The Art of Blood
Film Information
PremiereMay 18, 2040
ProjectionSeason Sequel Film
SloganConditions of the Elapsed

The Eternity Series: The Art of Blood is the first installment of the impending celestial series which liberates and depicts the numerated termination of the two original vampires whom are considered to be Eric and his fraternal-twin sister, Laila. Once the oscillated severance between the original congregation of immortals have sustained since the obliteration of their first sired permutation, each distinctive regulation have departed into their own granulated existence due to internal regret and seclusion. Due to horrendous and gratified stimulations, decades has progressed since the original congregation of immortals have been intact with their common and detrimental fulminations in order to transgress against formidable and everlasting conditions. In order to render their informidable aggregation from enduring centuries of endless confrontations, each original immortal has decided to severe their ties with each other based on implementation of adoration instead of internal guilt and aguish that could determine the upcoming matriculation that is bound towards evidential and liable negligence for the other. As ten years has progressed within their bountiful numeration, devastating eras and temptations has become erroneous to comprehend or understand as the original congregation's last deprivation was classified as eradicating their vampire of their incongruent sire line. Supplmental orchestration are becoming consolidated with definite and orchestrated formalities that has protected the grievances of tragic predilections such as conforming to the social manifestation of modern life and vindicated from previous exigencies which has laid neutral to accumulating and innovative desolations terminations as Eric and Laila have positioned their idealic subordinations within the numerical and incidental municipal of gratuitous seclusions.


Irregular compositions have undergone justified and liberated formations since the impenetrable stimulations of acknowledging the fundamental basics of transferring towards the hostile and atrocious dominion that is highly recognized and infiltrated and the residential fulmination of angels. Once deprived of mystical and accumulating gestures, Eric and Laila have become ordained to the gratified recommendation of fulfilling the acquisition of adoration and similar cultivation which could begin to neglect the retribution which has become displayed towards each immortal within all given jurisdictions based upon illuminating and monumental postulations. As reversed desolation has become the primary and secondary benediction since the beginning of the celestial species, numerous of aggregates have tried to become the vindicated legion towards the two original vampires whom are primarily in sought of an impending resolution which will guarantee justified transgressions and mutual liberation from their previous orchestrations in New York City. Boundaries have become the formidable exigencies which could determine the terminating existence of secluded manifestation and tribulations that could sustain adoration and liberating matriculations.

Enduring the entire numeration of justified intrusions whom could begin to cultivate the nostalgic regulations of simple rules which were given and administered towards all celestial dominions as the secular and vexating declaration as congregations throughout atrocious and permutated liaison have tried to become the ultimate and everlasting contradiction towards formidable and granulated discretions. Since the gratified severance of his complicated and solidified marriage, Eric has become the erroneous immortal whom could eradicate the ascension of his qualified immunity but instead has bargained the liberal and ruminated distinction within his tribunal sister whom is released from the entire reconciliation of adoration if such an internal postulated is negated to be returned within its vindicated accumulation. Based on the previous and horrendous series which could determine the impending effects of misconceptions and everlasting ordinances, justified exceptions are required to be considered based on the justified illusion that each secular member of the original aggregation has quite the nefarious entitlement towards their demonic assailants whom are awaiting their imminent distinction without the mere exception of eradicating the entire vampire specific along with desolated and impending pacification.


Based on the upcoming desolation among the justified and terrains of complicated measures that has distraught the internal consolidation of the original congregation of immortals, their satisfied discretion has become severed based on prior and horrendous perennials of adoration and inflicted tormenting upon concluded reconciliations and deprived manifestations due to intriguing vexations in order to bound limitless and fortunate reminders of how imperative it is to render necessary and required jurisdictions towards several constellations when boundaries of illuminating measures have become taken during consistent oscillations and atrocious compilations. As two decades has progressed, the original congregation has severed their consolidation of pacification and illegitimate orchestration which initiated once the separation of Eric and Isabella began to initiate from fulminated circumstances and accumulated the ruins throughout each member within the formidable aggregation. Before ensuring complicated remnants, Eric departed from his former residential dominion but accompanied from his fraternal twin sister, Laila whom has ensured to assist with the internal agony of her brother whom has requested that to suppress such miserable vindication, Eric informed Laila to desiccate his corporeal manifestation in order to torpor the oscillated pain for at least two centuries among secluded innovations. Acknowledging his perennial request, Laila preserved the white oak ash dagger through her brother’s heart and has transferred his numerical manifestation to their current residential dominion which has preceded within the ordinance of Los Angeles, California. Within the incontrovertible fulmination of two decades preceding with horrendous measures, impending and controvertible legions have ascended which gratifies the internal boundaries of the original congregation of immortals. Fueled with innovative justification, Laila is oscillated with the initiative of awakening Eric whom has negated to ensure desolated recommendation for his anguish and consistent misery. Extracting the terminative dagger with impenetrable force from her brother’s heart, Laila begins to implicate the recognizance of Eric through the prevention and seclusion of vital fluid as Eric’s desiccated manifestation begins to reprimand and Eric justified terminals ascend as he explicates the reason for Laila awakening his condescending fulmination which Laila begins to implicate that since their exhilarated ceremony that was declared as the inaugurated increments of their lives, he has proclaimed industrious elucidations that has been occurring around their environment that seems to be disconnected from the original conception of hearing immaculated discretions that involves the immediate annihilations of innocent human individuals, whom has been considered an excessive contempt towards the specific immortal that would become responsible for the disturbing outcome as he mentions that being aware of less contributions that indeavors the entire penetration of the mortal species, which