Biographical Information
Birthdate30th March, 1990
Perpetual Age21
InstitutionNew York University
OccupationCollege Student (Undergraduate)
Height5'8" (147cm)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
Skin ColorCaucasian
Family Information
First SeenSeason 2
Last SeenSeason 5
Played ByDerren Kagasoff

"I'm your friend Michael, I just want to see you happy with someone you deserve; except that the woman of your dreams is right in front of you." ~Wesley~

Wesley is an undergraduate student that also attends New York University along with his bestfriends Michael & Kate. Michael started off as Wesley's tutor in Pre-Calculus II before becoming his right-hand man. Wesley began to associate with Michael's love intrest, Kate. Wesley is majoring in Mass Media/Communications and works part time in Times Square underground mall to support his financial aid.

Early History

Wesley was born in Sacramento, California. He is the only child in his family. His family moved to New York City when he was 10 years old and opened their own clothing line brand. During high school, Wesley started working for his parents, selling camping and hiking gear. He became a popular kid in school and dated some of the most popular girls.

Season 2

Distracting him from his moment of curiosity, Michael's bestfriend Wesley suggests that they should converse about if they truly love each, which Michael is sure about. Wesley convinces Michael that he should tell transfigure Kate into a newborn, which Michael denied of doing. He informed Wesley of not committing such an act without her consent to do so. Matthew and Wesley is concerned whether to participate in the action or not, but is convinced by Camille & Ayana to stay out of it due to their safety. Wesley meets Michael in the subway tunnel to help him as well as to inform him that he'll be there to aid if he needs him, which he has in knowledge of what's going to occur. Matthew & Wesley arrive at the cementary on the behalf of Camille which they came equipped along with vervain, stakes and a couple of wolfsbane grenades (if Paige needs to be contained of her indiscretioning actions). Having to defeat a number of werewolves along with more, Eric and André are joined by Matthew and Wesley as they trigger off a wolfsbane grenade which disenergrates the entire pack of werewolves within' the entrance of the cementary. Thanks to her bestfriend Matthew and Michael's friend Wesley, Camille engages in a celebration, due to her being awarded her full-time scholarship and stopping the outbreak of The Sun & The Moon Curse from being ignited.

Season 3

While arriving at her induction ceremony as the CEO of the Tri-State Club, Camille is given the moment to announce her speech in front of the entire falculty & staff, including her fellow students. She speaks about how fulfilling your dreams can lead to outstanding outcome, even if it doesn't come along with an intimate relationship with finding that special someone. As Matthew and Wesley wonders confusely what she's mentioned, they begin to converse to see that Camille is eager to be loved and swep of her feet. While being congratulated constantly by Matthew and Wesley on her accomplishment that she worked extensively hard for, Camille remembers that she has to arrive at the hospital to check on her soon to be baby-nephew. While exiting the auditorium, she so happens to run into incoming freshman Scott, that she thinks is outrageously handsome beyond measure. Questioning Camille about how she feels within' for the incoming student Scott, Matthew and Wesley convinces Camille that she should get to know him and go beyond her academic studies and enjoy getting to know someone's she's attracted to. Having the courage due to her bestfriends, Camille walk's out to the football field and notices Scott during several plays that occurs. Scott sees Camille out on the field and proposes his team to take a break, while they both converse. Camille informs him that she doesn't come off like this, which Scott also admired her honesty. She asks him if they wouldn't mind grabbing dinner and a movie one day, which Scott accepts and replies to her that he'll pay and informs her that she appreciates the time of day she's giving him, leaving Camille blushing that she had what it take to approach a man without being nervous. While sitting in the library, contemplating on how to handle the upcoming date with Camille, Scott begins to feel whether he should call it off or attend the date with her. Feeling nervous of what might occur, he is approached by Matthew and Wesley to get certain details of what Camille enjoys in a gentlemen, which they clearly explain to Scott and also mentions that she isn't they type of woman you can play games on because she can literally hurt you in return and they didn't mean mentally. Accepting their advice to just be yourself when around Camille, Matthew and Wesley provides Scott with extrodinaire details that will help him have an outstanding night with Camille when she returns from London, UK. Preparing for her first date in 800 years, Camille returns from London in time to enjoy a monumental night with