approach by Scott which she informs him did he follow her, which he insisted he didn't by any means necessary. Asking is there something wrong that he really had to inform her and Scott announces that he was sorry on not being original during they're last date in Times Square and that he wanted to make it up to her. Camille implies what did he have in mind, which Scott figured he'd treat her to America's most notable restaurants in New York, as Camille accepted his offering of apologizing, she also informs him that she'll be out of town today but she can reschedule for tomorrow. Scott agrees upon her availability and notifies her that he'll be waiting, which he leaves in an excited manner. As she is invited in, Camille informs both Ayana and Jamia that the plan is currently in place and implies them of what they have to do while she and her other siblings annihilate the coven of Kristina. Ayana asks how long does her and Jamia have to inflict pain upon the werewolf inhabitants, which also Jamia questions due to the time length that kill them. Camille replies that until they complete their task, which should be less than thrity minutes, they can abort to safety. Aiding him while they both prepare to leave with the others, Ariana relaxes on Dominic and they begin to discuss how they think today's event will conclude, due to them both always having to be at the right place at the wrong time. Ariana informs him that she wouldn't consider a wrong aspect to be apart of, it's considered doing whatever means necessary to protect your family. Loving her attitude towards the situation, Dominic implies to her that it's not gonna be easy holding off some of the werewolf pack due to their training and that their apart of an ancient pack. Ariana replies due to their tradtion that has been passed down from numerous of generations, they're experience will not destruct the love they both share and will not affect them physically either. Ariana and Dominic engage in a impact of kissing and show each other comfort as they both leave to meet up with the others before they all depart to the mountains. Begging that he wants to come along with his father Vincent, Gordon acknowledges that he can't be waiting home and worried about their safety while out combating against their own species. Vincent informs Gordon that in time, he will be ready to join the family in unexpected wars that occur. Leaving her input within his consciousness, Destiny explains that nothing will implicate her and Vincent's heart more if something happened to him if he was to attend. Gordon replies that knowing his uncle Dominic is also leaving to help them in their aid, he hopes that each of his family members return in peace and none of them suffer irrelevant outcomes. Not allowing him to bring his guard down, Vincent begins to break down the chances of them returning and sarcastically states that there chances is above a hundred percent which leaves Gordon laughing out of control. Leaving to head to the residence of The Old Ones, Vincent and Destiny embrace Gordon with a passionate hug and Destiny whispers in her son's ear to inform him that she loves him and. As time decreases down, they fastly depart which leaves Gordon saddened by their temporary departure. Having to give her the same theory about why he doesn't want her to subject herself to what they are about to get into while away into the mountains upstate, André includes Sariah on they're plan to destroy Kristina's coven as instructed by Eric and also informs her that if he summons her due to reinforcements, that she be aware of her surroundings since their locations will be on werewolf territory. Sariah also reflects on the past events of André having bad feelings of what will and can occur, she states to him that he shouldn't think about that while defending himself and fulfilling his task. Giving her much appreciation of wiping his internal fears of what may occur away, André embraces Sariah with a kiss and informs her that he's coming home to her as the sun sets over the northern hemisphere. Equipping herself with assult assessories she may need and before she leaves, Isabella prays that she make it through today and that the result will be in seeing Eric's face once again. Walking into the living room, Isabella summons everyone and re-instructs them on what their duty is and to abide by each direct order given by Eric while the time approaches within several hours. Along with The Old Ones, Isabella, Dominic, and Destiny departs to arrive on the mountains of Albany, New York. As the full moon rises high and as Eric and Kristina arrive at their destination, they head to the location of Ethan, Nyla, Hayden and Faith and informed them that the pack hasn't been alerted of their arrival. Kristina implies that it's time for them to move in on the pack and to finish their task of annihilating the race of all werewolves around the world. Unexpectedly informing her that her time has come to it's conclusion with her vindictive plots, Kristina turns around and finds that Eric is fortunately joined by his siblings, along with Ayana, Jamia, Dominic, Destiny, and current love Isabella by his side. Asotunded at his betrayal, Kristina complements Eric on his knowledgeable plan to decieve her and questions what took them so long to engage. Kristina suddenly orders Nyla and Faith to attack the base of the werewolf pack and Ariana and Camille begins to follow their trail which leads them into battle as well as everyone else. Smelling the scent of numerous