would eradicate their primary adjustment of creating their celestial government into an authoritative and oppressive sovereignty that will internally affect the existence of numerous immortals that has acknowledged that assumption of never consuming the vital fluid from live human beings that aggregates among the environment of acrimonious sufficiencies that has been aligned within post-dramatic significance of endangered divisions whom are obtaining matters into their own appendages, which Laila conclusively exemplicates that his provisional substances has contracted indefinite accusations that will become determined to fornicate among the accurate preliminaries. Acknowledging her conceptional appeal, Eric exemplicates that his mental inclination is based on the speculation of accepting the fact that upon the current atmosphere each of them are residing upon is renovating consistently as it based on the transfiguration of numerous immortals who indeavors the internal concur of embracing the monumental and ancient commandments that he is primarily responsible for creating during a specific where aspiration and confidence was considered abandoned within his sibling's jurisdiction, which enables her to exonerate upon the anticipated alignment of recognizing the portentous phenomenal that declares penetrating sensations that will be unparallel and substantial as time irrevocably progresses within their everlasting existence that is destined to become flourishing and amplified within consistent measurements that will begin to reflect within exceptional conspiracies that will become virtuous upon productive exertions as it will originate constructive sequences that arranges the distrubition of kindness and affection, as it will eventually be instilled within the internal anatomies of all immortals whom are required to consume the only solution that will enhance their authoritative qualifications and enable their consciousness to believe in the perfection of attaining their humanity, which Eric conclusively implicates that his perspective will be envisioned through the surveillance of prevalents. Terminal among condescending ruminations that has become penetrable towards definite and accumulating boundaries in order to exceed gratification, Lana begins to implicate to her numerical companion Weston that the city of angels has begun to experience horrendous postulations which Lana begins to explicate that she has become primarily gratified towards the precise indignation that has permitted each of them to be mentally and physically comforted within indulging conceptions that is based upon the exact attempt of remaining consolidated in a relationship that can become decompressed and illuminated upon specific catastrophic incidents, which can elusively interact with the indestructible consequences that can retract in the unexpected eradications of certain mortal individuals whom can attemp to obtain it's penetration within her spiritual immune system as it can relunctanly become obsessed with consuming the vital fluid of abstinence and moderation as it has been classified to become unattained contractions that leads to renunciation in provinces, due to encantating abdication that will eventually become acclaimed during the centuries that will develop procession within their existence among the prevailing circumstances of atonement and evolution as he believes that she will become immune of consuming the primary solution that is effectively required of retaining her enthusiastic state of mind, which could be passionate and vigorous under all exuberant interventions that impersonate the ultimate infatuation of how their internal love and compassion became to originate during the projections of consistent interpretations, which Lana conclusively implicates that her emancipations has been determined. Ordained within his deceptive osculation, Weston exemplicates that he has been accustomed of contemplating upon the effective distribution of acknowledging that her immune system has been able to sustain and restrain it's propensity regulation of obliberating innocent human individuals in order to contract the industrious vital fluid that has been known to be their most determinated source for regaining their strength and complex qualification as it creates each of them into everlasting entities that will be exerted within the lives of many socities whom will never understand or preliminate contrasting manipulations that will affect the prosperous decision supervised towards her own beneficial contrivance as it will define the opposing reconciliation of configuring the momentous authenticity of how she has been able to establish her internal morals and values within the indistinctive elements that is classified to originate upon comminated reactions that will try to seclude within the northern and southern hemisphere during the excessive alignments of contradictional analogies, which has administered her the legitimate accuracy for remaining herself under all contingencies and never renovating for no other celestial being that will try to orchestrate the dominant altercation that will eventually become ascertain throughout the ultimated conversions and translations as Weston conclusively exemplicates that he has become the official speculation of capacity. Introduced within the formidable exigencies of segregated and oscillated percolations whom could ensure fundamental matriculations, Cassandra and Shanya begin to converse regarding their intimate and vindictive synopsis regarding the antiquated twins of the original congregation which Cassandra excessively implicates that during the post-dramatic centuries he has spent among a cognitive atmosphere that only recognizes the consistent confrontations that the internal government has become involved in among the progressive attainments that described the unfortunate discrepancies that became difficult to acknowledge based on the outcome of understanding that the mortal civilization were obliberating each other for unattained terrains and provocative distributions that was considered calamitic due to the impressive inertia of exceeding away from the prominent retrospective that is required to be functioning upon destructible jurisdictions that reflects upon the righteousness of other formalities that continues to plague the primary society of their municipal, which is known for inhabiting his siblings of the original congregation of vampires whom are able to accommodate their propensity starvation within intrusive centuries that improves and increases with unlimited prejudice accusations that is emotionally conspired through the compartment of his residential domicile and how it may become ascertain that exonerative complexities are capable of leading to extraordinary compentencies that can obliberate the meaning of loving someone with the compatible anatomy as it is shared within immortal counterparts who has been given reasons to enlighten within a fortified correlation. Exceeded throughout her interrogation of regret and personal sorrow, Shanya exemplicates that her deceptional thesis upon the formidable congregation has been known to acquire his astronomical and mental views in order to physically pertain the global interrelation towards the specific reasoning of how collisionary movements began to intercede within the catastrophic consummations of how incomprehensible attachments were relunctantly designed to become perrenial during the affiliated resolutions of accepting the adrotiness and appreciation of determining the essence of existing among a condensationing environment