Scott. Giving her the help that she may need, Matthew and Wesley helps her to calm down with the fact that the result of the date will not be a catastrophe if only they both find interesting topics to discuss which Matthew insists Camille to find out his likes and dislikes which she agrees with. As a knock on the door occur several times, Wesley answers the door and is greeted by Scott to take Camille out. Wesley steps outside in order to converse with Scott and to state that he shouldn't be nervous going out to a movie and dinner with her but to be aware if you break her heart or hurt her by any means necessary. As Scott understands perfectly of what he means, Wesley also informs him that he should just be himself and act in a proper manner that will respect her in every way as possible. As the conclusion of they're discussion is over, Camille approaches the front door thanking Matthew and Wesley for thier appreciation and is escorted out by Scott and off to their date. Walking home from the university, Scott is approached by Matthew and Wesley to inform him that they are proud that he didn't screw up his date with Camille and begin to suggest to him that apparently she has her won secrets within' but it's up to her to confess them to you. As Scott isn't worried, he just replies that he only cares about her current life, nothing before him matters. Hanging out at the pizza shack, Matthew and Wesley convinces Scott that he's becoming infatuated with Camille and that he shouldn't automatically show it until he knows Camille feels the exact same about him. Wondering if she ever will, Scott tends to ask Matthew if she ever showed an affectionate personality within that involved how she feels about him, which Matthew responds that he won't truly know unless he's willing to take the next step with Camille. Wesley begins to further conduct how the both should consider getting to know each other more and describing that the intimate portions will soon come in time. Reviewing their study guide which they soon will take on the upcoming exam in their "Sociology" class, Matthew and Scott are busy stumbling over techniques that will guide them through the entire exam. As a missing note can't be found, Scott notifies Matthew that the current page is no longer in it's accurate location, which Matthew informs Scott to look in his bookbag to see if it's currently there. As Scott begins to search for the missing item, he uncovers a novel about folktale of vampires, which Scott becomes eccentric about. Scott questions Matthew about how did ever come to obtain a book about a topic like that, which Matthew begins to lie and explain that it was an assignment his fictionalist professor assigned to him. Wanting to tell Scott the truth about vampires and how Camille fits into one of the categories, he couldn't risk loosing the friendship of Camille and also risking the lives of her family and other supernatural begins (such as werewolves & witches) due to infatuation purposes which Matthew thought twice about before lying to Scott. As Scott accepts his repsonse, the two return back to studying once again. Notifying Scott that Camille has returned to town, Matthew and Wesley indicates that Scott and Camille can work if all secrets within' are revealed, so it wouldn't hurt their relationship future wise. They both contact Scott and inform him that if he really likes her, then he would tell her how she feel. Needed both of their help to prepare for her second upcoming launch for her new and current fragrance, Matthew and Wesley attends Ariana's pre-ball and assist Ariana with her difficult task of setting up propoganda for the guests. While setting the decorations up, Matthew and Wesley inform Ariana of what do she think about Camille and Scott forming more than a civil friendship among each other. Ariana confesses that knowing her sister hasn't been on a date for nearly 800 years, she implies that she needs to be loved once again, especially by someone who's loyal, respectful towards her temple of treasure (her external body) and how to treat a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fondaned about her response, Matthew implies that he just doesn't want to see her hurt what so ever, as Wesley thinks it's about time Camille has found her could-be soulmate, he also makes a sarcastic comment of how he can't wait for that many years of being lonely, which leads to Ariana jokingly smacking him in his head while Matthew ignites in laughing to his core due to his response. Keeping her company for the moment, Camille invites Matthew and Wesley over to inform them that she doesn't want them no longer throwing any hints to Scott to please her unsatisfied pleasures, which Matthew responds that they thought it was helping her. Camille responds that she knows when an idea is original and that they don't need to worry, which Wesley and Matthew begins to look confused at each other. Agreeing with her reason of not lying to him and having no choice to tell him if the relationship would of progressed, Matthew and Wesley comfort Camille as she sheds numerous of tears on how Scott reacted towards her secret.

