Super Agility is a supernatural ability that vampires, werewolves, hybrids and The Old Ones possess. This internal attribute allows the supernatural celestial to run, jump, climb, flip and move extremely high and fast.

List of UsersEdit


Werewolves can jump very fast and high like all supernatural species. Werewolves can use this ability in human and lycanthrope form.


Vampires have shown that they can jump very high. Kate jumped up to the top of a ferris wheel when she had tried drinking animal blood, so with human blood vampires can jump much higher. Vampires can jump with their accelerated speed as well.

The Old OnesEdit

The Old Ones possess this ability because they are the original and first generation of imnmortals; so they can jump higher than werewolves and vampires. Just like normal vampires, The Old Ones can jump with their accelerated speed. The original vampire Eric jumped over a fire with his brother Vincent.


Hybrids inherited both the vampire and lycanthrope gene, so they can jump highest of all supernatural species. Although in time, this has been demonstrated during within all the seasons.