that attends on becoming irrelevant towards the suggested contemplations that is known for preliminating contentional admissions within the dispensation and presentation of seperations that is known to occur during intoxicated incidents that is measured to involve the entire lives of specific and inhumane celestials that tend to become ordained and fascinated at the abnormal contrivance of exterminating all mortal entities that are plagues within their meaning to live, which become established upon immaculated dispositions that are conditioned with illuminates exceptions that are contrasted with stimulating occurrences that will either be known to eradicate the conjectures of believing in peace and prosperity or dwell upon the exception of aggravating the lives of captivating appeals that will become known to assure prominent limitations. Based upon several indications that is unable to recommend desolated and frustrated manifestations that could liberate substantial aggregation of lives, Gaige begins to inform Inaya regarding supplemental exigencies that is due towards renovations and intriguing terminations within the municipal which Gaige begins to implicate that the specific interim of his transfiguration was stabilized as an informidable contemption that exonerated upon the abstract recession of determining whether she wanted to admit the originating conspiracy and contractional alignment of consuming the solution that will effectively intergrate her transition of becoming a vampire, which as been a regret that she has declined to acknowledge under eradicative preferences that discusses the formalities that used to be caused within the accommodating coven of original immortals whom configured contrasting feelings towards unconditional exceptions of witnessing the attendance of numerous celestial beings that tried to negotiate prosperous indignations among several contemplations that transcended upon illusional discrepancies that was commenced to established itself as an imminent curse of immortality, which is characterized as designated contemptions of corresponded representations that has only discriminated the choices selected within her current devotion towards efficacious supernatural individuals that had administered he chance of fulfilling prominent dissertations that originated upon persuasive and vigorous intelligence that is only used upon adversaries that has acknowledged their true discernment for conducting an evanescent conversion of defamated penetrations. Adorned within compassionate deceptions, Inaya exemplicates that she has been promiscuously aware of the unfortunate constrictions that has been given upon determinated interceptions that has been configured within the judicical increments of assorting their diplomatic predicaents among the excruciating concessions that deals with the required assemblage of the first immortal congragation who was known for comminating against their complicated exertions in order to ignite a confrontational altercation that was based upon claiming the celestial government for themselves in order to resist the immaculated suggestion of configuring the interpretations of acknowledging their indecisive tormentations that has been occurring throughout their environment for centuries, but was unintentionally aware of the entire correlation as it was destined to configure proximated distributions that excessively acquire the correspondence of his immediate congregation of immortals, whom has been devoted and loyal upon the discriminate analogies that has attended inevitable consumptions of figurative aspirations that was known to announce subsequent and assiduous inertia that surrounded his entire projections upon reclusive assertments, as Inaya conclusively implicates that her apprehension depended upon his wisdom and perspicacity that has been instilled throughout his mental and emotional state of mind. Condescending within instructional databases that has rendered his existence as imperative and specific throughout the entire celestial faction and beneficence of torment, Eric and Laila begin to converse regarding his modern understanding of preserving the imperative factors within nature’s numerations which Eric begins to implicate that he has never envisioned his upcoming interims to be consisted among a passionate and intimate consolidation with a formidable lycanthrope who has never feared the exertion of his presence, but admired him throughout the perpetual flaws that he currently has instilled within his consciousness as it is based on his previous existence as a newborn immortal that was unable to contain his internal inclination that was primarily ignited based on the consumptions of never experiencing several centuries without the adjusted solution that extends their liveliness among the atmosphere that proficiently attained with mortal individuals who have been uninformed about their species due to penetrating accusations that may affect their idealistic assurance of what each one will experience within a world of indestructible beings that is effectively immune of becoming extinct towards the personal appendages of specific human entities that is pervasively aware of the immaculated obliberations and the cover references that implicates numerous of annhilations that affected their entire municipal as it was blamed on the exengencies of a comminating vertebrate that is able to be eradicated under accurate circumstances, which Eric conclusively exemplicates that his analogies has consistently reflected upon the corresponding divisions of complicated credentials. Obliged towards his resistent commencement, Laila implicates that she has never doubted her impending advantage would become obtained within the sensational auxiliaries of an ancient immortal that would instill her benevolent and humanitarian anatomy with such happiness and tremendous jubilation that would consistently act upon knowledge and incomprehensible sense of judgment as it will become essential towards the alignment of sacrificial opportunities that would emerge within the explanated confrontation with previous and deceased adversaries that has tried to absorb their mental appreciation of accepting the exhilaration between conductions of affiliation and merriments of contentment that represented the optimism of fortunate conspiracies that were consistently indeavored to immaculate her companions existence in order to preserve the effectiveness of other celestial covens from depressed memoires that concluded to be an intergrated excession within unimpaired contractions that would isolate the true authenticity that is based on the excessiveness of how the love that is configured within several is considered to private among the companions that she has in order to exceed within legitimate compressions, which Laila conclusively exemplicates that her required deceptions would penetrate her intentions of falling in love with the sufficient and indestructible immortal that has obstructions to impair within time. Enraged upon distinctions that has become the primary and secondary resource of the human faction for decades has sufficed within postulation and detrimental intricacies, Xylene begins to inform Corban of ruminations regarding terminal and accumulating vexations that could assist liberated exigencies as Xylene begins to implicate that her intriguing preliminations has been based on witnessing their upcoming existence congregated upon enlightment of bliss that will excessively proliferate throughout their environment that is illuminated within constructive emancipations that has secluded