Season 4

Reconnecting his life upon the horrifiying news Camille informed him, Scott enters his first class with a depressional expression that is easily recognized by Matthew and Wesley. Before class begins, Matthew states to Scott that he has to wake up out of his undiagnosed coma, come back to reality and begin accepting Camille the way she is. Scott replies that he began to question his beliefs once he discovered the novel about vampires inside of his personal belongings and now it's hard for him to adjust to the truth. Wesley points out that once they found out of Camille's secret along with her family, it was kind of difficult to adjust to but they didn't let the mythical information overturn the friendship they share with Camille and soon he will have to face the same and make a choice. Scott implies that it's not that easy, especially if it's someone your falling for and want to spend your life. Looking with unexcused assertions, Matthew and Wesley keeps their upcoming comments to themselves as the professor begins his class term. Walking out of his last class along with Matthew and Wesley, Scott begins to examine how he should deal with and overcome the fact that vampires inhabits each society and are do not consist of the related attributes. Matthew explains that only a radical percentile of vampires are able to deviate their emotions, which in most cases, refers to an emotional switch and a vampire can become unpassionate and contain no sort of feeling or gratification towards human life. Scott replies that he could not imagined that being the daily personality of Camille, but Wesley points out in the beginning of The Old Ones origins, she was once classified as a ruthless and unworthy immortal. As time progressed and she became of what life meant in many ways, Camille found the ability to love and provide comfort to those who mean the most within her heart. Intrigued by the upbringing of her current image, Scott implies that he will continue on with their relationship but informs Matthew and Wesley that he wants to know every detail of what she's capable of, so he will never find himself in a indecisive situation that brings out another ego of herself. Viewing the current location of Camille, Matthew replies that he should receive the information he's bargained for which leads to Scott also seeing Camille a few meters away, which leads to Matthew and Wesley quietly leaving, while Scott and Camille continues to glance at one another as they approach their positions. In the middle of a general exam, Matthew and Wesley text Camille meaningful information on how trying to defeat Lorena and to initiate her weakness abilities. While with Scott, Camille receives the text and is informed from Matthew and Wesley; that a witch with enough power from numerous and deceased witches can break the encryptment of Lorena's immortality but will die in the process, due to how much of her life force is used while conjuring the spell. In the archives section of the campus library; Camille, Scott, Matthew and Wesley attempt to work on their geology group exertion but is distracted at the fact of trying to distinguish what Lorena is after and what can be proposed to her in order to re-calculate her state of mind of eradicating all vampires, which Camille implies to them all that eversince her and her siblings interacted with the first introduction of Lorena, they're have always been ignitions of war that have began due to her animosity between our species and how it could affect her in every aspect. Scott questions how can the species of vampires affect Lorena's current position of where she initially stands between the supernatual world, which Matthew replies that due to the knowledge he obtained while comprehending what the previous dissertation consisted of, he learned that most superior witches can't obtain inferior capacity if there is an equal of power that coincides to her among nature within. Trying to understand what he meant, Wesley exemplifies that Lorena cannot become predominant over all supernaturals until the beings that correlates with her physical attributes are exterminated, which Camille agress with his unknowing statement. Concluding that she knows that Eric will find the solution, Camille grievously informs them that dark times lie ahead for them all, including the inhabitants of the entire city which will be worth defending once Lorena has commenced her war upon The Old Ones. While taking a break from the dance floor, Matthew and Wesley glare over to Camille and Scott's location as they continue to embrace in their compelling movements, which Matthew informs Wesley about Camille is meant to be mirthful as she is currently in her realtionship with Scott. Wesley agrees from Matthew's perspective but implies that he doubts that Camille will continue to go on with life as Scott ages throughout the decades and will come to a conclusion that she will have to transition him, which is a task that she will regret if she fails to do so. Matthew implies to his response that it will all come in time, but by further notice, they should continue to enjoy themselves while at the homecoming. Exiting the biology classroom, Camille runs into Matthew and Wesley who questions her about the incomprehensible killings that have been occuring around the vicinities of New York, which Camille becomes confounded due to her having no idea of. Camille implies Matthew to explain, which he implicates that the causes of the recent deaths are unknown until he spoke to a source who advised him that their deaths were incomprehensible. To better explain his synopsis, Wesley mentions that as they regressed to their deaths, one sorely acknoledge that intense pain was inflicted upon his consciousness and it continued to desecrate his mind, which he died during those intrusive minutes. Obtaining the circumstance and aware of Lorena annihilating innocent vampires, Camille obliges Matthew and Wesley for her informing her the updated news as she views Scott departing from his dorm in order to converse with him. Addressing Scott and informing him that she's glad to see him, Camille embraces a kiss upon his lips and inquires how his day is progressing so far, which Scott replies that he has two upcoming exams in his classes that he's not prepared for but admits he has no option of accepting it's estimated date, which Camille implicated to him that she can compel the professor in order to get him out of class for the entire term. Obtaining the apologue of her past life, Scott and Camille are appended by Matthew and Wesley, which Matthew begins to inform them that their has been rumors in the media speculating that a preternatural incident occured during the avenues last night, which was around thier residential vicinity. Camille implies that their unspecified secret is getting imminent of being exposed towards the entire mortal society which can pressurize their existence. Wesley implies that the inquired evidence the local police converged declined in retaining their information to locate the origins of it's destination, which he also implicates that the occult of supernaturals is currently insufficient of being revealed upon human civilization. Contended with his announcement, Camille acknowledges their connivence of defending her lineage and comforts Scott, which she implies to him that she apprehends his acceptance based on their intent of life. Taking her mind off the upcoming misforturne that will put the society of all supernaturals and mortals on an elliptical balance of survival, Camille spends the day with Scott, whom are preparing a letigative project along with Matthew and Wesley, which is an assignment that is required for the end of their purposed examnations. Implicating about how she is worried about their safety during the full moon that is expected to initiate once darkness falls over New York City, Camille obiges Scott and the others not to involve themselves of what's going to be occuring during the night, which can result in the obliberation of their lives. Feeling that she's contradicting herself more than usual, Scott exemplifies that he would risk himself regardless of the consequences that are involved, which he explains that they're not compatible of what he currently feels for her. Implicating how they obtianed no surprised threat towards Lorena, Matthew informs Camille that he is volunteering his services which is based on the fact that sha has been there for him multiple of times during his matriculation at the university and condones her for trying to make the same mistake for not informing him what can jeopardize their lives. Acknowledging Camille's advice, Wesley replies that Camille isn't considered the only one who's going to have their lives implicated if they deny the circumstances that is eradicating their surroundings, which Camille suggests that she appreciates their astoundment of trying to cope with their remaining problem who happens to be a necromancer who eventually is still operative based on no intentive conclusion on how to defeat her perpetually. Scott recommends Matthew and Wesley that they should convey Camille's advisement, which would give her more satisfaction than to be worried while defending herself and others that are immortal inhabitants of their world. Aroused by their proficiency and able to see another day of her life, Camille is occupied by the association of her love Scott and best friends Matthew and Wesley. Scott implicates to Camille that out of all the contentions she's been involved in, has she ever been apprehensive towards the conclusion of her existence, which Camille acknowledges his empathy upon her past life, which Camille implies that their disputes against Lorena was considered perplexed, due to the fact that she knew how to eradicate the lives of her and her indestructive siblings. Matthew exemplifies to Camille that is it the reason why their coven has migrated in numerous of different locations in order to avoid the connection they had bared with the original witch, just to prevent their species from being exonerated. Astonished by his comment, Camille relunctantly informs Matthew that they have resided in the city that never sleeps for six-hundred years based on how the economy operated before and never used the perseverance of Lorena as an excuse. Wesley examines the reasons why Camille and her family took the initiative of obliberating Lorena during the Middle Ages, which Camille implies that during the time, they're wasn't an indeverant solution of defeating Lorena and that it took them over two-thousand centuries to discover her occult which was aided by the assistance of her deceased niece. Implicating to them all why she's considered in such a irrational condition, Camille concludes their discussion by asking Scott to take a walk with her as the formidable dawn is upon the skyline of the city.