of vampires, the werewolf leader begins to demand his pack to attack which they begin to transition into wolf form, which leads to Vincent informing Dominic and Destiny to hold them off. As Dominic and Destiny also shift into wolf form, Ayana and Jamia join them into attacking the pack as Ayana and Jamia also channels the power to inflict pain among the entire pack. Pinning Hayden on the ground, André incapitates his head while Michael fastly throws Ethan across the expanded area and intacts his heart which Ethan quickly results to his death. As Ariana and Camille continue to battle the flaws of Faith and Nyla, Ariana flees from her defensive position. Nyla begins to grin with defeated purposes and Ariana fastly approaches her from behind and incapitates her spine and rips it from her spinal cord, which concludes in Nyla dying. Seeing that her comrade has been annihilated, Faith stands firmly and doesn't know what to currently do, Camille informs her that she can run but she wont get far. With unexpected events, a werewolf ferociously attack Faith and is defeated which Camille implies that she wouldn't want to be her. Seeing that her companions have been defeated and while Isabella defends herself as she slaughters several werewolves, Kristina catches the eye of Isabella being off guard and fastly approaches her and unwaiting to kill her, Vincent acknowledges the attempt and arrives towards Isabella position and forcefully pushes Kristina into Eric, which he quickly grabs Kristina by her throat and slams her to the nearby vehicle and begins to inform her that it didn't have to come to this, which Kristina grins with self-confidence of surrendering. As Eric is close to decapitating her heart, Isabella quickly approaches Eric and states to him that he should release her and that she's not worth it. As Eric disagrees but strongly reacts to Isabella's sorrow, he releases Kristina and he informs her to vanish without any further apperarances, if so, he'll be the one to finish her. Implying that she loves him, Kristina quickly vanishes and Eric announces to his family and companions that the catastrophic event has concluded. As Ayana and Jamia unchannels the pain infliction caused among the pack; Ariana, Camille, André, Michael and Vincent begin to compel them into forgetting about the recent incident that has transpired as Dominic and Destiny shift back into their human form and comfort each other upon they're survival. Being excelled in the arms of Eric once again, Isabella informs him that she knew deep down that this moment was going to arrive with their love re-igniting. Eric grins with dignity and responds that from now on their love will be reality and the two embrace in an everlasting kiss.
12 Crest Know Thy Enemy April 26, 2013

As the dawn rises across the skyline of the city that never sleeps, Eric is pursuited in a dream that consists of Kristina offering him two innocent to feed upon for his delight. Declining that he doesn't want that life no longer, he is redirected of seeing Kristina forcefully holds Isabella by the neck and threatens to destroy her if he doesn't. Without any infamy or holding back, Eric quickly snaps the neck of both victims and drains them of their blood quickly, while Kristina grins of satisfaction. Still consuming their blood, Eric glares into the eyes of Isabella while Kristina holds a vengeful expression and incapitates Isabella's heart which leads to Eric stating "no" in an catastrophic manner. Awakening from his astonishing dream, Eric rests his head and contemplates on how it's just a mental allusion. While lying on his chest, Isabella questions what is it another horrifying dream, which Eric contemplates on what he would do if something happened to her. Notifying him to erase his negative suggestions, Isabella informs Eric that she'll always remain by his side for eternity and that nothing should never come between them again. Intrigued by her response, Eric embraces Isabella with a unforgetful kiss and the two comfort each other while in bed. Studying in the library for her unpcoming midterm, Camille continues to think about Scott and how shw would be able to tell him her ultimate secret that may just unraval their beginning relationship. Also reminding herself of their date that takes place later during the night, Camille suggests that she must tell Scott the truth before their personal life continue any further. Not expecting to see him there also, Scott approaches Camille and is surprised to see her back in town so eary. Informing him that her siblings going away trip lasted less longer than she anticipated, Scott asks her if they can currently take a break from their academics and grab a bite to eat. Not taking the day well, Camille implies that Scott should take a seat, due to her having something important to inform him. While he wonders what she has to imply to his knowledge, with courage, Camille informs Scott that she's been eighteen for a long time. Confused about time can't afford to progress faster, Scott states that birthdays only comes around once a year. Being fond of his sarcastic comment, Camille notifies him that she's been eighteen for over 2,000 years. Asking her if she considering herself immortal, Camille replies that she is. Not believing her, Scott mentions that she should see a doctor due to state of mind. Getting frustrated, Camille grabs Scott and they both head to the nearest restroom, where Camille exemplifies her powers and cabalities before him and gives him severakl examples