within her heart as an extended manifestation in order to consistently inform herself and her indestructible kindred that their remaining lives will never be commisioned upon comminating altercations that will decrease the existence of numerous immortals that can be classified as each of their companions whom is willing to sacrifice their existence in order to preserve the incantational vitalities of the original congregation of celestial individuals whom has been recognized as a devotive formation of classificated superiors that will defend their innovative environment until the conclusion of themselves as she is internally aware that either of her children are immuned from being destroyed within all appendages of contasting immortals whom obtains qualifications that are considered ambiguous towards normal distinctions who could become recessively penetrated and annihilated at the preliminaries of celestial assailants, whom she doubts exists due to the fact that each of the previous adversaries were classified as the opposite but mentally acknowledges that she never promiscuously comprehended the opposing illumination. Acknowledging her conception, Corban exemplicates that he has envisioned immaculated conspiracies that were effectively contingent upon the intentional extractions that would be indulged within impervious consortments that would plague their beneficial analogies of accepting their nature of fulfilling their purpose of commiting exceptional discriminations that are intacted with subliminal transactions of compulsive reasons for wanting to become acclaimed within compressional formalities that will exceed among amelioration until each of their companions and former adversaries will learn to adjust their differences of presumptions, which could be determined and established the incorrect way as it is due to the affiliation of compromising effects that can irrevocably consume his internal corruption of remaining within his human form while the full moon is upon his effections, including other ramifications that are unable to resist their indestructive contrivance against all contrasting immortals as he implicates that since the origins of the lycanthrope legacy, werewolves have been able to initiate violation upon humans but instinct and centuries of rivalry have hardwired their consciousness to hunt their immediate casualties of choice as it would be classified as vampires, which Corban conclusively implicates that even though prosperous intervals will eventually become attended of their upcoming ascensions of pacification, there would still be times to remain aware of unconditional abberations. Intrigued based on the opposition of formulated and interior decorations that has exceeded numerous and bountiful cases enraged within corpuscle denominations, Linnea and Jude begin to converse regarding gratified alliances before obtaining their moonlight rings from beneficial connections and oscillations which Linnea begins to implicate that during the numerous of confrontations that her siblings had to endure over their existence has been considered obliged to become uncertain of what is truly important within her life as she would select the beneficial increments of her entire coven and her intimate relationship with him that has been growing excessively over the specific interims that has been classified to be monumental, which is primarily based upon the exact recognition of how imminent discretions can exist within their environment in order to remain consciousness of the main priorities that is required to enable their species to established themselves as superior and inevitable among all civilizations that has been known to penetrate the entire alignment of supernatural entities that can adjust within all societies whom is considered to be exerted between the conjunctions that truly matter and the obliberations that occurs in vain, which she exonerates within the conservative proportions of eliminating the rules and regulations that were established within the commandments during numerous of centuries ago as the contrasting species were ignited among a globalized contentions that would soon become acknowledged among indescretional complexions as she conclusively implicates in order to maintain their functional intimacy, their internal anatomies would have to attain it. Accepting her contrivances of recognition, Jude begins to exemplicate that his alignments has been obtained to believe the unfortunate dominations of contrasting formations whom contains specific immortals that has chosen to ambulate upon many contingencies in order to mentally establish comminative perceptions that has concluded to be preliminated upon the same exertions that are particular within specific increments of time whom will eventually indeavor the time acknowledge towards their existence, which remains to be comforted in the compassionate anatomies of less celestials that consistently chooses the existence of consuming the impartial souls of elaborated human individuals that has been conceived into an atmosphere in order to become the perseverance and persistence along an entire adjustment of mental inceptions that has been established within their knowledge whom contained the infamous structures of how the immortal gene can exist as an indefinite provision and to become accpeted within the internal adjustments of numerous contentions that is known to occur unexpectedly during the eliminations of consecutive dominations as Jude conclusively implicates his intentional methods has been previously ordained upon elusive contradictions that is conceptionally administered towards the existence of selected individuals who dwells within significant reasons and excludes the judgemental intentions of deliberations. Designed within atrocious and horrendous computations in order to neglect the assurances of adoration and precarious numerations which has acknowledged seclusions, Meadow begins to inform Tatum about misconceptions and incontrovertible alliances formed between intermediate covens which Tatum excessively implicates that she has obtained a limited tolerance for obliberating ambigous immortals that tends to be described as contentional and comminating among discretional alignments that has been promiscuously designed to acknowledge the indefinite assumption of how he never intended on relinquishing a congregation of werewolves whom were internally collisioned towards the exception of capitulating the lineage who has served as enduring and stable, due to the fact that each of the deceased celestials would have attain peace along the spiritual realm where immortals trascend after the horrendous obliberation has taken gratification along the remnants of their illuminated compartment, which he indicates that he has been relunctantly envisioning the percepted contradiction that is only reflected among distinct civilizations that comprehends the surmise of conducting a fortunate anticipation, which is particularly asstained within intentional determinations whom would become obliged to be recongized and understood within readjusted compressions as Tatum conclusively implicates that her recent preliminaries has been based upon contrasting formalities that will be accustomed of renouncing his formidable resentment towards divergent covens that obtains inconsistent mentalities. Determined towards the accurate preliminaries, Meadow implicates that her consciousness has been considered persistent of administering detrimental ascendancies that will provoke contrasting congregations of immortals whom will eventually come to terms with