Season 5

Upon the momentous morning, tormenting transactions have resisted in plaguing the city that never sleeps, which gives The Old Ones comfort and reconciliation within their domain and territory. Supervising along their way in order to begin their junior year at New York University, Camille and Scott are acclaimed in a conversation that is based on what each of them will expect this year, which will determine what paths their taking, occupational-wise. Camille implicates to Scott that since their currently in the process of taking their major courses that will inflict on their transcript, he should increase his study habits in order to gain a better approach of matriculating through the classes that enable him to fail. Intrigued by her astonishing assumption, Scott informs her that due to him abdicating from the world of extracurricular activities of participating in recreations, he would have no furhter option but to attain his values and morals on his academics, which are considered more important as he implies to Camille. Believing that his exhilement from physical diversions are worth the academic risk, Camille exemplifies and comforts the hand of Scott, which she states that in order for his life to be destined within terrific measures of happiness, he must set aside the pleaures that alleviates his self-esteem and composure, which will award him during the upcoming years ahead of his life. Partially conceding with Camille's presumptions about his intellect, Scott replies that he acknowledges her due to numerous of incidents that he recovered him from in order to maintain his grades during the past years at NYU. Accessing to their destination on the university's campus, Camille and Scott are obliged by the presence of Matthew and Wesley, whom welcomes them based on their return of another deviant but extravagent year. Viewing the tension of their arrival, Wesley questions Scott what were the two contemplating about that had their high hopes decrease in minutes, which Scott retributes and implies that a notification of what's more important had awakened him from could of been towards reality. Enquiring his state of mind, Matthew implicates to Camille that due to Scott's maturity level, it's considered his choice to pursue the activities that opulences his composure under all circumstances, which Camille reinforms Matthew that their personal discussions does not accommodate his input based on the decisions they compose, which leave Matthew in a compressing astoundance. As Matthew, Wesley, and Scott depart to their morning course classes, Camille recognizes the unattained occupancy of an unknown individual, which Camille easily recognizes as an immortal (vampire). As the anonymous visitor begins to blush in contentment, Camille questions the behalf of her arrival, which the guest implies that it's considered no affairs and hers and introduces herself willingly as Natalie. Curiously acknowledging her accepting behaivor, Camille secretly restrains the arm of Natalie and declares to her to inform her of the concern of her uninvitation, which Natalie intensively glares into the eyes of Camille and informs her that knowing she could be compelled to obey the command of an Old One, she conveys to Camille that her existence will soon be obliberated due to what lies in store for her family, including herself. As a professor informs Camille to relocate herself into his office, Camille is distracted by his fulfillment, which her view returns to it's recent prospect, which Natalie rapidy retreats from her position, leaving Camille mentally questioning the incident that just transpired. While consorted along with Matthew and Wesley, Camille and Scott ignite in a conversation, which they discuss the enlightment of how they may contribute among the supernatural world, which begins to irritate the urgency of Camille. Exonerated by their entire analogies, Camille informs them all that based upon what they are currently classified as (human), they are undestined to contribute to any disposition within a society that contains the elusiveness of phenomenal inhabitants that will annihilate any mortal, based out of their bloodlust, rage, and contentment against the human species. Scott implicates to Camille that it would be considered irrational if they remained within a peaceful state of mind and fully aware of a hybrid plague that has the necessities of obliberating the only immortal they ever cared for, which reluctantly appears to be her. Implicating that their safety constitutes as a monumental conception, Camille implies to Scott that her survival and humanity will consist of emptiness if their lives are immersed at the hands of discontentment, which Matthew suggests that their assemblage can be considered ambiguous if they remained behind closed doors and informing Camille of what's currently happening around the areas that has been disintegrated by massive plagues. Agreeing with his formal response, Wesley advises to his mortal companions that even though their conceptions are accurate, he still believes that Camille and her siblings has each globalization under ascendancy, which they have been obliged towards since their entire existence and will acknowledge their presence if their maintenance is needed. Sarcastically implicating that Wesley always obtained the impertinence of them all, Camille exonerates that she has acquired the capabilities of handling implicited situations that is far advanced than their comprehended reasoning and conclusively confesses that they are all considered her heart and the only way to make her gratified is to remain distant from the problems that are re-occurring within the city. Conforming an assemblage embracement; Matthew, Wesley, and Scott acknowledge her disposition and affirmates that they will subsequently inquire her criterion and not disappoint her by any means necessary. While still engaged in a personal affection, Scott mentally implicates that he disagrees of Camille risking her life. Consorted within the local diner and agonized about the fact that Camille may be annihilated within the upcoming process of the contention against the coven of hybrids; Scott addresses his disturbing concern towards Matthew and Wesley whom are obliged by his indistinctive approach towars the matter. Scott implicates to them both that they must initiate a undecisive disposition in order to advocate Camille along with her siblings among the final confrontation that is upon them all, which could affect their current environment. Taking Camille's general advice as a recognition, Matthew implies to Scott that based upon how Camille and her lineage are classified as the oldest and authoritative extortioners within the supernatural community, he advises that he is following the direct order of his best-friend and will not dissapoint her by any means necessary. Unintrigued by his apprehended motives, Scott exemplifies that apparently her order isn't considered worthy enough, based upon the fact it could get