of what she's capable of. During her conclusion of temporary events, Scott is traumatized of what he just witnessed of his beloved girlfriend. Not being able to express his opinion in words due to his frustration, Scott quickly departs from the restroom, which leaves Camille in an regretful manner. As they arrive at Dominic's apartment, Vincent and Destiny returns and while lowering their luggage, Gordon fastly approaches their prescense and embraces them both with an endearing hug. Vincent kindly asks what what long and physical complementary for, as Gordon replies back that he truly missed them both while they were away, especially his mother Destiny, due to what she has been through over the past couple of weeks. Destiny informs Gordon that with his upcoming and rigorous training that lies ahead, he will be able to depart with them if any other serious and catastrophic incidents occur during the future. Vincent suggest to Destiny and Gordon that with the victory accomplished while away in Albany, New York; they should go out and celebrate which he insisted a movie than dinner. Agreeing upon his idea, Destiny figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring along with them pre-snacks before the film begins at the local theater (which she meant to bring along "blood bags" for both Vincent and Gordon) due to the fact that Gordon is still adjusting to his nature. As Gordon fastly approaches and gets seated in the vehicle, Vincent and Destiny gives each complements on how they reacted and protected themselves during the battle in upstate New York. Destiny also implies that if Kristina would've proceeded with her plot, then her and Dominic would've faced the same fate as the others in the werewolf pack. Informing her that her life is to valuable to destroy, Vincent proves his love for her by getting down on one knee and asking will Destiny do the extrodinary honor of marrying him. Destiny is defined as astounded, but also excited and accepts his request. The two embrace in a passionate hug, while Gordon distantly hears what just occured and begins to grin with happiness. At Gold's Gym Fitness Center, Dominic and Ariana spend the day together by burning off calories which was a local getaway they needed with each other after their recent war with the northern werewolf pack and with Kristina's former coven. Wondering why she's vigorously running on the treadmill while he's lifting numerous pounds of weights, Dominic reinforms Ariana that she burns millions of calories everytime she fastly moves due to her vampiric abilities of transportation. Agreeing with his specific reasoning, Ariana states that she would like to be human for one day and would rather regularly run without any hesitation or being disrupted, which causes Dominic to blush courageously. As Ariana completes her 15 minutes of cardio, she joins Dominic in the weight room and begins tom explain how the recent war caused her to mainly worry about him. Dominic contemplates on why would she be worried about him while he was in his wolf form. Nodding of the fact that he's stuck on his bravery skills, Ariana still points out that he could've been killed by the other pack members or by one of Kristina's companions. Dominic quickly approaches Ariana from behind, while passionately holding her waist, he informs her that she worries to much and should begin to live in the moment everytime an destructive incident occur. Loving his brief response, Ariana replies that he should think about living in the moment more often while they're performing sexual positions during daily hours. Blushing at her sarcastical response, Dominic places a kiss on Ariana's lips, which the two inform they're love for each other. Secretly consuming a glass of blood at the nearest restaraunt to enjoy a lovely night out, André and Sariah discuss about how handling this problem within' his family have been implicating stress upon their jobs, which André tends to agree. André states that since he is the owner of numerous banks along each borough's of New York City, he has a ton of stress situations that have been placed in his hands. Not wanting to relate how much stress is upon him due to his executtively occupation, Sariah admits that she'll still to marketing and business communications, which the two begins to blush constantly about their complaining work lives. Coming to his mind, André insists on informing Sariah that they need to take a vacation and go out of the country and enjoy the spectacular island of Jamaica or Aruba. Sariah begins to question him about how are they suppose to leave unexpectedly without giving each of their companions & friends an early heads up about their plans, especially their jobs. André replies that it wouldn't be an unplanned move, he also states they he will inform everyone of their upcoming departure so it wouldn't affect their personal lives nor their occupational lives. Agreeing on his idea upon his behalf, Sariah makes a toast to them both on getting away from their ordance and constant routinely lives, which André smiles and embraces her with a kiss. Taking a temporary walk through the neighborhood of Harlem; Michael and Kate begin to engage in a deep conversation about the genesis of The Old Ones and how everything became to be what it currently is (as in how all vampires are descendants from their bloodline and how vampires/werewolves became slaves to the sun and moon). Wanting to brush up on her history of what she finally is within' today's society, Kate asks Michael if she