their different perceptions as it will illuminate how each of the unknown celestial individuals would appraise to interact among specific examinations that has previously interpretated the flunctuated assistance of maintaining an entire regimental formation, whose mental consciousness exerts upon the distintive recognition of admiring the obliberations of adversaries that would prescribe themselves to be prominent within their own persistence as it could be remembered with unfortunate rationalizations and particular assessments, which could illuminate the accurate inclinations of preserving the existence of her immediate companions whom has given their anxiety and dissolving compression in order to recognize the unfortunate perceptions that is resistantly based on the primitives of existing within an atmosphere that is inhabited with formative incentives that is excluded throughout her discernment of accommodating her companions in order to emancipate their entire environment from deviant adjustments that will consistently acknowledge the formidable exertions of specific increments that establishes the purpose of transcending. Oppressed from incorrigible ascendancies that has ascended among contrite and beneficial distinctions due towards innovative and monumental justifications, Freya and Legend begin to discuss controvertible analogies that fulminates secluded exigencies and precautions among the dominion which Freya begins to exemplicate that each of the formidabale contrivances has been based upon the exertion of imminent discretions that has been exclaimed to occur upon furnished alignments that mentions the perspectives of all nuetralities that concerns the essence of imaginations that is apprenhensive towards all appearances that indeavors celestials, whom are capable of manipualting the consiousness of specific humans that are willing to consort with informidable immortals who view the existence of mortal individuals as less contradicting among numerous of exertions as she exonerates upon the fulmination of discretional inferences that is based on the magnificent contemplations that allows others to envision the impartial despair of preliminaries that financially and personally inherits the inevitable qualifications that is administered towards distinctive formulations that has allowed their internal existence to become solution penentration in order for her species to remain diligent and comfortable in the compatible regions of other supernatural beings that wanted to administer the assumption of rationalizing towards humanity and how it could benefit their lives instead of deliberately terminating their emotions in order to care about conclusional discrepancies that would engage within sensational distributions as Freya conclusively explicates that his ascension is described to be formidable. Acknowledging her perspectives, Legend implicates he has never been certain that his internal and emotional anatomy would conflict upon determinative conflictions that would only provocate in the elimination of his existence among contrasting immortals who are intacted with the opposing state of mind that is consisted with dominative contractions that is excessively eager and anxious to become emerged within executive obliberations of innocent mortal individuals that would sustain and penetrate their environment throughout the contradictive alignments, which will enable his congregation of lycanthropes to formulate a contingency arrangment in order to preserve the community that has been previously obliged with peace and to view the osculation of deception, it would become catastrophic throughout his immediate siblings whom are able to understand the incomprehensive appetition that is attracting and igniting the predator instincts to adjust among a correlation of illuminated observations whom would have no choice but to mentally acknowledge the proposition that has been awaiting his decision since an upcoming altercation is among his ancient companions that will determine the ultimate fate of all species who obtains an inner and atrocious ancillary that can preliminate devastating assurance towards the only debilitation that is rested upon reclusive atonements.Gratified among substantial and legitimate expectations that has resulted in the encouragement of analogies and incontrovertible numerations, Gwendoline begins to inform Raya about the justified and presumptuous cataclysms which has rendered their beliefs in a spectacle of inquiries which Gwendoline begins to implicate that she configures the obsolete retention is occurring due to the extension of how their informidable companions were relunctantly responsible for eradicating each comminating formation of classificated celestials that has prompted to become essential throughout the internal and external alignments of preserving the entire southern and northern hemisphere that has been unable to acknowledge the true understanding of why the originating obliberation were occurring and how the forensic specialist that are contained within incomprehensible measurements were not given the consent to explain the essence and formalities of the previous deaths that has apprehended the existence of innocent human beings that should not be able to comprehend such destruction and impulsiveness towards the congregational extension of pertaining abstracted renunciations that depended on the expulsion and contemplation of contrasting eliminations that excessively depended upon their elusive qualifications that is able to eradicate the incomprehensible exertions of unsatisfied immortals whom ambulates among the illuminated night sensing the humor and extrication of industrious and mortal individuals, which informs the balance of nature that the servants administered for the occupational and mythical adjustments are arranging incompatible conception that are not complicated. Acknowledging the liberated and vindicated inception, Raya implicates that she has suggested the increments of pertaining their formulated requirement of sustaining the balance of nature and how upcoming adversaries will become immune towards intricating against the imminent correlation of how their immortal companions contain the particular gene that cultivates the primary essence of matriculating abilities that enables their congregation to remain within the human civilization until the conclusion of the entire atmosphere due to the expectation of never becoming obliberated at the appendages of all compatible celestials that contain the equivalent qualifications as their inducted descendants but just within a corresponding range of contemptment as she exonerates that the spiritual realm has once informed her consciousness that an original immortal can become permanently annihilated at the excessive correlations of any prevailing and dominant witch whom contains the entire formations as it could transfigurate each element that has been exerted among the origins of the earth, which she exemplicates that the only celestial known to excessively configure each element was the original witch, whom considered dignified resentment towards the species of vampires and werewolves as Raya conclusively implicates that she has developed numerous opportunities to eradicate upcoming adversaries. Acknowledging distinct and fluctuated ascensions between rigorous and numerical desolation which is terminating simple and vindictive precautions among each surrounding, Kyan and Brice begin to converse regarding fulminated perseverance throughout beneficial and comprehended manifestations which Kyan begins to exemplicate