her annihilated, due to the opposed weapon that has been discovered to temporarily obliberate an Old One. Taking his impulsive approach as an assurance of resentment towards his humanity, Wesley informs Scott that even if he initiates primarital war against the assemblage of hybrids, he would enforce on risking the lives of himself and others that he consort himself with. Wesley implicates to Scott that within the celestial economy, vivacious immortals are incapable of agonizing the fatal lost of several mortals and will exterminate any human that commences a threat towards their presence, which Scott implies that his life is just about as equal towards Camille's humanity in order to save the ones she loves. Insufficient of getting his advice through, Wesley warns Scott not to engage within the problems of The Old Ones, which Matthew confronts their threatening incident and warns them not to engage in unnecessary tension, which Scott ignores the given advice of Wesley and tries to re-asssemble himself out of the entrance door until Wesley aggresively restrains Scott by the shoulder, which leads to Scott contentiously penetrating Wesley upon the barricaded wall and disruptively warning him that if he intrudes with his associative plan to aid The Old Ones in engagement, he will personally regret the unintended exertion that he proposes to exclude, which Matthew intensively seperates the two and informs Scott that he should depart from the presence, which Scott implicates that he recommends his judgement. With the departure of Scott, Wesley informs Scott that the arrangement he plans to commence will be abolished before he impels to initiate in defense, which Matthew recommends that it currently lies in the hands of Camille, in order to defend Scott. Not recognizing that he was previously compelled by Camille in order to complete a required advocation, Scott perpetually views the location of Matthew and Wesley, whom he perceives while on campus and begins to ambulate within their location in order to fulfilll what he has been assigned to do. Arriving in the presence of his loyal confidants, Scott immediately acknowledges his reason of expertise and implicates to Wesley that originating a past and disturbing confrontation with him was unapplicable and announces that he apologizes for the incriments of strain he has brought upon the two, which Wesley proceedingly takes Scott's formal accusation into consideration and implies to him that when reliable and immortal individuals implicate that a contengency that is being dealth with within their society of mortals, it is crucial to implicate that as long as they are contended with the coven that is consisted with hybrids, his life and informity will be aknowledge in riskful circumstances, which will devastate Camille if something was to go inaccurate along with their incentive on aiding The Old Ones during their impeccable initiative, which Matthew exemplicates that Scott wouldn't be able to endure that experience and will be convived by either Reed's accomplices in order to use him as leverage, which will draw Camille towards her manipulative obliberation if she's willing to make the impervious committment of extricating Scott away from harm, which Scott addresses the matter at hand and exemplifies that he has no intention on who and what they're conspiring against, which is the apparent coven of hybrids, whom are seeking individuality within the supernatural system. Not aware of remembering the details that his mortal companions has mentioned within the infiltrated moments, Scott questions the intactful reason of why did the recent discussions were considered an argumentive situation during the only remnants of memory that he begins to remember, which is the day that Camille and himself ambulated throughout the avenues of their current borough, which Wesley begins to formulate Scott's amnesia of unexpectance and personally informs Matthew that a confrontational argument must of occurred between himself and Camille, which resulted in the conception of his demise and being compelled to apologize to him during the time of unpredictable occurences, which Matthew inquires that Camille had to have an eccentric reason to comply such an ability, which he mentally believes that she had initiated the sequence for his own good and to remain out the disruptions of The Old Ones. As Wesley contracts with agreement towards Matthew's configuration, Scott implicates that apparently the two are acting suspicious towards the fact that he declines in remembering the previous assortments that he's been engaged into and contracts to them both that they shouldn't worry about him to the fullest extent, which Matthew and Wesley are confounded by his unintentional motives as they depart the library. Not aware of a disturbing denouncement at the entrance gateway of his domicile, Eric rapidly accesses to it's position and opens the egress to discover that Matthew and Wesley have arrived to confront him about the pandominum occurrence that they bring to his attention as Matthew implicates to Eric that he is fully aware of the supernatural contention they are getting themselves into, which involves the formidable and destructible assets of the Imperial Coven, which contains the species of hybrids. Trying to figure out how he and his companionated comrade have discovered the mere assumption of such information, Eric impulsively declares to Matthew and Wesley that the current objectives that him and his family are apart of at the moment is confined as confidential meaning and is forbidden to be announced to any mortal being that is inhabited within the human society, which Eric tries to intensively extricate the egress until Wesley impedes on his imposed declaration and exemplicates that no matter how he tries to obtain the situation within his own family, the race of mortals will eventually understand and proclaim what is occuring among their society, which will acclaimed as celestial and immortal inhabitants that walk along thier atrocious municipal of abundance. Obtaining the irrational and demented prospective of Camille's best companions, Eric recommends that they come within his compartment and discuss with him their initiated plan of becoming prime assets within their informative arrangement and questions the fact whether anyone else of their kind currently knows of their calamitous implifications. As Matthew and Wesley extricates that they are the only specified beings that know of their enlightened credentials, Eric informs them that their services are no longer necessary to conform within the given juncture, which he rapidly accesses to their abdominal position and intensively restrains both Matthew and Wesley by their cervixes and explains to them that once his intentional regardation is concluded, they will have no retention of the adversities they articulated about, which Eric's vampiric form begins to appear within his facial appearance, as he lacerates on the narrow connector Matthew and begins