could learn how vampires became slaves to the sun and who conjured the threatening spell upon the descendants of The Old Ones. Michael explains how the plan origninated and how it was conjured on the behalf of The Original Witch, whom casted the spell upon both species. Kate asks why was it brought upon the future generation of vampires, Michael states that it was because of his family's bloodshed and vigorous killings that they commited among innocent humans. Explaing how The Original Witch finally was tired of the multiples of killings throughout the area, she profounded and conjured a powerful spell that will prevent the future generation of vampires slaves from walking in the daylight and prevent the future generation of werewolves from shifting upon their free-will, which made them slaves only to transition during a full moon. Michael informs Kate what a hell of a story to listen to, and Kate replies that it was just handled the wrong way but doesn't blame the action made in the attempt of The Original Witch. Spending the entire night watching horror flicks and enjoying the remake of supernatural movies, Ayana and Jamia discuss how they enjoyed using their power for the sake of saving their friends, keeping balance upon the area they reside in and between the species they co-exists with. Jamia also explains to Ayana about how she needs to end performing difficult spells which can bring any witch to exhaustion and result in their deaths, which Jamia begins to feel emotionally about. Ayana explains to her that it's not her fault that she's always felt independent as a regular human but also kept the trait onced she found out about her family lineage and becoming a thorough-bred witch. Not blaming her for her past traits and actions, Jamia makes it clear that she can't loose a cousin that she dearly cares about and only family member that she has truly been close to. Giving her recognition upon how she feels about her, Ayana responds with informing Jamia that for now on, when trying to settle a difficult an arising altercation involving vampires and werewolves, she wouldn't conjure a powerful spell alone and will insists on Jamia helping with it, even though they will both suffer the pain of exhaustion. Jamia replies that she would rather suffer it with her than her suffering it alone. As the two comfort each other, Jamia and Ayana informs each other that they love one another and they two embrace in a laugh due to the television turning off during their epic moment. Matthew and Wesley head over to the residence of The Old Ones and discuss with Camille what occurred, which she explains to the both that she had no choice but to inform him what she really is and how she couldn't continue with their indeviant relationship while holding a dark secret. Agreeing with her reason of not lying to him and having no choice to tell him if the relationship would of progressed, Matthew and Wesley comfort Camille as she sheds numerous of tears on how Scott reacted towards her secret. Relaxing above the roof of the condominium, Eric is seen comforting Isabella in his arms and informing her that no matter how long he has to work on his addiction of not slaughtering humans due to his infamous bloodlust, he wants her by his side throughout his rehabilition process. Loving that he's willing to go through with the idea, Isabella embraces Eric with a touching kiss and informs him that she will remain by him till' the end. As the two watch the moon over the tremendous skyline of New York City, an anonymous shooting star passes through the northern hemisphere, which they both comes across and catches a glimpse as it concludes from outer space. Smiling with endearment, Isabella informs Eric that he should make a wish on what he wants to occur during their future together. Knowing what he'll place towards his wish, Eric explains to Isabella that he wishes that the both of them, alonfg with his family will consist of peace through eternity, in which he confesses that he knows it's not going to occur anytime soon, due to the previous full-blown incident that just occured. Isabella reacts to his late comment with an atounded expression and replies to him that he'll never know but he should keep that type of wish within his heart. Acceptint that he will, Eric implies to Isabella on what did she wish for, taking a long period time to answer, Isabella finally states that she hopes Kristina soon shows a change of heart one day and takes care of herself while preying among the innocent due to her borken heart. Wondering why she would wish such a thing and especially towards Kristina, Eric informs Isabella that she has no type of affection within herself no longer and show's no sympathy or love for the innocent, even if they are in their unhappy place of humanity, Kristinaw will never contain the heart of retribution. As Eric's voice continues through the background, Kristina is showed walking through Piedmont Park in Atlanta and looking at the moon, while she reflects on a flashback that shows her and Eric embracing a heartfelt kiss and comforting each other. Kristina touches her lips as it reminds her of how much she still loves and cares for Eric. Redirecting back to the location of Eric and Isabella, Isabella mentions that even so, praying is all they can provide for her and Eric replies with an acceptable nod as he embraces Isabella with a kiss and the two enjoy the rest of the night feasting their eyes upon the moon.


  • Ashley Thornton (Kristina) becomes a series regular.