that becoming an immortal who has been able to view the consistent analogies of the atmosphere has been established as a reticent manipulation that is precised to be governed as a formulative expectation whom is considered fraudalent among numerous of exigencies that is proclaimed to be acknowledged under all discriminate collectiveness that is impartial towards the immortal existence of all supernatural creatures that is bound towards destructive weakness that has been assigned within the guardians of nature whom has been excelled to accommodate most of their contrasting companions by administering them the compacitated relunctance of ambulating among the sunlight, which has been assigned to be established as their weakness until the conclusion of all celestial emulations, which she expresses her contempt of implicating that she has been destined to serve as a regimental companion towards the original coven of immortals as it is due to the fact that each of them has learned to maintain the required balance of nature once their congregation has been assertive to obtain no weaknesses during the compassionate exemptions of exterminating opposing recommendations towards each of their preliminaries, which Kyan conclusively implicates that he never regretted exemplicating judgemental discrepancies towards the informidable existence she was administered centuries ago. Emulated within her speculations, Brice implicates that his existence is classified to be monumental as it is due to the fact that she most specific vampires are not fortunate to exist among a hostile atmosphere that penetrates the liveliness of the entire contingencies within the immortal environment that has been assigned to become contracted towards luminous and translucent analogies that later is classified to be established as imminent correlations that can define the devoted reason of how he was internally blessed with the opportunity of introducing himself towards a projective and ancient celestial who has spent her entire existence illuminating upon mental fantasies that were never able to come true within indistinctive proportions that has blessed to be established as prominent infatuations that can exulted within impending declarations, which he interprets his perspective of announcing that his confidential excessiveness has given him the corresponding accusations of matriculating through trials and tribulations that has been exerted to become recognized as transparent commminations that reflects upon numeralities that could encourage his obsolete decisions to be isolated throughout their coordinates of pertaining immortal exigencies, which Brice conclusively exemplicates that his pre-industrialized beliefs has enhanced his nuetralizing methods of configuring retributions that has exemplicated globalized relief for her personal conflictions. Stimulating the industrial means which has engulfed lenient and oppressed individuals whom have created the benevolence of rendering bountiful exigencies and transgressions, Malia begins to inform Vaughn of succulent and horrendous irrigations which has become the required and primary sections which Malia begins to implicate that her essentialized conspirations were emancipated among distributive alignments that tormented the increments of his consciousness as it enabled him to formulate a contingency arrangment who would excessively acknowledge the perspective of reasoning among their precise contractions due to the impartial reluctance of admiring the formulative extension that has been known to preliminate incomprehensible adorations that will become mentioned throughout the incrimental allotment of allocation and proportionate disturbances, which allows him to exultate within the accurative consultation that illuminates the representation of numerous discrepancies that became appreciative of the recent destruction that was ignited to eliminate the existence of comminating and spiritual werewolves who wanted to become consistent within annihilated predicaments that assured his companions and the specific celestial that accommodated his personal attributes was considered benefical and unharmed towards the imminent lycanthropes who were consisted with immediate ancestors that awakened from the intagible realm that is required to be corresponded upon immaculated contrivances that exemplifies reasonable explanations in order to feel compassionate and emotional upon the devastating intervals that is approaching their municipal vigorously. Accepting her response, Vaughn implicates that even though his immune system was contained with absolute amounts of vital fluid that was previously attained within dispensers, she envisioned the previous altercation to be indeavored among more lycanthropes due to the meticulous contingencies of endulging the latest expense that has become aligned among several exertions, which has perpetually informed her that distributive commencments has decided to induct prominent distributions among imminent discernments that selected whether she would become established as an immediate collision that would disregard the arrangments given during the translucent interim that conveyed each contrasting immortal to shift within the indulgering form, which is considered lethal and contagious towards all normal vampires due to the comprehension of understading that after the formidable genesis that osculates the original congregation of immortals has become aknowledged as the one and only assertion that is currently immuned of becoming obliberated at the intensive addendums of unknown immortal entities, which Vaughn conclusively exemplicates that his primary collaboration was consistently defined towards the incremental supplication of acknowledging the orchestrative divergence between inhumane celestials that were becoming malevolent towards the perrenial justifications of malicious altercations. Horrified upon jubilant and gregarious postulations whom could render unnecessary benedictions with formidable and oppressive alliances due to ramifications, Naomi and Grace begin to converse about remnants of the previous centuries which may acknowledge the supernatural occurrences which Naomi begins to implicate that since her ceremonial consolidation that occurred within the previous intervals, she has been configuring devastating visions within her mental comprehension that has assigned her to believe that unfortunate occurrences will soon become catastrophic within each of their lives as it has been consistently transpiring among occasional discrepancies that matriculates honesty and devotion towards the specific congregation of immortals whom she has given the remaining interims of her existence towards, which has pertained imminent analogies towards provisional introoductions that is only recommended to become penetrative among the arrival of her companions whom will become fornicated if illuminated exterpations configure formidable matriculations that are becoming exposed and hazardous within an environment that is consisted with mortal individuals who will soon become frantic and distressed towards the complexitive reasons of how she is willing to sacrifice her existence in order to preserve the aftermath and contingencies that are considered required and obligated to accommodate among the influential persistence and debilitations, which Naomi conclusively exemplicates that her conductive resentment is based on presenting the internal qualifications she has obtained over the elucidated interims in order to acknowledges the inferior capabilities that has enhanced her aptitude. Intrigued towards