to drain him of an elucidation of vital fluid. As Wesley panic in consideration, Eric exempts from his expertation with Matthew and imprudently retracts his fangs into the cervix of Wesley, whom begins to impercept in confusion and hysteria as Eric continues with his intoxicated judgement against the two. Among the oppressive citified division of which celestials ambulate within the living entities of the human society, destructive occurences commences to dwell among the innocent lives that will be tempted for the upcoming contention between The Old Ones and the Imperial Coven. As formidable phenomenons plagues the inner residence of the original vampire family, Eric thrives to become consistent with his lust for human vital fluid as he continues to feed from the cervixes of Matthew and Wesley whom are apparently unconscious due to their decrease of liveliness within their veins. As she proficiently ambulates within the condominium to see if someone is among the domicile, Camille begins to sense the divergent scent of blood within one of her siblings compartment as she hastily approaches to Eric's compacity, which she views the aspect of Eric draining the inappropriate blood from both of her dillusional best friends. Internally triggered with rage and indignation, Camille rapidly accesses to Eric's location and propels him towards the barrier in order to contain himself and emancipate her friends from their internal injuries, which she lacerates her wrist in order for them both to heal from the glorified blood that will be implicates within their system. Distraught about the fact that Camille informed her two dimensional companions of their igniting contention with the Imperial Coven, Eric implicates that he elusively obtructs the reason for mortals to have full awareness of their complicated predicaments that can get initiate in their involvement and can risk their safety, which could inable obliberations among the innocence of which they endeavor to protect. Apprehensive towards his intention on harming the two people that has been nothing but accessories within their family, Camille exemplifies that she is mistaken on her part for informing them the only enlightment of knowledge that can prevail their invulnerability but implies that his intoxicated stability for human vital fluid has acquired out of control within the given months and begins to intimidate Eric's retrospect of her informing Isabella of his rebellious demeanor, which Eric rapidly accesses to her sentiment of position and implicates to her that based on his personal agreements within his relationshipw with Isabella, he denounces the fact that he would regret his internal recognition of impairing the two individuals that mentally obtained knowledge of the duplicated arrangement on which he established to keep within their vicinity, which Eric consistently points out to Camille that she has disobeyed an absolute establishment and should be the last immortal to blackmail his converting actions against mere human beings that could have mutilated his intacted procedures for that upcoming interim. Internally acknowledging his perspective on her violating the unconditional law that has been placed among their entire race, Camille efficiently apologizes to her brother and exemplicates that based on her apparent reasoning for inquiring problems with Scott at the moment, which had disabled her interpretation for comprehending classified information before informing her companions of what their apparent propostion was against the Imperial Coven, which Camille retracts both of her wrists as Matthew and Wesley heals from their wounds and she embraces Eric with a caressing formality while she configures that it's considered an abolishing act that will never occur again, which Eric acknowledges her indeavorant confession and accepts her abberation by informing her that in order to protect their species from the outer complexities of the human society, no neglected prosperities can be issued within no mortals memory or their enlightment of vampires will be exposed to the society of inhumane capabilities. Accepting his assurance of secrecy and as they are healed from their inclinated injuries, Matthew and Wesley begins to awaken from their immersed insensibility, which Matthew begins to severely panic and informs Camille that her brother provocated their contempt to come into their domicile in order to feed upon their cervixes, which Eric implies that he did in order to discipline their righteousness of appending in their celestial probabilities, as Wesley disconcerns Eric's atonement and intensively extricates that his impulsing motives could had obliberated them within a certain compacity and beings to eccentrically blame him for their internal and distinctive ailments within their inner infirmities. Contingent upon their acrimony for feeding upon them both, Eric declares that Camille knows what to do in the specific moment, which she abides by her diplomatic regulations and rapidly accesses to Matthew and Wesley's position by which she compels them to mentally obliberate what they recently experienced within The Old Ones domicile and etc, which Eric unwinds his contentional and apprehensive conjectures and contemplates among his sister's actions as she follows her assigned responsibility. Contemplating upon the weak decision he has made, Scott afflicts upon the current residency of his friends and abruptly informs Matthew and Wesley of how Camille lied to him about not ever compelling him based upon reckoning reasons, which Scott begins to implicate of how Camille became ultimately dissatisfied of him trying to help her annihilate the existence of Reed and the Imperial Coven, which he also implies that it had became such an argumentative discussion to proclaim about during the increments of past time compacities, in which he extricates that it precuded to the fullest extent of wanting him to help her within any difficult and challenging altercation that she was inaugurated within and he concludes his objective by informing Matthew and Wesley that he was recently compelled to forget what he was going through at the moment in order for him not to has awareness of qualify himself in the disturbances that is being initiated upon both covens. Understanding his reasons for being upset at the entire perspective of having his heart elaminated for granted, Matthew implicates to Scott that Camille is considered a fierce and independent immortal that has always been consistent of handling her own problems that involved herself and her family, which he begins to explain to Scott that she hasn't been in a relationship in four hundred years, which is due to the personal discrepancies that she believe will intensively intervene within her intimate life like it is currently doing now, which Matthew insists that he should return to the compartment of The Old Ones and converse with Camille about how their contengencies of different prospectives can be handled in a different