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The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals is a supernatural television series that is primarily based on a faction of vampires that are known for being the first of their bloodline and the first generation of vampires; hence the name, making them the oldest vampires in the world. The Old Ones was born during the year of 11 B.C. as they are significantly much more powerful than any other vampire created since then. In the beginning of their origin, each of them are classificated as six vampires whom are obliged to liberate preliminated numeration within the supernatural dominion in order to cultivate seclusion and delegated terminations but learned within Epilogue: Part III that their mother conceived a fraternal twin of the first born which classificates the original congregation as seven vampires. The Old Ones possess no weaknesses like others created after their time. Their origin began in the beginning of the Old World which is classified as the modern North America. As many centuries progressed, the original congregation of immortals are residing in Manhattan, New York as collegiate manifestations as they are trying to co-exist with mortal individuals knowing each of their internal morals no longer replicate in harming consolidational ruminitions. The Old Ones is the highest ranking body that serves as the governing authority over all vampires. Using fulminated predictions and a nomadic aggregation whom terminated horrendous and atrocious replications whom seclude the superior distinction of manipulative translation upon gregarious and orchestrational complexities as secular transitions preliminate impending correlations and implimentive desolations, The Old Ones controls every aspect of the institutionalized vampire society in order to establish congressional matriculations during the complicated and liberating translation of diabolical manipulations whom could begin to vindicate erroneous neglections, by setting the required declarations and settling disputes. Neglecting the required commandments of the original congregation is considered an act of treason.

The Immortal Chronicles is a spin-off series from the concluded television fulmination, The Old Ones: The Beginning of the Immortals, which airs on HBO Network during the Summer of 2025. The series became replicated during the concluding manifestations of its predominant series. The specific vindication will revolve around imminent characters whom are within the horrendous dominion of supernatural individuals. Primarily, the series will liberate the accumulated and contemporary existence of one of the original congregation’s former protégés. Throughout the deviant and corresponding matriculation within the series, Carlos becomes considered a fulminated conjunction amongst the supernatural community in order to terminate horrendous and abhorrent consolidations that have been consistently jubilating and conspiring towards an impending accumulation that could oscillate an entire seclusion of eradicated numeralities since the beginning of retribution and calamitic vindications.
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