her initiated speculation, Grace implicates that the consciousness of all immortals were designed to be manipulated upon due to the extractions of believing that informidable occurrences can transpire among the imminent consultations that has been known to penetrate the exemption of immortal individuals who eventually became adjusted within a correlation that interpretated ambigous predicaments as it involved the excessive contentment of acknowledging the species she has become in order to remain upon the appearances of her kindred that has perceptionally gone without centuries of getting to know the true individual she was within a mortal perfection that adjusted towards matriculating intoxicated and elaborative delightments whom was taught how to act upon the convergence of a woman instead of a girl due to the penetrative intervals that was excessively established within their anatomies, as she exemplicates that imminent halluncinations will continue to plague her consciousness as it is due to the fact that indiscretional alignments has been inserted into her mind, which has enabled her to become partially frighten that a tribulation is willing to exterminate their intrusive predicament of exhilaration as Grace conclusively implicates that she has been worth experiencing the compatible effectiveness that transpired when she was commissioned as an infant but had eventually ceased it's appearance upon bravery. Matriculated throughout the municipals and the secondary dominion that has enumerated the everlasting oppression of beneficial classifications and innovative formations, Yolanda begins to inform Keira of their impending and upcoming instillations which has caused substantial and terminating consequences which Yolanda begins to excessively implicate that she has been consorted upon numerous of comminating exertions that were originated towards the elusive comprehension of immortals that contained dominated perceptions within his coven due to the fictional perseverance that his internal and external anatomy is considered immune from becoming annihilated at the destructive appendages of all immortal individuals whom has been proclaimed to possess the provisional armament that was accumulated to end his existence along with the entire species of vampires due to the impartionated fact that his existence is considered a temple of love and compassion due to the compressive indignation of consorting within judgemental analogies that has been administered to believe industrious contentment towards the entire atmosphere that is inhabited by the eradicative configurations of celestial entities that are engaging in destructive publicities in order to resolve their existence among a dillusional preference that believes his existence is considered like other normal supernatuals that were created after his conceiving declination that is primarily based upon the extraordinary interpretation of acknowledging detrimental occurrences tha will soon become determined towards the internal creature that is eager to be released from it's innovative containment of abomination and malevolence that obliberates all correlations within horrendous osculations of love. Comissioned upon his exertion, Keira exemplicates that his intenal reconcilation will not become based on vengenace and immediation that his previous adversaries required among their distinctive contributions but to appreciate the effectiveness that one congregations of assailants can cause upon the entire atmosphere of celestial individuals who will exceed through all interpretations he would be able to orchestrate through the impersonation of numerous human affiliates that will be acknowledged to inform the entire civilization of mortals upon the northern and southern hemisphere that excessiveness of supernatural entities has been indeavored within the translucent compromise of other victims that has acclaimed becoming mentally nuetralized and manipulated by specific and indestructible beings that has been envisioned to become announced with extensive formalities that are inquired to believe the extirpation of living among the entire atmosphere for eternal purposes due to the alignment of containing the immortal gene and monumental qualifications that distinguishes specific individuals apart from the current environment that has been secluded upon peace and prosperity as he exonerates on the perpetual and formidable contingencies that his upcoming arrangement will be established to effectively devour the entire matriculation and existence of the supernatural distinctions that represent informidable alignments. Sanctioned within nostalgic and atrocious boundaries that has ensured the internal and external pacification of lies due to assurances in order to conduct terminals, Quinn and Pierre begin to discuss political arraignments among their segregated aggregation in order to restore former alliances which Quinn begins to implicate that her congregation of indestructible immortals has been through comminating exertions that has fluncutated among contrasting preliminaries in ordert to apprehend the excessive moments and analogies that are awakening with inferior and tremendous acknowledgment, which has become ordained and illusioned towards the entire existence of his celestial determination that has emulated among the centuries as a feeling that can never be obtained within the particular accession of reminiscing among the specific intervals that was prevented within illuminated conjectures that is often known to proximate the upcoming inertia's, whom are considered erroneous and abberant within a elabortated and construction coven whom will want to obliberate the projected appearances of the immortals responsible for consumating the entire provocation of inhabitants that has been officially declared and announced at the orchestrated ideal of remaining collisioned within accessible contingencies as it enables immediate involvment throughout the municipal, which has been previously updated among the discretions and complicated preliminaries that is consorted to become acknowledged and understandable based on imminent reprocussions as Quinn conclusivey exemplicates that his intensified recogntion will intend on preserving his formulation. Acknowledging her correlations, Pierre exemplicates that their previous contentions has been based on the effectiveness that formidable contrivances are known to cause among the distributed affections that are described to become impassionate and versatile towards the imperfections that has been declared among her existence since she was transfigured into a vampire that was predominantly intrigued towards the vital fluid that is contraining the liveliness of all human individuals whom should never become aware of her existence that reflects the moralities of accepting the fact that he is pronounced as configurative and perrenial as she reluctantly implicates that she has lived among numerous of centuries to experience the internal feelings of suffering and handling the obliberation and extinction of a beloved individual that has plagued her existence with regret and indestructive alignments as it has effectively progressed over the accumulated reasons of how her correlations of perceptions would harmonize the indefinite conspiracies of compassion and intimacy that was described to become nervous and infatuated towards the exemplified formation of an immortal beings that is reluntantly trying inflexible in order to accustom their companions and adversaries among a condensational measure of orchestating competitive assurances within proportionate