way. Acknowledging the accurate reasons that Matthew previously explained, Wesley informs Scott that he will have to begin to consider the primary idea that as he is currently in Camille's personal life, his existence has began to reflect off the personality that she has inherited over the months and that he must become aware of the intentions that has became impetuated throughout their relationship, in order to give her less discrepancies to worry about, Wesley conclusively informs Scott that he must be willing to look at her point of view through a vampire's state of mind and imagine if he had to agnonize about the formulation of knowing you will be involved in multitudinous contentions for the rest of his immortal existence and having knowledge that your in a relationship with a mere mortal being. Unable to accept the internal consultations that were recently acknowledge towards his benefit, Scott implicates that knowing he was recently compelled to not have knowledge of what she's currently going through within the world of supernaturals, he intensively implicates that once he accepted to be in an abundant relationship with a specific celestial, which took him time to get use to, he extricates that he gave his consent to become apart of a challenging affilitation that he knew would contain numerous of uncertainties once he accepted the proposed engagement of intimate reasoning, but Scott still dawns on the fact that if two individuals are engaged in a romantic assemblance of loving each other within commendable and atrocious times, they will not consort in such a reasoning of hurting one another. As she is postioned blocks away from the domicile of Matthew and Wesley and hearing the unacceptable formalities that Scott is implicating; Kristina rapidly accesses to his location, which she intensively fractures the entrance opening of the residence and detects the position of Scott, whom she intensively retrains towards the nearby barricade and explains to him that Camille is considered a monumental and intelligent immortal upon the celestial community, whom is dedicated of protecting the ones she cares about from harm towards the fullest extent, including himself, which Kristina exemplicates to his awareness that Camille only compelled him in order for him not to contain the outcome of being obliberated by the ones her siblings are willing to annihilate in a short period of time, which Kristina implicates that she considers him selfish and intrusive upon the fact that he is consistenly upset with a woman who has only tried to keep abroad and distant from threatening comminations that will obliberate her internal and emotional state of mind if something detrimental happened to him, which would be considered unforgivable in her consciousness or any vampire for that matter. Unaware that Kristina was incriments away from his location and devastated at the fact that he didn't mean to discuss impulsitory and negative articulations of how Camille is not treating him right; Scott apologizes to Kristina on the behalf of Camille and implicates that he has only wanted to contribute his assistance upon the current contengencies that they all are facing in order to protect the human society from being exterminated by any means necessary, which Kristina acknowledges his improvement of moderations and conlusively extricates to Scott that it's considered a discussion he's going to have to recommend Camille in listening and taking his informative advice, which Matthew and Wesley accepts her consultation and obliges at the perspective that he will have to address his personal matters to Camille in order for the contentment to be resolved, which Scott takes in considersation and begins to think about the possibilities of forgiving Camille's alacrities. Released from their intrusive and last class of the complicated interim and wondering what they mentally think will occur against the altercation between The Old Ones and the Imperial Coven, Matthew and Wesley commences to enlighten each of their divergent analogies based on the midnight contention, which Matthew inaugurates his assumpted perspective by informing Wesley that he believes the regimental formation of hybrids that are under the imperial dommination of Reed and his current immenseful companions, will disclaim in their apprehensive contingency of acclaiming a victorious ascendancy over the oldest vampire coven of all time, as he continues to formulate his proportional context by congruently implicating that even though their companions's adversaries are known to be persisted upon a accumulation of a classificated species, it would be a detrimental adversity in the making, due to the exemplicated commonality of them not being able to control the appetism of consuming innocent vital fluid from mortal beings that will leave their internal deflections to be commencefully exonerated in the pressurized denouement of infringency that will be established as their primary weakness, which is based of the incompatibility of not keeping their deflective composure of remaining in atercation with the original vampire family and containing the thought of generalizating a monumental and immeasurable deterioration that will only become a dispenseful predicament once the confrontation invaribly concludes during the night's intervals. Acknowledging the amended and sufficient theory that Matthew had recently stated, Wesley begins to impliment and question the eccentric reasoning of why a influnctient coven consisted of newborn classificated hybrids, whom's abilities and qualifications are not equally compared to The Old Ones and are incapable of enduring the obliberation of each one of them during a confliction of mere conspiracies and how they are uninformed of what they're are trying to altercate within, also describing with all of their belligerence to initiate a profounded altercation that will be considered cognitive and useless for them to engage in, despite the current contingencies that are ferociously plaguing their inhabitated terrains with immediate diversions and introveritable human vital fluid that is known for mystically ascending upon the unawareness of any immortal that is consistetly a certain range away, who may destinctively consume the blood once coming into further contact with such a collisive substance that can't be mentally declined from any vampire or any other celestial. Uninformed that he was contained with countless illuminations of how the conclusive transcation between his companions may be terminated as, Matthew suggest that tonight's confrontation is considered a courageous epidemic that will touch the hearts of many and specifically the obliberations of the immortals that we're specifially transfigured into classificated hybrids and will have to commence and abide by their own intactions of their own death, which he recommends to Wesley that is wasn't consider their accountability of themselves being abducted from their residencies and joining a deficient compartment of hybrid