osculations that will eventually entwine the effective correlations. Inclined towards the clinical and justified oppressions that true allegiances has formulated numerous of accurate terminations based on distinctive and enraged designs, Cadence begins to inform Luna regarding supplemental amounts of justified increments which has become the regretful condemnation which Cadence begins to implicate that during her entire lifetime among the beginning stages of the inhabitated atmosphere, he was becoming involved within the essence and personification of mortal women that he would conspire to lure a perception of many within his residential compartment in order to consume each amount of vital fluid from their cervix that contained undeniable advantages that would become certain and correlated among his entire congregation of indestructible immortals whom were also established as the significant celestials that would excessively acknowledge the discretions and comtemporaries in order to pertain the effectiveness of his species as he would indeavor to explain the formalities of compelling most of the deceased women he was primarily known for obliberating upon magnificent increments that is excessively apprehensive to unravel disturbing and imminent conspirations he was known to congregate and ignite upon the adversaries who seeked vengeance with illuminated exceptions that has plagued osculated discrepancies towards immaculated conjectures that has been transpired to matriculate upon excessive magnifications that were entitled towards the effectiveness of certain immortals that envisioned their corresponded alignments to attain insufficient preliminaries towards his existence. Conspired irrevocably, Luna implicates that her previous existence has never obtained the specific individual he has currently become that has acquired the imminent respect and indignation for women that are inhabited within flunctuated capacities that describes each detrimental occurrence where he has been primarily responsible for obliberating a timeline of correlated women that are currently deceased but are condtioned within the compatible bloodline as she uncovers his depressional assertion of eliminating entire families that asscended before he obtained knowledge of what specific classifications were residing among a compartment is established persistently due to the fact that her observance has contained the perpetual distributions of elaborated annihilations that influenced her to become excessive and indiscrete towards her informidable complexities and condensational infereneces that has become based on the illusionary comfort and gratification that is able to be shared among his existence and incomprehensible discriminations that is required to penetrate upon the lives of deceptonal individuals who have eternally worshiped the unconditional perseverance that attracts the imminent expectations of love and infatuated compassion, whom will be known to become ascertain of the expectated interim she has been administered, which Luna conclusively exemplicates that presenting monumental alignments will soon adjust intentionally. Configuring the progressive and erroneous distinctions of ramifications which has proven to become terminating in rigorous technicalities is considered pervasive, Dahlia and Amity begin to converse about impending and designated intricacies that has secluded numerous of oscillated vexations which Dahlia begins to exemplicate that since the obliberation of the recent congregration of werewolves each of them were responsible for relinquishing, he decided to intrude upon recent resolutions that were accessible to occur more than numerous of centuries ago as he recommends that each contrasting species were preliminated within a destructive altercation that their ancient companions were involved among in order to preserve the effectiveness of both elements due to the understatement of never acknowledging the assessment of a confrontation but to come together as an impairment of supernatural creatures that are considered spectacular and ordained to be establish as eternal adversaries towards their lineage, which he cultivates on the suggestion that the previous altercation had occurred because the essential compacities of werewolves want to obtain the globalized equalization that vampires are known to interact upon since the genesis of the original congregation that each of their prime assets are established within in order to contradict peace and prosperity among the human civilization whom are considered glorious upon the fact that their concurring lives are not involved in comminating altercation throughout the centuries and millenniums their species has been existing as Dahlia conclusively implicate that she has configured upcoming discretions in order to reclaim the penetrative exetions. Acknowledging his proclamation, Amity begins to implicate that she has been excessively aware of each detailed preliminaries that has transpired among the centuries that dealt with both contrasting species due to the incentive of hearing his grandfather discuss the infatuated perrenials that were sustain within the nuetralized environment when the altercation has secluded his residential compartment as he insinuates how his sibling had no choice but to transfigure upon his lycanthrope form in order to obliberate as many opposing celestials as possible in order to preserve the lives of his entire congregation that reflected the essence and sense of compassion and regret, dealing with considerate accumulations that is primarily based on proceeding with righteous descriptions that would exist among eternal reasoning due to all contingencies he was able to question within but conducted his mental consciousness to forbid itself from extracting further details about the previous confrontation as it was proclaimed and known to obliberate numerous of lives among both species as Amity conclusively explicates that she was assurred to remember among his mental stabilities that his kind was nearly driven to extinction, which is persistently based on the conceptiveness of not secluding the immortal gene at the promiscuous interim and due to acknowledgement that his concersions are truly considered superior within the globalized reflection.

Main CastEdit

Cameron Henderson as Eric
Grace Gealey as Laila
Lilith Northman as Cassandra
Enrique Costallo as Corban
Michelle Byrne as Dahlia
Richelle Smith as Freya
Dominique Washington as Gaige
Lenora Hastings as Gwendoline
Melissa Terren as Keira
Diana Suarez as Lana de Leon
Messina Henderson as Linnea
Sincere Lopes as Meadow
Beaumont Devereux as Pierre
Emily Graham as Quinn
Olivia Vasquez as Shanya
Constance Shaw as Tatum

Supporting CastEdit

Beatrice Williams as Amity
Denson Wolfe as Brice
Serene St. John as Cadence
Zoe Stephens as Grace
Amour Evans as Inaya
Zeke Carter as Jude
Michael Young as Kyan
Hunter Martinez as Legend
Kelli Hunter as Luna
Justice Adams as Malia
Amy Sullivan as Naomi
Miranda Grant as Raya
Entice Freeman as Vaughn
John Palmer as Weston
Erica Daniels as Xylene
Camryn Armstrong as Yolanda


1. Cloves: Don't Forget About Me
2. Midnight on the Bayou: Under My Skin
3. Madi Diaz: Ashes to Ashes
4. Ruby Velle: My Dear
5. Electric Owls: Still Standing
6. Citrus: Millions
7. Ruelle: I Get To Love You


  • Eric and Isabella have finalized their divorced.
  • One decade has progressed since the eradication of their first sired.
  • Eric has decided to eliminate his internal humanity consolidation.
  • Laila has ensured her brothers and sisters that she would vindicate Eric's redemption.