adversaries of some sort and continues to explain that it is only necessary that The Old Ones regret to feel remorse of sorrow, which is based upon the fact that they are unable to risk the fact of keeping a newborn classificated hybrid within reach of progression and savior whom are capable of permanently eradicating their emotions and is consistently intrigued by the fact of exterminating numerous of innocent mortals among the night, which can risk the opportunity of the celestial environment being exposed on so many incrimental concepts. Having no intent on disagreeing with Matthew of his precautionary inclination of how The Old Ones will precisely obliberate the existence of the Imperial Coven, Wesley begins to acknowledge his contrivances by exemplicating that his only concern within the altercation is that Camille will be safe under all circumstances, in which he has knowledge that his best companion and her immediate family must be condemned of forcing Reed to intact the white oak stake within the fronter nucleus of Eric's punctual and focus core, which can supposedly cause the end of the entire species of vampires, which Wesley contemplates the initial reasoning of why he only acclaims the appropriate opinion of why the original vampire family should emancipate any immortal that is willing to lead away from the government of commiting uneccessary junctures upon the ones who never deserved to be treated unfairly by a powerful and enigmatic supernatural. Cordially renouncing against his implimental statement that no one hybrid should be obliged to live, Matthew implicates that considering a risk to live among their continuous and undead adversaries is considered a repunctual mentality to acquire as it isn't given any recognition of how the human society is truly natural of impersonal qualities, which Wesley contemplates on the benefit of blushing, which is based upon his explanation as they both continue to study among the library. Optimistic about the fact on how the devastating outcome came towards it’s result, Camille and Scott discuss how they’re relationship can improve, which Camille implicates that they're previous problems within their relationship was based on lies and secrets that weren't able to be revealed at the given moment, which she implies to Scott that it was considered merely dreadful, due to the fact that they spent most of their time arguing in catastrophic contentions, rather than discussing the improvements of what they can be initiating within the short period of time they had together, which could have created a tremendous difference in retrospective terms, as Camille concludes her theoretical announcement by informing Scott that it's considered a tragic and past preliminary that she refuses to go through again, especially with the current implications that is in her life of immortality consistently and plans of not obliberating itself, which love between her siblings as she exemplifies that if they engage in any type of altercation that they both disagree with, they should be able to discuss whatever is currently on their consciousness, which Scott begins to exemplicate that he absolutely agrees and informs her that without disussing the current altercations that they are consistently engaging in can cause the impassionate realationship to cause trauma and heartache to each of them within given interims if they allow it to, as he exonerates on the entire topic and mentally retaliates to Camille that the infinite love he has stored for her within his humanity is considered an infinitive life span that he could continue to live on with meaning, as he knows mentally and physically that he will always be in love with one particular immortal that has changed his vew of life since he came across her during his first year at his post-secondary institution, which Scott continues to blush and conclusively implies to Camille that they're condemned problems shouldn't retaliate to a expulsified extent where their relationship has to end of inclimented bases, where it reaches the point in prospect where she has to compel him to never speak or think about her again. Listenening without permission within the inner criteria, Matthew and Wesley intrude on their associative discussion, which Matthew implicates to them both that their love is consisted with a rare gift that most individuals in the world can hardly discover in their lifetime and informs them that the contentions they are consistently involved in based on the life-threatening occurences that are considered dangerous and effective should not come between their passionate and unconditional feelings towards one another, but make them inactively stronger than most relationships, which is completely due to the fact that she's immortal and that he's specifically trying to regain meaning and purpose of living his life as a mere mortal being. Cordially acknowledging his companions beneficiary, Wesley also implicates that true love only comes around once within their formalities of life, in which he exonerates upon the idea that they both should engage in a heart to heart discussion that will include the introduction of their future arrangements together and if marriage would be consisted along the formal altercation they plan to initiate in within several and less increments of time that will enormously prove how much they love one another throughout their mental abusive analogies of heartbreak and regrets. Appreciating the average and comminated advice that they both can give at the incorrect moment, Camille exemplicates that it was considered a consultation that they currently agreed to and that it may benefit their provocative affiliation and feelings for one another, that she feels will intensively increase throughout their years with one another and will preliminate their enlightened reason for being with each other during illuminated times of retribution, as Scott acknowledges her comment and implicates to Matthew and Wesley that he appreciates their common actualities of repairing what has officially been damaged is persistently against their will and implicates that he would be gracefully appreciative if they will annihilate their intentions on giving their perspective ideas that involves their personal lives in any sort of manner, which Camille accepts the formality of their current recognition and continues to ambulate within the compartment with Scott.


Wesley is truly self-determined to remain in college, which is his only option. He is also generous, hilarious, kind and very outspoken. He suggested Michael try out for the school's step team, which Michael denied but it amazed of Wesley's excitement of school spirit and activities.

Physical Appearance

Wesley is considered well-groomed man with a charismatic complexion, oval-shaped eyes, and wavy brown hair (Mick Jagger he's prefers). Wesley has many attire clothing from brands such as Sean John, Aeropostale, True Religion and American Eagle. He is sometimes seen wearing fitted caps.